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Baloo's Bugle

April 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 9
May 2006 Theme

Theme: Diggin' in the Dirt
Webelos: Outdoorsman and Handyman
Tiger Cub


Alapaha Area Council

Hay Cheer

Divide the group into two sections.  Tell one group they are to yell “HAY!” when you point to them

Tell the other group they are to yell “STRAW!” 

Vary the speed at which you point to the different groups.  Variation:  Have the leader yell hay or straw and the group respond with the opposite word.

When I did this as a youth, when the leader said “STRAY” all was to be quiet.  CD

Archeologist’s Cheer

Divide the group into two.


LEFT SIDE:             Shovel!

RIGHT SIDE:           Sift!

Repeat three times.

LEADER:                Stop!

ALL:                       We finally found something!

Sam Houston Area Council

Mosquito Cheer - slap all over yourself 

**Warning, the Cubmaster may have to use some special bug spray to get this cheer to stop.

Pat on the Back - Raise your right arm, reach back over your shoulder and give yourselves a pat on the back

Cloud of Dust - stomp your feet until the dust rises.

Heart of America Council

Indiana Jones: Swing hand and arm back and forth simulating the snapping of a whip, “ Snakes, it would have to be snakes.”

Can of Applause: Cheer and applause as cover is removed from can and become quiet as lid is replaced.

Frog Applause: “ Ribbit!  Ribbit!  Ribbit!”

Flower: Like a flower blooming, raise part way up in your chair, looking around and then jump up yelling , “ Sproooooong!”


Things that make you go Hmm:

Sam Houston Area Council

Do you realize how many holes there could be if people would just take the time to remove the dirt out of them?

Is drilling for oil boring?

What happened to the first six “Ups”?  (best asked when drinking from a 7-up can)

If you tell a joke in the forest and nobody laughs, was it really a joke?

Why is it that night falls, but day breaks?

Why is it that you must wait until nighttime to call it a day?

Sam Houston Area Council

Cub #2     Say, what has 18 feet, red eyes, and long claws.

Cub #1     I don't know.

Cub #2     Neither do I, but it's crawling up your neck.

Cub #1     I see green and blue spots in front of my eyes.

Cub #2     Have you seen a doctor?

Cub #1     No, just green, yellow, and blue spots.

Cub #1     (Singing) Soap, soap, soap

Cub #2     What are you doing?

Cub #1     Oh, just singing a few bars.

Cub #1     I understand you like to do magic tricks.  What's your favorite?

Cub #2     Sawing people in half.

Cub #1     Interesting, and are there any other kids in your family?

Cub #2     Yes, I have two half brothers and two half sisters.

Bee Sting

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills Councils


Cub #2: “What’s the matter with you?”

Cub #1:“A bee’s stung my thumb>’

Cub #2: “Try putting some cream on it them.”

Cub #1:“But the bee will be miles away by this time.”

Heart of America Council

1st Cub:  Why do they put fences around cemeteries?

2nd Cub:          Because people are dying to get in .

1st Cub:   How do you prove that carrots are good for your eyes?

2nd Cub:Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?

1st Cub:   What insect is as smart as a talking horse?

2nd Cub:A spelling bee.

1st Cub:   Runs on stage, bends over and makes hoeing motions.

2nd Cub:What are you doing ?

1st Cub:   Hoeing.

2nd Cub:What are you hoeing ?

1st Cub:   Corn.

2nd Cub:Where’d you get the corn?

1st Cub:   From that last joke.



Wind Proof Coin:
Heart of America Council

Push three pins into the middle of wood and lay a coin (quarter) on top of them. 

Make a bet that nobody can blow the coin off the wood.

The metal cannot hold the gust of air on its narrow, smooth edges. 

The gust shoots through under the coin and reduces the air pressure, forcing the coin more firmly on to the pins. 

But if you lay your chin on the wood just in front of the coin and blow with your lower lip pushed forward, the air hits the underside of the coin directly and lifts it off.

Baltimore Area Council

When do pigs like to play in the dirt? -
                                              Ground Hog Day

What do you do when two snails fight?
                                         Let them slug it out.

How can you tell which end of a worm is its head?
         Tickle the middle and see which end laughs.

What happens when a frog is parked illegally?
                                             It gets toad away.

What do you get when you cross a praying mantis with a termite?
An insect that says grace before it eats your house.

What kind of a floor does a snake have in its kitchen?

Heart of America Council

I can’t shake my hips, but I can wiggle.               (Snake)

My sap you can buy, my trimmings you pick.(Maple tree)

Shiver my timbers and take a splinter.                 (Wood)

Sloppy people leave me behind, to spoil what others like to find.        (Litter)

The coldest thing I can hold is snow, but my cousin dotes on ice cream.           (Pine cone)

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