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Books Written By William T. Hornaday

Compiled by David L. Eby

According to one reliable source, William T. Hornaday was the author of 26 books during his lifetime. They were widely read and made him very famous. There are sources on the Internet that claim he wrote over 100 books but that seems to be a gross overstatement based on information from the Library of Congress. Some Hornaday books had many reprints.

List of Known Hornaday Books

Two Years In The Jungle: The Experiences of a Hunter and Naturalist in India, Ceylon, The Malay Peninsula and Borneo - 1885

Free Rum on the Congo: What is it Doing There - 1887 - 145 pages

The Extermination of the American Bison - 1889

Taxidermy and Zoological Collecting - 1891

The Man Who Became A Savage: A Story Of Our Own Times - 1896

Popular Official Guide to the New York Zoological Park - 1899 - published annually thereafter

Mountain Sheep - 1901

The American Natural History - 1904 - Four Volumes

Camp Fires In The Canadian Rockies - 1906

Camp Fires On Desert and Lava - 1908

Our Vanishing Wild Life - 1913

Wild Life Conservation in Theory and Practice - 1914

The Statement of the Permanent Wild Life Protection Fund 1913-1914 - 97 pages, 300 copies made. Published in March 1915 by the Fund. Hardbound cover.

The Statement of the Permanent Wild Life Protection Fund 1915-1916 - Published May 1917 -
100 copies, hardbound cover.

A Searchlight on Germany - 1917 - 39 pages, American Defense Society

Awake America! - 1918 - 197 pages

Old Fashion Verses - 1919 - 300 copies - 114 pages (Poetry)

The Statement of the Permanent Wild Life Protection Fund - Published 1920

The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals: A Book Of Personal Observations - 1922

The Vanishing Game of South Africa - 1922

Tales From Nature's Wonderlands - 1924

A Wild Animal Round Up - 1925

The French War Debt and America's Duty - 1928 - 25 pages

Wild Animal Interviews and Wild Opinions of Us - 1928

Bird Study Merit Badge Pamphlet - 1929 (This may not be one of the 26 books)

Thirty Years War For Wild Life: Gains and Losses In The Thankless Task - 1931



According to information from the Library of Congress, Dr. Hornaday also wrote an unpublished autobiography. In addition he also wrote under the pseudonym name of "Dudley York". It is unknown if "World Wars, Waste and Worry", which he wrote under the Dudley York pseudonym, was a book or an article.  



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