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Baloo's Bugle

April 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 9
May 2006 Theme

Theme: Diggin' in the Dirt
Webelos: Outdoorsman and Handyman
Tiger Cub


Alapaha Area Council

Each player receives paper and a pencil. 

One die is used.  Players in turn roll the die. 

Each side of the die represents one part of the bug. 

Players draw parts of the body as they roll the die.

Directions for play:

      One makes the body.  Player must roll a “1” before he can draw the other parts of his bug.

      Two is the head.  Player must roll a “2” before the feelers are drawn.

      Feelers are 3.  Bug has 2 feelers, so two threes must be rolled.

      Tail or stinger is 4.

      Eyes and mouth are 5s.  Bug has two eyes and one mouth.

      Legs are 6.  Roll six sixes to get the six legs for the bug.

Winner is the player who draws his bug first.


Alapaha Area Council

Needs – One Ball, large outside playing area

  • Each player is assigned a number. 
  • One player throws the ball as high as he can and calls out a number. 
  • The player whose number is called catches the ball as the rest of the players run away as fast as possible. 
  • Once the called player catches the ball, he yells “SPUD!” at which time all retreating players stop dead in their tracks. 
  • The player with the ball then attempts to hit another player with the ball. 
  • The other players are still not allowed to move. 
  • If a player is hit he gets to retrieve the ball while the rest of the players move away. 
  • The player who was hit is also given a “spud,” or point. 
  • If the player is missed, the throwing player chases after the ball and gets a spud. 
  • Once the ball is retrieved, the game begins again, with the number called and the ball thrown. 
  • The player with the least number of spuds at the end of the game wins. 


  • The player with the ball is allowed to take three long steps so that he can get as close to the nearest player as possible.
  • The scout being shot at is allowed to twist and bend, but may not move his feet.
  • A player is not given a spud but a letter (s, p, u, or d).  When he has the full set of letters he leaves the game and waits to see who is last person left.

Acorn Cap Whistling Contest:
Sam Houston Area Council

Using the cap of an acorn and your thumbs you can make a loud whistle.  Experiment with various sizes of acorns (too small and only your dog can hear it).  Hold the acorn cap, as shown above, with the inside of the cap toward you. 

Pucker your lips and place them close to the knuckles of your thumbs.  Blow hard through a small opening in your lips and onto the inside of the cap neat the edge.  You may have to experiment with the angle of how you blow into the caps and with how much space you have between your thumbs.

Acorn Whistling Contests can be:

  • First one to make it whistle
  • Highest pitch whistle
  • Lowest pitch whistle
  • Best song played on an acorn cap
  • Loudest whistle
  • Quietest whistle
  • Best dog whistle

Ring Toss
Alapaha Area Council

Make five rings out of rope, rubber, heavy cardboard, or stiff wire, or use rubber fruit jar rings or lids from yogurt or cottage cheese containers with the centers cut out. 

Let each player toss rings in turn at a stick driven into the ground (or set in a stand for indoor use.) 

Each ringer gets 3 points; a leaner, 2; nearest to stick, 1.

Wheelbarrow Race
Alapaha Area Council

Divide the den into pairs. 

One boy in each pair “walks” on his hands while the other holds his legs as they race to a turning point. 

Boys reverse positions, and new wheelbarrows race back on their hands to the starting line.

Above and Below
Alapaha Area Council

Arrange the Cub Scouts in a circle. 

One at a time, call out the names of things that are found either above the ground or below the ground.  For example, strawberries grow above the ground, potatoes grow below the ground.  

When you call out something that is found above the ground, they stand. 

If it is found below the ground, they sit down. 

Failure to respond correctly eliminates a player. 

The last player to remain in the game is the winner.


Dragon’s Tail:
Sam Houston Area Council

  • Have two teams. 
  • Each team forms a dragon by choosing a “head” person whose hands are free, and everyone else on the team grabs the belt of the boy in front of him. 
  • The last boy has a dragon tail (neckerchief) tucked into the pocket on the back of his pants. 
  • Teams cannot let go and break their chain. 
  • The object of the game is for the dragons’ “heads” to try to grab the “tail” of the other dragon.


Moose Antlers:
Sam Houston Area Council

  • Boys stand in a circle so that they can see each other.
  • One is chosen to be the first moose, and he stands with each thumb in one of his ears and his fingers pointing upward (like big moose antlers). 
  • The boy on main moose’s right holds up his right hand to his own right ear and extends his fingers up to show a right antler only, and the boy on the main moose’s left does the same and holds up a left antler. 
  • No one else is a moose and therefore, no one else has antlers.  If any of the 3 sets of antlers fails to raise quickly, then those boys are OUT for the rest of the game. 
  • Once the main moose raises his antlers and his right and left buddies are successful at raising theirs, then the main moose can point to another boy in the circle. 
  • The current three moose drop their antlers and three new boys will have to raise their antlers correctly. 
  • It gets really tricky when you get down to three, and everyone is always a moose with constantly changing antlers. 
  • The game has winner(s) if less than three are successful at raising their antlers correctly.

Bowling On The Green
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Play this game on a smooth, close-cut lawn. Croquet balls or wooden balls made especially for this game may be used.

  • Each player has two of these balls, called "bowls."
  • A smaller ball is called the "jack."
  • The first player bowls the jack out on the lawn and the bowls are bowled at it in turn.
  • The jack and the bowls may be moved by being hit in play.
  • A bowl touching the jack scores three points.
  • The nearest bowl to the jack scores one point.
  • If two bowls bowled by the same player are nearest the jack, two points are scored.

This is like horseshoes with a movable post, I guess  CD

Nature Alphabet
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Equipment: 1 large paper bag per Patrol

Each Patrol has to find a nature specimen for each letter of the alphabet.  The leader should set a time limit.

Outdoor Nature Hunt
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils

Make up a list such as the one below for each boy.  Boys can hunt in pairs in your backyard or in the park.  See which pair can find the most within a limited amount of time.

  • Something alive that flies
  • A cup of wet sand
  • A worm
  • A cup of pink water
  • Five maple leaves
  • Three rocks at least two inches in diameter
  • A piece of string
  • A dandelion

Poor Spud
Baltimore Area Council

Since potatoes grow in the ground, you can modify this so the cubs must go “Diggin’ in the Dirt” to get their potatoes.  Mark a large circle on the floor with chalk or twine. In the circle, place potatoes, one fewer than the number of players, Play music as boys march around the circle. When the music stops, all players try to grab a potato. The boy who didn’t get a potato either drops out and potato is removed, or a point is scored against him. Continue for a specified time or until only one- player remains.

Seed Planting Relay
Baltimore Area Council

Materials:  6 cups, or jars per team, One bag of seeds, or pasta shells, or dried peas

Following a line, or rope on the ground, and by walking heel to toe, each team member must stop (about every 3 feet and drop a seed in a small mouthed jar set near the line.  When he reaches the end, he runs back and taps the next boy on the team.

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