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Baloo's Bugle

March 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 8
April 2006 Theme

Theme: Our Feathered Friends
Webelos: Sportsman and Family Member
Tiger Cub


Flock Of Seagulls Skit
Sam Houston Area Council

Using Red Skelton’s Gertrude and Heathcliff jokes, each Cub can tell their own joke.

Everyone in the skit has their thumbs in their armpits to make wings, and flap their elbows. 

Add more jokes from the  list in “Stunts and Applauses”

Cub 1:  Hey, tell me (cub 2’s name) what’s a polygon?

Cub 2: That’s easy.  A polygon is a dead parrot.

Cub 2: (cub 3 name), did you hear about Willie the Duck?

Cub 3: No, what happened to Willie the Duck.

Cub 2: He flew upside down and quacked up.

All of the seagulls act like a jet just went by and
blew them sideways

Cub 3: What was that?

Cub 1: That was a jet.

Cub 3: How can he fly so fast?

Cub 1: You’d fly fast too, if your tail was on fire.

A Visit  To  An Aviary

Heart of America Council

Each Cub should develop a prop or costume for his assigned (chosen) part.  You can use all of these and more if you want.  Or skip some if you don’t have that many in your den.

NARRATOR  Tonight we would like to take you on a visit to an aviary to meet some of our fine feathered friends. (introduces each bird by name as it enters).

WOODPECKER  (Makes noise like Woody Woodpecker) If you sit in my tree, I can shake you up! (Nods head like he's pecking and exits.)

CROW  (Comes with bright trinket in beak) I'm a bit of a rascal you know, Just a scavenger at heart.

OWL  (Comes out very calmly and slowly , blinking wide eyes slowly and looking straight ahead with expressionless face) The less I speak, the more I hear. The more I hear, the more I know.

PEACOCK  (Struts in slowly, head high , speaks in proud manner)  My family is in show business, you know. Have you seen us on TV lately ? NBC is the channel (Struts off in same proud manner)

CARRIER PIGEON  (Has message strapped to leg and speaks as though out of breath from hurrying) I'm just resting in flight. (Pulls compass out from under wing and looks at it) Have to look at my compass every hour or so. Must be on my way to get the message through.

PARROT  (To narrator) I've never been owned by a sailor, so don't worry about my language. (To audience) I wish someone would offer me something besides crackers!

CUCKOO  (Comes out with branch of tree in: front of him) (Makes cuckoo sound) I am heard more than I am seen. I have to be careful or I may wind up in a clock.

NARRATOR  (As a non-descript bird walks on) What king of bird have we here?

NONDESCRIPT BIRD  (Walks on with large alarm clock around his neck) I'm the early bird and I've got a worm!

Bird  Watchers Ball

Heart of America Council

Characters: Den Leader, 7 Cub Scouts talking

Leader: Boys, at the next pack meeting we are going to have a party called the bird watchers ball. Let's decide what type of bird each of you want to be so we can begin planning your costumes. ,

  • I want to be a duck. I like to practice with my dad's duck caller. I am getting to be a good quacker.
  • I am going to be a penguin. I like the way they walk. They even have a comic book about Batman and Robin and a guy called the Penguin.
  • I am going to be an Eagle. That's our national bird. He is even on all US quarters.
  • I want to be a roadrunner, "beep, beep", so I can win all the races.
  • I want to be a peacock. My grandma has one and that bird really struts his stuff.
  • I am going to be a rooster. He is the king of the farm. He gets everything started every morning.
  • I'm going to be me. My mom says I drive her Cuckoo anyway. (all exit)


Sam Houston Area Council

This may be used as a skit or have your leaders pantomime the parts. To use as a skit have a narrator who pauses to let the Cubs pantomime their parts.

NARRATOR: Cub Scouts are made of 8, 9, and 10 year old boys. (Enter 3 Cubs, one saying “I’m 8,” one saying “I’m 9,” and one Saying “I’m 10.”)

NARRATOR: Some are solemn and wide-eyed.  (Enter 2 Cubs, one saying “I’m Solemn,” one saying “I’m wide-eyed.”)

NARRATOR. Some are wiggly and giggly  (Enter 2 Cubs, one saying, “I’m wiggly,” and one saying “I’m giggly.”)

NARRATOR: They come in two varieties, Cubs and Webelos.  (Enter 2 Cubs enter saying, “I’m a Cub,” one saying “I’m a Webelos.”)

You may vary the number of Cubs by having more than one come in and say the line together.

Skit continues with Narrator saying phrases and Cubs doing appropriate actions for the phrase

Narrator:                                               Cub Action:

Cub Scouts love…

Making noise:                                    (Do Grand Howl)

Competition:                      (Pair up, arm or leg wrestle)

Getting Awards:    (Point proudly to badges on uniforms)

Singing silly songs:          (Sing a verse of favorite song)

Games:                                               (Do a crab race)

Making things:        (Pantomime hammering and sawing)

And just getting together:       (Huddle around each other)

Cub Scouts dislike…

People who forget refreshments:        (Make a crying face)

Being still:                                              (All wiggle)

Lining up:    (Attempt to line up but mainly mill around)

And being called sweet:                        (All make faces)

Cub Scouts are fastest at…
Voting for field trips:  (Raise hands and Shout “yea, yea”)

Eating refreshments:                                                         (All pantomime stuffing refreshments into mouth)

And getting to the head of the line:                                     (All try to be the first in line)

Scouts are quietest at…
A flag ceremony:                (All salute and repeat pledge)

And waiting for the Cubby announcement.(Expectant looks)

Cub Scouts are most important…
While doing good deeds: (Show Scouting-for-Food bags)
And doing community service:               (Show a poster)

Cub Scouts are the basic ingredients for two special things.

  • They are what justifies the time a volunteer leader gives…

And Cub Scouts are what Boy Scouts are made of

“Did You See That?”

San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Verdugo Hills Councils

Stanley:(in a strong European accent)t "Hello there, I am Arthur Stanley Livingstone, the world famous ornithoptitologist! (That means I watch birds, you know.) And this is my nephew and assistant, Todd. Say hello Todd."

Todd:(not really paying attention) "H'lo"

Stanley: We are here today on location in the midst of the African rain forest, and we should see some very rare birds indeed! I can hardly contain myself.  Right Todd?

Todd: "Oh. Uh, yeah."

Stanley slowly, carefully stalks along, looking around, listening for the slightest peep. Todd shuffles after him.

Stanley:(Turns around, stares with wide open eyes for a second, then jumps up and down) Did you see that!! Did you see that!!

Todd: "Er, what"

Stanley: "You mean you missed it?"

Todd:(Pauses a second, then admits it) Uh, yeah

Stanley: Well! My word. Todd, that was a very rare bird, the Oohweeoo-plit-plit-plit-awaah. And you missed it. It's named after it's call, you know."

Todd: Mmm, what's it sound like?

Stanley: (After a suspenseful pause) Peep!

Stanley continues his slow stalking and looking around, Todd follows after him.

Stanley:(Stops and looks up wide-eyed. Todd walks into him) Did you see that!! Did you see that!!!

Todd: Er, um, well

Stanley:(Somewhat cross) Well?

Todd: No.

Stanley:(Makes a long sigh) Now that, my dear boy, was an Ooh-aah bird. Have you heard of the ooh-aah bird?

Todd: No

Stanley: The Ooh-ahh bird, Todd, is a three-pound bird that lays a four-pound egg." Pantomiming the egg-laying process "Oooooooooooh .. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

Stanley and Todd continue their pacing about the stage

Stanley:(Turns around and yells at Todd) Did you see that!! Did you see that!!!

Todd:(Deciding to be clever) Er, um, ah, yes! Yes, I did see that!

Stanley: Then why in the blazes did you step in it?


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