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Baloo's Bugle

April 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 9
May 2007 Theme

Theme: Cubs and Bugs
Webelos: Outdoorsman & Artist
Tiger Cub


Hooray For Bugs!
Heart of America Council

Personnel: Nine Cub Scouts

Props: Each Cub holds a poster with a picture of an insect on the front and his part on back in LARGE type.

All          Yuk! Who needs bugs? We all do!

  • If it were not for insects and their relatives, we would not have apples, grapes, peaches or many of the foods we eat.
  • Insects pollinate plants. They travel from plant to plant carrying the pollen that enables plants to bear fruit.
  • Insects also make food for us. Do you like honey? Hooray for bees!
  • Insects are food for many animals. Fish, lizards, rats, birds and toads eat them.
  • Some people eat grasshoppers and even ants. (But don’t try it.)
  • Insects also eat each other and thereby help the farmer protect his crops.
  • Insects help get rid of man's and nature’s waste. They eat up much of what we throw away.
  • They help our forests by gnawing up wood until it turns into what is called “humus”, which helps new plants to grow.
  • Insects die and their bodies decay, so the soil becomes richer. True, some are harmful and you don't want to get near them ... but not all!

All          HOORAY FOR INSECTS!!!!

Southern NJ Council

Personnel: Cubmaster or Den Leader and 8 Cubs

Equipment: 8 large cards.  One for each of the letters of the word Mosquito. Have the letters and an appropriate picture on front.  Have the Cubs part on back in LARGE print.

    • M - is for the memories we will share tonight, and the memories of our time at camp.
    • O - is for the opportunity we are fortunate to have - the opportunity to grow together at camp, to learn new skills, and to share together around an open fire.
    • S - is for the super activities and people we meet when we are at Camp.
    • Q - is for the quiet times we experience together, times when we can reflect on the wonderful friends we have made.
    • U - is for the ultimate peacefulness in the out of doors.
    • I - is for the inspiration we receive from nature, and from friends.
    • T - is for the terrific people we meet each day.
    • O - is short for “On with the Show”

DL:        And when you put these all together, what do you get?

All:         MOSQUITO! (loud)

CM:       Both the mosquitoes and I welcome you to tonight’s pack meeting.

Trapper Trails Council

Setup: Make large cards to spell out BUGS. Have bug pictures on the side with the letters.  Have the boys’ parts on the back in LARGE print

  • B-stands for best. A Cub Scout promises to do his best
  • U-stands for understands. A Cub Scout understands his duty to God and his Country.
  • G -stands for goodwill. A Cub Scout gives goodwill.
  • S- stands for spirits, the Cub Scout spirit.

DL          The letters on the cards spell BUGS. We share our world with bugs and others of God’s creatures.

CM         Let us learn to live in harmony with those around us.  Join me now in the Pledge of Allegiance

Trapper Trails had this in their book for both Opening
and Closing – Your Choice - CD

Trapper Trails Council

Setup: Make large cards with bug pictures on the front.  Have the boys’ parts on the back in LARGE print

  • There are flies, and fleas, ticks and chiggers.
  • There are mosquitoes and ants, and scorpions.
  • There are spiders, crickets, and cockroaches and more.
  • And they are all creatures of this great earth.
  • Believe it or not, they were all put on this earth as part of God’s great plan.
  • And Mom and Dad, there are days when you think that we are all just as big of a pest as they.

ALL        So tonight we ask that you think of us all as part of that Godly plan, and love us all.

CM         Join us now in the Pledge of Allegiance

Trapper Trails Council

Personnel: Seven boys, each holding a poster with a picture depicting their line on the front.  Setup: And their parts on the back in LARGE print

  • We know a place where you can find fun things to do of every kind.
  • We can find a sneaky snake or fill an ant farm in a shake.
  • Chase butterflies flying by or jump a fence (if it’s not too high!)
  • Hear the crickets serenade, sit on the grass, drink lemonade.
  • Games of all sorts we do play, this we do to pass our day.
  • The first one able to climb the tree tells the others what he can see.
  • The dirt and grime that’s left on me shows how much fun it is to be,

ALL -      Watching all the bugs and bees!

Southern NJ Council

The boys should prepare for the Opening Ceremony during one of their den meetings, preparing the props and practicing what they're going to say.  For the props, have the boys draw each letter on a separate piece of paper/cardboard (big enough to be seen everywhere in the Pack Meeting area) and cut out or draw pictures that relate to what they're going to say.  Have their parts in LARGE print on the back of the card

  • "N" is for Nighttime
    When many animals come out,
    Like the owl and the bat,
    The possum with its snout.
  • "A" is for Always,
    When there are special things to see.
    You can find big ones and small ones,
    An elephant or bee.
  • "T" is for Time
    We should take all we can.
    To stop and appreciate
    The beauty of the land.
  • "U" is for Unbelievable
    What the Creator has given us
    So we should stop to smell flowers
    Not in a hurry or a fuss.
  • "R" is for Remember,
    Where this beauty comes from.
    And remember to be thankful
    For each rising sun.
  • "E" is for Everyone,
    Yes, all should see take part
    For Nature is from God
    And it comes from the heart.

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