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Baloo's Bugle

March 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 8
April 2006 Theme

Theme: Our Feathered Friends
Webelos: Sportsman and Family Member
Tiger Cub


Boys are Like Birds
Heart of America Council

Cubmaster:  Birds are warm-blooded animals, with internal skeletons, and bodies partly or wholly covered with feathers.  Their young are hatched from eggs.  Most birds are capable of flight.  Birds come in all shapes and sizes, just like Cub Scouts.  Birds and boys can be fascinating to watch.  Tonight we have some boys who need watching.  They have worked hard to advance in rank.

(Call forward Tiger Cubs and parents.)

Tonight we are here to congratulate our new Tiger Cubs on their rank accomplishments.   They are new to our Cub Scout program, as the egg is new to the world of birds.  Both the egg and The Tiger Cub are emerging into a new and different world.

(Call forward Wolfs and parents.)

Next we have several boys who have earned their Wolf rank. They can be compared to baby birds in the next which are still dependent on their parents for nourishment and protection.

(Call forward Bears and parents.)

Now we have some boys who have earned their Bear rank.  These boys are like the birds still next.  They have become bigger and stronger, but are still dependent on their parents.  They are exercising their wings to become independent.

(Call forward Webelos and parents.)

Our Webelos Scouts have worked hard for their rank.  They are our adolescent birds that are just waiting to leave the next.   They are ready to conquer and explore the world, which is theirs to live in .   Our Webelos will be prepared for exploring only through the guidance received form parents and leaders in the stages of his development.

Congratulations.   Go forward and explore.


Cub  Scout  Bird  Watchers
Heart of America Council


  • Cardboard or wood young bird,
  • Feeding station,
  • Bird bath,
  • Birdhouse,
  • Trees,
  • Nests,
  • Birds


If you don’t have awards for a particular rank, go over the symbol as in the ceremony and move on to the next part.

Tonight our boys have shared their knowledge about Birds –our feathered friends.  Some of these boys have earned awards to be presented.   Behind me is a mural of this month ’s theme. 

The young birds are like our Tiger Cubs.  They search, discover and share their new world.   Will the following boys and their parents please step forward?  (Call boys and parents up, present award.)

Our Bobcats remind me of this feeding station.  They are stable, and still need to be fed more of Cub Scouting.  Will the following boys and their parents please step forward?  (Call boys and parents up , present award.)

This birdbath reminds me of the Wolf.  They are still thirsty for fun and growth in Cub Scouting . Will the following boys and their parents please step forward?  (Call boys and parents up , present award.)

Now, I point to the birdhouse.  Notice how strong and well structured it is.  The Bear Cub Scouts come to mind.  The Scouting ideals are well structured and they, too, are now very strong. Will the following boys and their parents please step forward?  (Call boys and parents up, present award.)

The trees hold many different types of birds.  They remind me of the arrow points the boys have earned under the Wolf and Bear badges. Will the following boys please step forward?  (Call boys up, present Arrow Points)

Now in these trees are nests neatly constructed to tend the young.  As a pong in their lives, they have grown and can leave their nest for more adventure.   The Webelos Scouts come to mind for now it is time for these boys to venture into the Webelos den.  Our new Webelos Scouts are (Call boys and parents forward, present scarves and book.)

The wings of birds are strong and carry them to many high adventures.   This reminds me of the activity badges that the Webelos scouts have earned. Will the following boys please step forward?  (Call boys up, present Activity Awards)

Congratulations to all. Lead a cheer as each group receives its awards


Feathered Friends
Heart of America Council


  • A tree – made out of cardboard or a limb from a real tree. 
  • A low, white picket fence made from cardboard around the tree enclosing a flower bed.   Flowers may be real or artificial.   Arrange the tree so that a part of it is behind a cardboard cloud or a screen of some sort.  
  • A wire should run from behind the cloud or screen to the podium.  
  • Fake birds with hooks attached to the wire.


  • As each boy is called for his award, he is asked to imitate a bird call. 
  • In answer, a bird flies down the wire with the award in his beak.  
  • Comments during this ceremony could include information about the kinds of birds and their habitat.


The Tree
Sam Houston Area Council

Set up:

  • CM and assistant are dressed in a birder’s outfits with binoculars.
  • A large tree, cut from cardboard is set firmly in a stand. 
  • A large green construction paper leaf for each boy who will receive an award.  (Names can be written on the leaves, but are not required.)
  • As each boy receives his award, he tapes his leaf on the tree.


Assistant Cubmaster:

What do we plant when we plant a tree?

A thousand things that we daily see!

The paper for books from which we learn,

Tools to help us do a good turn,

The wood for a Pinewood Derby car,

For model planes that we can fly far,

We plant the staff for the flag of the free,

We make homes for birds when we plant a tree.


But what do we plant when we plant a lad?

With the help of his mother and his dad,

We plant a Cub who'll become a Scout,

We plant ideas that will round him out,

The fun, the games, the joy to be had,

Scouts plant a fine man when we plant a lad.

  • Cubmaster calls boys and parents forward to receive awards.
  • Awards are presented to parents to present to sons
  • As awards are presented, each boy tapes his leaf on the tree.

You have all helped make this tree more beautiful, and it is a part of you.  Just as God’s trees endure for many years, you have learned many things from your achievements, electives, and activity badges that will last you a lifetime.  May you always stand straight and tall like a mighty tree, and be a worthwhile resource for our country.

Assistant Cubmaster:

What do we do when we plant a lad?

We plant a Scout when we plant a lad.

Congratulations to all of you,

I believe we’ve got our answer.

Lead Cheer

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