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Baloo's Bugle

March 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 8
April 2006 Theme

Theme: Our Feathered Friends
Webelos: Sportsman and Family Member
Tiger Cub


Cub Scout Bird Watchers
Greater St. Louis Area Council

Two groups are needed for this one.

Birds : Stand up, flap wings (arms) and say "Tweet tweet"

Cub Scouts: Stand at attention and say 'We'll do our best?"

Let's go watch some Birds
The den leader said one day,
Hooray, said all the Cub Scouts
Let's be on our way.

So all the Cub Scouts hurried,
To see all the Birds they could,
Hoping to identify many,
To be able to they should.

The first Bird that they saw,
The Cub Scouts knew on sight,
For it was none other
Then a pretty Bob White.

Then a woodpecker they heard
As he tapped upon a tree,
And then they looked way up there
Where his tapping they could see;

A robin came close by
Where the Cub Scouts watched in awe.
For they could not believe
So many Birds that they saw,

And as they looked overhead
And saw all those Birds in the sky,
The Cub Scouts were thankful for them,
But more thankful that cows don't fly.

The Bird of Many Songs

A Navajo Legend

Greater St. Louis Area Council

Divide the group into six smaller groups and assign each group one of the words listed below.

Practice as you assign the parts

Read the story.

After each of the words is read pause for the group to make the appropriate response.

Dove                               "Coo, Coo"

Eagle                      “Screech, Screech"

Crow                              "Caw, Caw"

Owl                               "Who, Who"

Roadrunner                    “Beep. Beep”

Grey Bird                    "Tweet, Tweet"

Mockingbird       All the birds together.

Long ago, when the world was new, all the birds, the DOVE, the EAGLE, the CROW, the OWL, and the ROADRUNNER, had brightly colored feathers. When they spread their wings against the cloudless sky, they were like rainbows. When they made their nests on the ground, they were like a carpet of flowers.

One bird, however, the GREY BIRD , was not so beautiful. He had been asleep, hidden in the branches of the trees, when the colorful feathers were given to the other birds. The GREY BIRD woke up to find that he alone had a coat of dull, drab grey. It made him very sad.

The wind spirit was sorry to see that the GREY BIRD had been missed. To make up for this mistake, the Wind Spirit gave him a magic necklace to wear.

Each bead of the necklace was for a different song. The GREY BIRD tried the beads, one after the other, and was pleased to hear the music that filled the air.

Soon the DOVE and the EAGLE stopped admiring their reflections in the rivers and streams and hurried to listen. The CROW, the OWL and the ROADRUNNER tried to sing too, but the only sound that came from their throats was an ugly, rasping noise. The creatures of the woods covered their ears and ran far from the noise as they could.

"Share your song beads with us," the EAGLE and the CROW begged. "You have more than you will ever use." The plain GREY BIRD did not want to be selfish. He wanted the others to think well of him. So he gave a bead to the DOVE, the ROADRUNNER, and the CROW when they each asked for one. Before he realized what he had done, the GREY BIRD had given away every bead on his necklace.

Now he had no songs and no bright feathers either. Once again, he was sad. The GREY BIRD hid his head under his wing. The other birds noticed his silence and stopped their singing. "What can we do to help him?" the CROW asked the OWL.

"We must give him back his beads," said the ROADRUNNER.

"Oh, no!" protested the DOVE, who was especially proud of her own sweet melody. The rest of the birds agreed with her.

"Well, if you are not willing to be that, then each of us should share a small part of our beads with him," the EAGLE insisted.

So that is what they did. The GREY BIRD put together all the pieces they gave him and made another necklace for himself. Now he could sing a little bit of the DOVE’s, the EAGLE’s, the CROW’s, the ROADRUNNER’s, and the OWL’s songs. And that is why he is called the MOCKINGBIRD.

Or you  might want to  choose a nature related Audience Participation stunt from “group Meeting Sparklers” or the “How To Book.”  CD

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