Sample Campsite Judging Form

Campsite Inspection

Unit: _____________________________ Campsite:_______________________________

  • Takes advantage of ground slope, no ditching. Avoids insects, poison ivy, obvious danger from overhead. (5)

    SHELTER (10 points total)
  • Tents properly erected; trim, securely anchored. (5)
  • Cover for dining facilities properly erected; trim, securely anchored, provides for run-off of rain. (5)

    FIRE, FIREWOOD, AND WOOD TOOLS (40 points total)
  • Fire site a safe distance from tents, etc.; adequately contained. (5 ft. radius cleared around fire) (10)
  • Adequate fire buckets and/or other fire fighting equipment available. (10)
  • Firewood protected from rain and dampness. (5)
  • Firewood quality shows evidence of diligent effort to gather wood, at the campsite, by Scouts, of as good a quality as is reasonably available. (5)
  • Wood tools sharp and properly stored. (5)
  • Axe yard specifically located and adequately marked off. (min.1/Troop) (5)

    HEALTH AND SAFETY (75 points total)
  • Proper disposal of garbage. (5)
  • Food adequately protected from contamination and spoilage. (5)
  • Dish washing practices result in clean pots, plates, etc. (10)
  • Cooking equipment stored off ground and clean. (5)
  • Clean water is available. (5)
  • Adequate latrine facilities. (min.1/Troop) (10)
  • Location of adequate first aid kit visible to all. (10)
  • Campsite is clean and in order. (10)
  • Personal equipment neat and stored properly. (uniform by patrol) (10)
  • Ground cloth under bed or tent; bedding is dry, rolled, folded or covered. (5)

    CAMP IMPROVEMENTS (20 points total)
  • U.S. and troop flags properly displayed. (U.S. Flag on the right side of the entrance to a person standing in the entrance facing out of camp.) (10)
  • Campsite improvements/campcraft. Created basically with natural material and put to practical use to make campsite more comfortable and convenient. Examples are built-up fireplace, utensil rack, pack rack, table, seat, boot scraper, fire bucket holder, tripod, wash basin, pot rack over fire, etc. (10)

  • Evidence of separate patrol sites. (10)
  • Scout meals prepared by patrols, not by adults. (10)
  • Patrol menu posted in Patrol site and kept dry. (10)
  • Patrol duty roster posted in patrol site and kept dry. (10)

    CONDUCT (10 points total)
  • Conduct in keeping with the Scout Oath or Law. (10)

    TOTAL POINTS (200)

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