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Baloo's Bugle

April 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 9
May 2007 Theme

Theme: Cubs and Bugs
Webelos: Outdoorsman & Artist
Tiger Cub


The Picnic
Southern NJ Council

Characters: Mom, Dad, two Uncles and Billy. (Someone should introduce characters.)

Costumes: Everyone in summer wear, ready for a picnic.

Props: Picnic basket, blanket spread out on ground, plates, cups, etc. and Billy with a ball.

Scene: Mom, Dad and the two Uncles are sitting around the blanket and Billy with a ball.

Billy:          Mom, When do we eat?

Mom:          As soon as your aunts arrive, Billy.

Dad:           This is a great day for a picnic.

1stUncle:    The weatherman said it’s going to be sunny all day and the weatherman is always right!

(Sound effect of thunder)

2ndUncle: Almost always right!

Billy:          Mom, when are going to eat?

Mom:          As soon as your aunts arrive, Billy!

Dad:           Anyone here want to go to the Tiger baseball game with me next Saturday?

2ndUncle: I will, we should have a roaring good time!

1stUncle:    You ain't just ly-in (lion)! That would be a Paw-fect day.

Billy:          Mom, when are we going to eat?

Mom:          As soon as your aunts arrive, Billy. (Billy leaves with disgust, but comes back quickly with an "ant". A large ant made from cardboard on a string and put it in front of his mothers face. Mom screams.)

Dad:           What's the meaning of this, Billy!

Billy:          I'm hungry!!  Mom said we'd eat as soon as my aunts are here!

Giant Worm
Trapper Trails Council

On stage you have a boy concealed in a sleeping bag that is open on both ends, he is the Giant worm.

Several “hikers” happen upon the worm.

The hikers are eating and carrying with them a supply of candy bars. They look at each other in amazement ask each other “I wonder what he eats”

The hikers hold some candy bars near the mouth of the worm. The worm gobbles up the candy bars wrappers and all.  Then the worm quickly discards empty wrappers form the other end. (Stuff happens). The hikers run away.

Another group of hikers comes along drinking soft drinks and repeats the routine.

The third group comes along with nothing to eat or drink. This group should have your smallest scout.  This group also ponders what this giant worm would eat. At that moment the worm gobbles the smallest scout. Then discards a pair of pants and shirt out the other end.

The worm slithers off with the “eaten” scout under the sleeping bag. The hikers run away.

Hiking with Bugs
Heart of America Council

Personnel:           6 Cubs (Cub 2 should be the smallest boy in the group)
Equipment:          A tent set up as in the out of doors, 2 small flashlights
Setting:                4 very tired and dirty Cubs, scratching and examining their bites.

Cub 1:     Boy am I glad to be back from that hike.  I'm tired.

Cub 2:     The mosquitoes must have called up all of their relatives and told them we were coming.  I've been eaten alive.

Cub 3:     They said a day hike, not an all day hike.  Not only were we out near the river, but we were out all day. Gave those critters too much of a chance to eat at me.

Cub 4:     I feel the same way.  I couldn't feel worse if I'd been run over by a semi-truck.

Cub 1:     Bugs!  Bugs everywhere.  I wouldn't mind if they didn't itch so much.

Cub 3:     The blisters don't hurt as much as the itch itches.

Cub 4:     Those insects hadn't seen human being in years.  Here put some of this on all the spots. (Boys pass around a first aid ointment.  Little lights start flashing in the dark, use 2 boys waving small flashlights)

Cub 2:     We'd better get inside our tent now!  The bugs are out looking for us with flashlights.

The Ants
Southern NJ Council

Characters            6 to 8 cub scouts

Props:                  Paper Sacks

Setting:                Skit opens with boys standing together in a backyard. Cardboard cutout trees and bushes could be used.

1st Cub:     Gee, there’s nothing to do.

2nd Cub:  Yeah, I know.

3rd Cub:   Hey, let’s have a backyard picnic.

All:            Yeah!

4th Cub:    But it’s going to rain.

1st Cub      I don’t think so.  If it does, we can eat in the house.

2nd Cub:   I’ll bring the potato chips.

3rd Cub:    I’ll bring the hot dogs.

4th Cub:    I’ll bring the hot dog buns.

5th Cub:    I’ll bring something special!

(All walk offstage and come back carrying sacks.)

2nd Cub:   Here are the chips.

3rd Cub:   Here are the hot dogs.

4th Cub:    Here are the hot dog buns.

5th Cub:    Here are the drinks.

6th Cub:    (Drops his sack) Oh No!!

1st Cub:     What’s wrong?

6th Cub:    I brought the ants!!

Here is a great skit submitted by Nancy last year for your last Pack Meeting before summer or your June Pack Picnic.  Cub Scouts is a year round program, so we never shut down for the summer but in June everyone moves up to the next level and the outdoor program takes over.  CD

Nancy Schwartz, Cubmaster, Pack 007,
Los Fierros District, Long Beach Area Council

CUB #1:   "Can you believe this is the last Pack meeting of the year?"

CUB #2:   "Lots of guys raced their cars in the Pinewood Derby."

CUB #3:   "Lots of guys earned awards."

CUB #4:   "Lots of guys went caroling at the hospital."

CUB #5:   "Lots of guys performed at the Blue & Gold Dinner."

CUB #6:   "I ATE at the Blue & Gold Dinner."

CUB #7:   "Isn't that what you USUALLY like to do?"

CUB # 6:  "Yah, but I'm still paper and bones!  Get it, paper & bones?  Hahahaha!"

CUB #1:   "And this year we're 77 years old!"

CUB #8:   "I'm only 9!"

CUB #1:   "I mean the Cub Scouts, silly!"

CUB #2:   "And it never would have happened if some guy could have read a map!"

CUB #1:   "That's right!  In 1909, a Chicago businessman named William Boyce was lost in a London fog.  A boy helped him to his destination, but refused a tip, explaining that Scouts do not accept money for doing a good turn.  Mr. Boyce was so impressed that he visited Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scout program, and the following year he started the Boy Scouts of America."

CUB #3:   "But what about the Cub Scouts?"

CUB #4:   "That started in 1930."

CUB #5:   "There were only 5,000 that year."

CUB #8:   "Now there's 2 million!"

CUB #6:   "You'd need a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers to feed THAT group!"

CUB #7:   (Disgusted)  "Don't you ever think of anything but food?"

CUB #6:   "Sure...I think about dessert, too!  Hahahaha!"

CUB #1:   "OK you two...the point is, Cub Scouting continues to grow!  Our Pack _______ grew to _________ members this year.  And next year will be even better!"

CUB #2:   "More campouts!"

CUB #3    "More Pack meetings!"

CUB #4:   "More den field trips!"

CUB #5:   "More achievements!"'

CUB #7:   "More outdoor skills!"


CUB #8:   "And more FUN!"

CUB #1:   "And more new Cub Scout friends still to meet!  There's a lot happening tonight, so we'll say goodbye, and thanks for being a polite audience and listening to our skit...."


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