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Are You An Adult Leader In A Cub Scout Pack?  If You Are, Then You Need To Begin Planning Your 1999 JOIN SCOUTING NIGHT (JSN99).  JSN99 will be Thursday, September 16, 1999.  JSN99 is the premier opportunity in 1999 to take the Cub Scout message to those boys in our community who are not yet part of the Scouting program and invite them and their parents to join the FUN!



637 New Cubs Needed!


Scouting is for EVERY boy.  We need to do our best to ensure that every boy and parent in Colonial District is invited to join the adventure of Scouting, the one that will help shape the lives of those who are our future leaders of our communities and our nation.  On September 30, 1998, there were 937 registered Cub Scouts in Colonial District.  At the end of December, there were 1,363, or about 9 new Cubs in each of our 48 schools in the District.  On December 31, 1999, we hope to have 2,000 - this number represents 13 new Cubs in each school.


Like everything else in Scouting, a successful Join Scouting campaign depends on our volunteers, those who are already in the program, who know what it offers to our youth and who will make the commitment to achieve success.  Each Cub Scout pack should begin planning now to invite all boys and their parents to an elementary school near their home to learn about Scouting and offered the opportunity to join a Cub Scout pack.  In the National Capital Area Council, it is the intent that every elementary school in the council be open on the same night ­Thursday, September 16th.  If you are unable to conduct your JSN on the 16th, you should select a date that is closest to the 16th, but not later than the 16th, as registration forms are due on the 17th and 18th.


Join Scouting Night is a short, fast-moving session where boys and parents gather to see simple displays and to hear a brief outline for the Scouting program.  They will talk with adult leaders, fill out applications (parents, too), pay fees and get information about meetings and activities.


Join Scouting Night Requires People To Make It Work.


Each pack will need to identify a pack coordinator and one school coordinator for each of those schools where you recruit new Cubs (see list below).


The school coordinator presides at JSN99 program at the school, helps parents register the boys, collects the fees and turns the forms and fees over to the pack coordinator, who turns them in to Colonial District on Friday, September 17th or Saturday, September 18th.  To do a good job, these people need to be identified early and begin their coordination with their assigned school.


The school coordinator has one more very important job - to make a classroom presentation in every classroom, on the 16th and distribute a flyer to every boy who is eligible to become a Scout.  When the boy leaves school for the day and arrives at his home with the flyer, the parent is reminded that tonight is Join Scouting Night and encouraged to attend.


National Capital Area Council recommends Join Scouting Night include exhibits and displays with Scouts in uniform and pictures of their activities.  Name tags should be provided for parents.   It is critical to coordinate your use of a school room early with school authorities.  After conducting an opening ceremony, the school coordinator should briefly state the purpose of the meeting and describe the opportunities for Cubs and how parents can participate in the program.  Unit leaders should be introduced and given the opportunity to tell about the unit. (Don't forget to invite a unit leader from your local Boy Scout troop to invite boys who are at least 1 1 to join the troop.) You may want to organize separate meetings for parents and Tiger Cub leaders, Cub Scout leaders and Boy Scout leaders.  At these meetings, the leaders should emphasize the importance of the parent joining Scouting along with the boy, since Scouting is a volunteer organization.


NCAC also recommends that you provide information on the unit to include its leadership, meeting time and place, your chartered partner, Boys' Life subscriptions, the program for 1999­2000, advancement and your den organization.  You should conclude your JSN with a game for the boys and leave the school grounds by 9 PM.


What Do You Need To Do Now?


1.  Select your UNIT COORDINATOR AND SCHOOL COORDINATORS right away!  Don't wait until fall.


2.  Tell us who your Unit Coordinator is.  Call or send an E-mail to:


3.  Coordinate your Join Scouting Night plans with your unit commissioner.


Your Unit Coordinator should attend the Join Scouting Night Orientation on August I I OR September 8 to pick up registration forms and other materials to make Join Scouting Night successful for your Pack, but let us know NOW who to talk to in your Pack to help you make Scouting available to every boy!


Following is the list of schools in Colonial District needing a Join Scouting Night presentation this September.  Each school is paired to one Cub Scout pack based upon the recruiting area for the pack.  NOTE: The pack is asked to conduct a Join Scouting Night presentation at its associated school or schools and to recruit boys for that pack AND for any other pack that the parent wishes the boy to join, at the discretion of the parent.





Area I Packs:          Paired School(s) for JSN99:


129          Barrett Elem., Mason Elem.


133          Lyles Crouch Elem., Maury Elem.


602          Alexandria Country Day, Saint Mary's


609          Jefferson Houston Elem.


614          James K. Polk Elem, Blessed Sacrament, Patrick Henry Elem.


615          Ramsey Elem., Adams Elem.


801          MacArthur Elem.


1108          Cora Kelly Elem., Mt.  Vernon Elem.


1515          St. Stephens (Lower School), Grace Episcopal, Immanuel Lutheran


Area 2 Packs:          Paired School(s) for JSN99


867          Bush Hill Elem., Franconia Elem.


871          Groveton Elem.


1076          Calvary Road Christian, Lane Elem.


1520          Burgundy Farm Country Day, Cameron Elem., Clermont Elem.,

Mt. Eagle Elem., Rose Hill Elem.


1943          Browne Academy


Area 3 Packs:          Paired School(s) for JSN99


658          Belleview Elem., Bucknell Elem., Quander Road Elem.


680          St. Louis Catholic School, Hybla Valley Elem.


888          Stratford Landing Elem.


1504          Waynewood Elem.


1509          Fort Hunt Elem.


1852            Hollin Meadows Elem.


Area 4 Packs:          Paired School(s) for JSN99


118          Fort Belvoir Elem.


876 & 977 (joint)          Aquinas Montessori, Mt.  Vernon Woods Elem., Riverside Elem., Woodlawn Elem., Woodley Hills Elem.


1503          Washington Mill Elem., Engleside Christian


1519          Hayfield Elem.


1900          Gunston Elem.






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