Webelos Scientist Activity Badge Ideas

These were structured as problem solving stations which the Webelos visited one of the days at day camp. Ended up using the water rockets as filler activity when my program material didn't last thru the full session. 

Water Rockets

Variation of a demonstration at Philmont Training Center, 1992 can be found at:  http://members.aol.com/StanDCmr/rocket.html 

This uses air pressure and reaction mass to shoot a"rocket" 50 to 100 feet into the air. The launcher holds the rocket by"friction". Air is pumped into the rocket. When the force of the air pressure inside the rocket overcomes the force of friction holding the rocket down,the rocket shoots up into the sky.

Drink for a Bird

This is a problem for a patrol of scouts to solve.."A jar (2-liter bottle) is partly buried in the ground (sand). Rains have partially filled the bottle with water. A very thirsty bird has found the bottle, but the neck of the bottle is so small that only the bird's beak(eyedropper) can fit down into it. The bottle is stuck too firmly into the ground for the bird to tip it over. Can you help the bird get a drink?" 

(After the scouts discuss the problem, point out some gravel lying nearby.)

Float a gold bar

This is another problem for a patrol of scouts to solve... 

"A bar of gold (about 1/4" X 1" X 8") is lying near the bottom of a deep lake. You need to get the bar back onto the shore.You have nothing to tie onto the bar, and it is too heavy to lift or carry.How can you get the bar up to the surface and swim it back to shore?" (After the scouts discuss the problem, offer some 5" long logs of 1 X 1 pine.hese are small enough that the scouts can "swim" them down to the bar.) 

The "gold bar" was actually a "silver bar"...no, actually a "stainless steel knife".

Float a sunken ship

This is another problem for a patrol of scouts to solve... A ship, the USS Ice Cube Tray, has sunk with a dangerous cargo of radioactive material. The scouts need to float the ship so that it can be towed to a safe area for decontamination. The ship is too fragile for lifting by ropes or cables, and it is too close to the bottom to put float sunder it. How can it be raised? (After the scouts discuss the problem,offer each a (disposable) soda straw. They will have to work together,because too much air under any part of the tray will tip it over, allowing the air to escape.) 

I needed to tape about a quarter ounce of lead to each end of the tray to keep it from floating up on its own. Putting the lead high up decreased the stability and made the challenge somewhat more difficult.

Edited by: Bill Nelson, Assistant District Commissioner, Salt River District, Grand Canyon Council, Boy Scouts of America. Please let me know of any additions or corrections. 

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