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Baloo's Bugle

March 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 12, Issue 8
April 2006 Theme

Theme: Our Feathered Friends
Webelos: Sportsman and Family Member
Tiger Cub


Sam Houston Area Council

Preparation: Have a Tiger Cub or Cub Scout walk on and read the statement for his rank.  Each Cub should have a poster of the bird to which he is comparing himself.  Words could be put on the back of the poster in LARGE print.

Personnel: Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, two Webelos Scouts, and a narrator.

Tiger Cub: I am a Tiger Cub.  Like a hummingbird, I search, discover, and share.

Bobcat:      I am a Bobcat.  Like a sparrow, I work hard to learn about Cub Scouting.

Wolf:          I am a Wolf.  Like a swallow, I swoop and learn many new skills.

Bear:          I am a Bear.  Like a robin, I have colors on my chest to show my accomplishments.

Webelos:    I am a Webelos Scout.  I learn much along the Scouting trail that makes me strong and independent like the hawk.

Arrow of Light:  I am working toward the Arrow of Light, which is the highest award in Cub Scouting.  As the eagle is a proud bird, I am also proud of my accomplishments.

Narrator:   Just as we watch the many birds that are around us, we also watch our Scouts grow as they walk the Scouting trail.


Heart of America Council

Set Up: Five Cubs with placards having the letters BIRDS and pictures of birds on front.  And the Cub’s part on back in LARGE print.

  • B as in Before you leave, we have a last thought about something else that you should be taught.
  • I recalls It's that birds can use some things you can give To help them in the way that they live.
  • R-is so you Remember to put out some bread crumbs, crackers, suet Bird seed or water in a birdbaths see to it!
  • D is because Doubtlessly, you'll see birds flutter in and around.  They rely on you, those on the ground.
  • S is So don't forget our fine feathered friends After our Cub Scout Bird Watchers ends.


Heart of America Council

  • From the tops of the Mesas ancient cliff dwellers could see many birds.
  • Each year these birds returned to the warmer climates during the winter months.
  • The ancients noticed the birds always flew in a "V" formation.
  • This flight pattern helped the birds stay aloft.
  • They could fly twice as far, because the lead bird changed often.
  • As the birds return this year, let's watch the "V" formations.
  • And remember in our life, like the birds' flight, we will have many leaders: parents, leaders, and teachers helping us make the journey.


Behavior Of Birds
Heart of America Council

Narrator:  We can learn great lessons from watching the behavior of birds.

  • Do what is necessary before it is necessary. Birds build their nest before they lay their eggs.
  • Eat the goodness of the land. Try to eat healthy foods.
  • Birds know that winter will be cold, providing little food. They migrate south. We should protect ourselves from danger, too.
  • Gather our loved ones around us as a mother bird does with her young chicks in the nest.
  • Fly free like a bird. Freedom allows us to attain our best.


Birds A  Part Of Nature

Birds are a very important part of nature, without them we would be over run with insects, and we would surely miss watching them in flight and listening to them sing.  To remind us of how important birds and nature are lets all repeat the outdoor code together, (have code written on poster board).


Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to

be clean in my outdoor manners,

be careful with fire,

be considerate in the outdoors and

be conservation minded.


I Am  The American Bald  Eagle

Set Up: Seven Cubs with placards having either pictures of Bald Eagles or pictures representing that Cubs part on front.  And the Cub’s part on back in LARGE print.

  • My wings extend from the sun kissed shores of the Pacific Golden Gate to the rock bound coast of the Atlantic. 
  • I sharpen my beak on the Rocky Mountains, and trim my talons on the snows of Alaska.  My shadow falls on the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • I am the symbol of America.  I stand for peace and democracy and for Human Rights and the freedom of all men.  
  • I sit atop many of our countries standards and appear on the Seal of the United States. 
  • I am the American Bald Eagle.  My head and beak kiss the northern shores of the Great Lakes and the Canadian border.
  • I have spread my wings around the world as I defended our shores against our common enemies.
  • I am victorious, both on earth and in the sky.  In one talon I carry arrows, symbolizing my strength in battle, in the other, the olive branch of peace.


Bird  Watchers

Set Up: Line up all the Cubs who have pictures of birds, facing the audience.

Tonight our theme was "Bird Watchers". It is our duty as Cubs, as parents, as Americans, to appreciate the beauty in birds. Let us conduct ourselves so that we may pass on the beauty of birds to our children and our children's children. The greatest enemy of most birds is pollution and we all know that we must prevent pollution . Do your part to keep our America beautiful.


Treasure This King
San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Verdugo Hills Councils
From http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/eagle/poems.html

Divide this poem up into parts and have Den members take turns saying the lines:

He's as graceful as they come
A descendent from above
There is no fear nor is there shame
The mountains his nest
The skies his domain

He doesn't borrow, nor does he steal
fighting the forces of nature
to find his next meal
But he's in serious danger
with all the power that he obtains
His life may soon end
because of senseless human gains

Please treasure this king
respect as you may
He's the almighty eagle
of the U.S.A.

© Jerry R. Bowen


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