This theme is courtesy of the Manatee district of the Southwest Florida council.


This is a district summer event. The program is a one-day event, with only water type activities (competitive events for patrols). It requires swimming facilities. Competition is for youth only, and all competitors are required to pass a swimming test prior to entering the competition. Each participant is issued a colored armband to signify his swimming ability as follows:

Green = swimmer
Yellow = beginners
Red = non swimmers

Troops may elect to camp for the weekend or attend just on the day of competition.

Patrols compete against a standard (not against other patrols). The aim of the weekend is FUN! After the competitive events a campwide feast is held, followed by a recognition program.

Participants will need swimming trunks, towels, and sunblock.

Activity Summary

Wet T-shirt Relay: The first Scout in each patrol is handed a soaking wet T-shirt. The Scout must put the shirt on completely before jumping into the water and swimming some distance (across the pool & back, or out to a buoy). The scout remove the shirt and give it to the next Scout in his patrol, who repeats the exercise. Five Scouts must compete. If there are not five Scouts, one or more Scouts will have to participate more than one time. Event is scored on fastest time. [Note: limited to green and yellow band wearers.]

Underwater Lashing: The patrol is given three pieces of PVC pipe and a ten-foot length of rope. They must construct a tripod entirely underwater (in the deep end of the pool, or past a certain lake depth). Points awarded on time. [Note: limited to green band wearers.]

Kim's Underwater Game: A variety of items are placed at the bottom of the pool (anything that doesn't float, isn't made of glass, and has no sharp edges). The patrol is given an amount of time to explore the bottom of the pool to view the items. When time is up they exit the pool. Facing away from the pool, they have a set amount of time to prepare a list of items they remember. Points awarded based on items identified. [Note: limited to green band wearers.]

Golf Ball Scramble: The patrol lines up at the shallow end of the pool or lake. A basketful of numbered golf balls are thrown into the pool. At the command, the patrol members scramble to collect as many balls as possible and carry them back to a bucket on land. No patrol member may have more than one ball at a time in his hand. When time has expired, the numbers on the balls are added up, and the patrol receives that number of points. [Note: limited to green and yellow band wearers.]

Breath Holding Contest: Patrol members form a line in the shallow end of the pool. On signal, all jump into the pool, submerge themselves, and hold their breath. Points awarded based on how long the last Scout takes to surface. [Note: limited to green and yellow band wearers.]

Peanut Butter Sandwich and Knot Tying Race: The patrol is given the fixings for a peanut butter sandwich. They will build the sandwich. Then one scout takes the sandwich and stands under a sprinkler, and the other scouts are given short lengths of rope. The judge calls out one of the 6 basic knots. When all the scouts have tied it, the next one in line goes under the sprinkler and exchanges his rope for the sandwich. After each scout has had a turn holding the sandwich, the patrol must eat the sandwich. Score based on time.

Patrol Canoe Race #1: Two canoes are tied together end to end with a separation of about five (5) feet. All members of the patrol are placed in the two canoes. They race from shore to point A and back to shore using only their hands for canoe paddles. Points based on time. [Note: limited to green and yellow band wearers.]

Patrol Canoe Race #2: Two canoeists paddle a canoe to point B, jump out of the canoe, swamp it, get back in, paddle it back to shore, then empty the water from the canoe. Points based on time. [Note: limited to green and yellow band wearers.]

Rowing Obstacle Course: Maneuver a rowboat over an obstacle course. Points based on time. [Note: limited to green and yellow band wearers.]

Alka-Seltzer Race:An Alka-Seltzer tablet is placed in a foil cake dish and the dish is floated in a large bucket or can of water. The patrol is required to transport the bucket through an obstacle course without the tablet getting wet or falling into the water. They are not allowed to touch the foil disk or the tablet. Points based on time and size of tablet at finish. All members of the patrol must participate.

Alka Seltzer Shooting:The patrol leader is given a string of alka seltzer tablets to hang from his neck. Each member of the patrol gets one shot from a water gun to try and dissolve the tablets. Patrol will rotate the patrol line until all the tablets are dissolved. All members of the patrol must participate. Points based on time.

Soap Shrink:The patrol is given a new bar of soap and a large bucket filled with water. On "GO" the patrol races to shrink the bar of soap without breaking it. Patrol members take turns furiously "washing their hands" to shrink the soap. If a bar of soap breaks, it's disqualified. Continue until soap bar is less than 1/4 it's original thickness. Points based on time. All members of the patrol must participate.

Sinking submarine:A leaky pipe is hooked up to a garden hose. The patrol is required to plug the holes. Points base on time and the number of non-leaking holes. All patrol members must participate.

Water tug-of-war:Tug-of-war in shallow water!

Scoutmaster Cannonball contest:SMs attempt to make the biggest splash (judged olympic-style by a panel of SPLs).

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