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Baloo's Bugle


October 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 3
November 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Collectors
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 5 & Activities





Tigers now wear the blue Cub Scout uniform with an Orange neckerchief.   Youth use Orange tee-shirts as an activity uniform.  They are still the Adult Partners uniform.

Achievement 5 Letís Go Outdoors

Baloo Archives

I received a nice e-mail this month from Patricia in the northwest who was concerned that if I did the Tiger achievements in order (A typical thing for this linear thinking engineer to do) I would explain the Outdoor achievement in January.  Not a good time for Tigers to spend time outside looking for leaves and hiking.  And so here is Achievement 5!!  CD

There is so much to do and learn outdoors!  You can have fun exploring nature and looking at trees, flowers, and animals.  You can walk, run, play games, and ride a bike. Itís even fun to sit outside!

Achievement 5F - Family activity

You can listen to a weather report on the radio or television. But itís more fun to tell what the weather is like by going outside and using your five senses to observe what the weather for yourself.  Your five senses are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.  Some people canít use all five senses fully, such as people who are sight impaired or hearing impaired.  Often, people who canít use one of their senses have learned to use their other four senses very well.

5F Go outside and observe the weather.  Use your senses to help you describe what the weather is like.  What do you see?  Is it sunny?  Is it dark?  Do you see stars, clouds, sunshine, rain, or a rainbow?   What do you hear?  Do you hear thunder, rain, or the blowing wind?  Maybe you hear traffic noise, children playing, or birds singing. How does the weather affect noises like these?  What do you smell?  Do you smell flowers or freshly cut grass?  Maybe you smell the aroma of someone cooking or the odor of farm animals.  The air and wind bring these smells to your nose.   What do you taste?  If the wind is blowing across a dusty place, you may get dust in your mouth.  Does the air taste like dirt?  Does it taste like salt?  What can you feel?  Is it cold or warm?  Do you feel the wind blowing?  Do you feel rain or snow?

The Character Connection on Faith is associated with this Achievement.  Donít overlook this important part of the program.  Have the Adult partners be sure to carry out the discussion and have the Tiger explain what he knows (This is done by completing the first part of achievement 5F) and then explain how he feels about things he cannot see (The sun at night, the moon during the day, wind).  And finally, in discussing what you believe in but cannot see, what faith is and how you develop faith.  Faith is one of Cub Scoutingís 12 Core Values.  Donít miss this chance to discuss Faith with your Tiger.  For more information on Character Connections check out your Tiger Book, Your Leaderís Book or Bill Smithís Unofficial Cub Scout Roundtable at  http://www.wtsmith.com/rt.html He has the whole BSA publication on Character Connections Commissioner Dave

Achievement 5D - Den Activity

Many trees and bushes have leaves that turn colors and fall to the ground in autumn.  Some trees have needles that stay on all year long.  You may live in a place where cacti grow.  Cacti have spines or scales instead of leaves.  Go outdoors with your adult partner and collect some leaves or needles to take to your den meeting for this activity.  Be sure to collect only fallen leavers, or get the permission of an adult before removing a live part of a tree or bush.

And what better time than when the leaves are changing colors to go out and look for leaves and be able to pick them up and compare them.  CD

5D With a crayon or colored pencil and a piece of paper, make a leaf rubbing.

Materials:  writing paper, leaves, crayons

Place a leaf, vein side up, on a smooth surface, and cover it with a piece of thin writing paper.  Hold the paper firmly in position and gently rub the crayon over it.  The crayon strokes should all be in the same direction and with just enough pressure to bring out the details of the leaf.  The finished design can be displayed in your home, decorated and framed. Your leaf rubbings can also be made into greeting cards or given as a gift.

Achievement 5G - Go and See It

Walking is great exercise, and itís fun to be outdoors. When you walk, you see more things in the outdoors than you would if you went by fast on a bicycle, or in a car or bus.

5G Take a hike.

Your den may go to a special outdoor place for a hike, or you may take a simple walk in your neighborhood.  Be sure to take into account the size and ability of your Tiger.  There are many state Parks and other parks with short nature trails that have built in rest areas where you stop and read the commentary along the trail (Station 1, station 2,).  These may be perfect for your Tigers. 

Every Pack should be committed to conduct an outdoor activity within the first three months of the year (September, October, November).  My pack has a Fall Family Camping Trip. Our council has a Fall Cub Scout event at one of our camps.  Activities like these would be perfect times for your Tigers to get their hikes.  CD

 Wherever you go, itís fun to be outdoors! Remember, three quarters of Scouting is Outing.

Tiger Theme Related Ideas

*       Elective 16 is Collecting and other Hobbies.  This month would be a great time to have your Tigers show off their collections. 

*       A museum or zoo visit would be great.  You could discuss the collection the museum has.  We have a history museum run by the Salem County Historical Society that is perfect for Tigers.  It is small, it is local and the volunteer staff is always anxious to help. 

*       Be sure to check out the ideas and plans in the Cub Scout Program helps for this month.



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