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Baloo's Bugle


October 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 3
November 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Collectors
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 5 & Activities





Southern NJ Council

I saw variations of this skit in almost every Pow Wow Book. Some had boys talking about their Dad’s.  So use your imagination and adapt this skit to your group.  CD

Cast: Six Cub Scouts, named Bobby, Bill, Tom, Jim, Danny and Mike and a Den Leader. A Cub Scout could play the Den Leader, if you wish.  This skit is flexible so you can add or subtract parts to make sure every boy in the den has a part.

Setting: Cub Scouts are discussing their hobbies with their den leader at a den meeting.

Den Leader       All right boys, today I'd like you to answer roll call with the name of your hobby. Then we'll see if we can learn the scientific name for that hobby. Bobby, you're first.

Bobby         I collect coins. I think that's called numismatist!

Den Leader       Very good, Bobby. Bill, you're next.

Bill             Well, we collect stamps in my family. And I've heard my dad called a philatelist.

Den Leader       That's right, Bill. Now Tom, what's your hobby?

Tom            My brother and I like to hike and watch birds. That's called an ornithologist.

Den Leader       That's right, Tom. Very interesting. Jim, what do you collect?

Jim             My dad and I collect fossils. That's called a paleontologist.

Danny        (Waving his hand) My brother and I have a garden. We grow things scientifically. We're horticulturists.

Den Leader       That's good Danny. And now Mike, what kind of special hobby do you have?

Mike          (Scratching head) Well, I don't have a special hobby, but I bet you'll never guess what my dad collects! It doesn't have a fancy name. (Grins a little. Other boys look at each other, whisper and shrug shoulders.)

Den Leader       We give up, Mike. What kind of collector is your dad?

Mike          I knew you'd never guess. He's a BILL COLLECTOR!

ALL            (All clap hands to foreheads and leave.)

Crazy Collecting

Baltimore Area Council

Actors pantomime the different types of collectors as the narrator introduces each one. The narrator may start with something like this:

NARRATOR:        Everyone collects things. You collect things. I collect things. Let's take a look at some things other

people collect.

The following are samples of collectors you might pantomime have the boys use their imagination to come up with others

A mother collects dirt (mother in housework clothes mops across stage)

A coin collector collects coins (bank rubber crosses stage with sack of coins looking around nervously for The Law)

Dogs are among the greatest collectors. They collect FLEAS (actor dressed as dog rolls across stage scratching)

Now. teachers, they collect papers, of course (harried teacher runs across with reams of paper spilling out on all sides)

(These are some ideas. You add other ‘-collectors.')

End with: The greatest collector of them all (An actor staggers across the stage loaded down with everything from soup to nuts, literally! He can be carrying a washing machine part and dragging a car fender. Let your imagination go! A big sign on him reads: "Junk Man.")

How to Make a Paper Boat

Baltimore Area Council

Folding Instructions: Take a full sheet of newspaper. folded on the center crease with the folded edge away from you. Take the two upper corners and fold them so that they meet at exact center, Fold the remaining flaps up, one on each side. 'Fold and tuck in remaining points. Continue refolding following the illustrations outlined below for the various stages of the story.

Pirate Skit Using Folded Newspaper

Once there was a little boy who wondered who he would like to be when he grew up. He thought he might like to be a soldier and put on his hat and began marching up and down.

He soon grew tired of this and when a bright red fire truck screamed by, he was sure he would like to be a fireman, He donned his hat and ran after the truck. The fire was soon out, and he began to look around for something else to do.

He realized he was near the ocean, so :.he put on his pirate's hat and went hunting for treasure along the shore. The weather was stormy, and he saw a ship being tossed around off shore, The ship hit a rock, and the bow was ripped oft; Then it was whipped around, and the stern was demolished. To make things worse, a bolt of lightening came and knocked off the mast.

The boy rubbed his eyes and saw that all that was left was the Captain's shirt.

The Disappearing Banana

Southern NJ Council

Equipment:        4 or more bandannas and 1 very ripe banana

Personnel:        5 (or more) deadpan assistants and an announcer

Setting: Tell the audience that a magic trick is going to be performed for their enjoyment.  Before their eyes, the assistants will demonstrate the disappearing bandanna trick.  The assistants have been carefully selected for their ability to follow instructions exactly for their ability to follow instructions exactly.  (The assistants take their places behind the announcer.  Bandannas are concealed in the hip pocket.  The banana is carefully kept behind the one assistants back.)

Announcer:           (Straight face at all time) "Remove the bandannas from your pockets and show them to the audience."  (Assistants hold the bandannas in front of them, showing both sides.  The one with the banana shows the banana with confidence.)

Announcer.           "Fold the bandanna in half.  (Everyone folds their bandanna one time.  The one with the banana begins to look concerned, rolls his eyes left and right and then looks skyward.  With an 'oh, well', attitude, he breaks the fruit in half.)

Announcer:           "Fold the bandanna in half again."  (Everyone folds their bandanna again to a smaller square.  The one with the banana expresses more concern, looks left and right, uses facial expressions to demonstrate an uncomfortable feeling---remember to keep a straight face.  He breaks the banana again.)

Announcer:           "Hold the bandanna in your left hand and fold the four corners in."  (Everyone complies.  The one with the banana sort of scoops up the fruit and piles it in the center of the palm of the left hand.  Facial expressions should be indicative of extreme concern that something he is doing is different from everyone else.)

Announcer:           "Make a fist!"  (By now, everyone in the audience is watching the banana.  The hands with the folded bandannas are discreetly exchanged--left for right--and the bandannas are placed in hip pockets.  By now, the banana is oozing from between the fingers, and the audience is usually in tears.)

Announcer:           "Open your hand, and show that the bandanna has disappeared.  (Of course, it has, and applause is appropriate.)

Making A Cub Scout

Southern NJ Council

This is an excellent opening for the induction/introduction of new Cub Scouts into a Pack.

Characters:      Child, Two Leaders, Two Parents

Props:                You will need a large table for the child to lie on during the “operation.”  The “doctor” can carry a large cardboard knife.  Props to be “removed” are tacked to back of table, out of sight.  Those to be “put in” can be placed nearby. (Props are listed where used.)

Narrator: We are about to instruct you in the method of making a Cub Scout. To complete this project, you will need one small eager boy, two interested parents, one patient Den Leader, and one courageous Cubmaster.

(Each character enters as his name is spoken. Boy wears uniform under a large loose-fitting shirt and climbs up on the table. Others don surgical masks. As the narrator continues, the operation proceeds, with Cubmaster acting as doctor. Den Leader and parents hand him the things to be put in and take the things removed. When the boy is hidden under a sheet, he removes his shirt.)

Narrator: Cover him with fun and good times (Hold up posters labeled “FUN” and “GOOD TIMES” and cover boy)

We use laughing gas for anesthetic. (Use a tire pump labeled “Laughing Gas.”)

Take out hate and put in Love. (Hate - lump of paper, so labeled. Love - big paper heart, labeled).

Take out selfishness, put in cooperation. (Sign “I,” sign “WE).

Take out idle hands, put in busy fingers. (Idle - empty rubber gloves. Busy - glove full of flour.)

Take out laziness, put in ambition. (Laziness - rag; Ambition - blown up balloon.)

After this pleasant operation, we have a “CUB SCOUT.” (Remove the sheet. Boy, in uniform, stands up and gives the Cub Scout sign.)




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