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Baloo's Bugle


October 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 3
November 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Collectors
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 5 & Activities




How To Build A Thingamajig
Southern NJ Council

Divide audience into four groups and assign each a part. 

They are to say the phrase for their part every time they hear it in the story or whenever they hear Scatereekus.

Doodads:                Clickety-clack, clickety clack

Dingford:               Whiz, bang, boom

Freedistant:          Whoosh, whoosh

Higoricky:            Snap, crackle, pop

Scatereekus:        All sounds together

Very few families these days can get by without a thingamajig.  Sure you can buy one at the local hardware and appliance store, in all sorts of colors, sizes, shapes, makes and models, but as easy as they are to build yourself, you should just get a kit and put it together.  Here are a simple set of instructions for building your own thingamajig…

The Doodads of the thingamajig kit are stored in the bubble-wrap gizmo and are stapled with the purple assembly Dingford to the left-handed Freedistant.  The assembly Dingford should be placed in an upright position on any corrugated doomaflatchy or Freedistant to complete assembling the Doodads.  Carefully remove the gizmo from its containeration of the Doodads from the Freedistant and lay out the Doodads in parallel with the assembly Dingford and assemble the Doodads in the order listed.  You will need two fringhoppers with a 4/3" gagglehump for the Higoricky, and you'll have to use penpoppers to complete the riggeration.

Using a witchifiggle, carefully punch 1/2" what-nots through the assembly Dingford and Freedistant, where the Higoricky will attach.  The what-nots are there to capitrate the hoosie Higoricky that will beefling the Doodads together. 

Next frammis the chingus to the Freedistant, making sure the whatchamacallits are catiwompus to the hootnanny and the Higoricky, as shown on the assembly Dingford.  If it is reversed, the thingamajig will not work properly.

Tighten two fistaroud valves underneath the Freedistant using the hickeys from the Doodads to on from one doodad to the other.  Now refracker a jigger to the demisantis and the doorfunkey near the whatchamacallits.  Put a dingus on each loose enough so that the thingamabob can discombobulate and rotate easily, or it might XXXX and fly off and hit someone in the doohickey.

That finishes the instructions.  If you've followed them carefully, you should have a well running thingamajig. When you turn over the Scatereekus.

Rhyming Pairs

Baltimore Area Council

Try asking your audience to come up with these.  Or use as a gathering activity by listing on a piece of paper and giving a copy to everyone as they arrive.  The answers are sure to produce some laughs.  CD

1.       Snoopy after earning Boy Scouting's highest award.

2.       A scalding cooking vessel.

3.       Cubmaster Benjamin's groups of eight Cub Scouts.

4.       A Venturing leader's cap bill.

5.       Boxing matches featuring the members of a troop.

6.       A crooked canvas shelter.

7.       A varsity Scout leader's pet insect.

8.       A picture made by Cub Scouts passing a crayon on paper over a headstone engraving.

9.       Sneezing shallow draft watercraft.

10.    Swimming partner with bleeding cut.

11.    One of five Scouts with stone material for fire by friction.

12.    A camper's wood chopper made of paraffin.

13.    Earth-boring animal befriended by a group of eight Boy Scouts.

14.    A militant effort to teach emergency medical treatment.

15.    Hiker's footgear stuffed with an orange, apple and banana.


1 ) Eagle beagle 2) Hot pot 3) Ben's Dens 4) Advisors visor 5) Scouts' bouts 6) Bent tent 7) Coach's roaches S) Cubbing rubbing  9) Ah­ choo canoe 10) Bloody buddy 11) Flint quint 12) Wax ax 13) Patrol mole 14) First aid crusade 15) Fruit boot


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