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Baloo's Bugle


October 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 3
November 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Collectors
Webelos: Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub:
Achievement 5 & Activities





Southern NJ Council

Tell the boys ahead of time to wear a pair of pants that have pockets. Now go on a collecting walk. You can only collect what you can put in your pocket; pebbles, sticks, seed, interesting trash, bugs, etc. Come back to the meeting place and lay out your collection. Analyze what you have and separate it into some kind of order. Each boy has a turn talking about his best "pocket find."

Another game that you can include in your collection hike is Pocket Kim's Game. Give the boys a few minutes to study the collection and then cover them. Give each one a sheet to write out whatever he can remember. (Or, you can split the den into teams and let them go after it that way)_


Southern NJ Council

Cub Scouts sit in a circle. The first player names a hobby beginning with the letter "A" and tells something about it, and so on, around the circle and through the alphabet. Examples: "A" is for autographs - ball players are the best. "B" is for bugs - they are creepy crawly, etc.


Southern NJ Council

Ask someone to balance two coins on the rim of a glass at the same time, using only one hand. Here's how to do it: Stand the coins against the side of the glass. Push them up the side with thumb and forefinger. Carefully work the coins over the rim and balance them.


Connecticut Rivers Council

Equipment: Hula hoops, l per team.

Divide the group into teams. Have each team line up holding hands. Give a hoop to the person at the head of each line.. At "GO", teammates must pass the hoop along the line, stepping through the hoop and passing it overhead, without letting go of each other's hands.  The team that passes the hoop from one end to the other first wins.

"Pieces of Eight"

Connecticut Rivers Council

Equipment: pancake turners, "pieces of Eight" (16 round objects such as pennies), Someone with a timer (watch with second hand or a stop watch).

Each boy takes turn flipping the face-up pennies over to tails using the pancake turner. Fastest time wins. Can be played as a relay race, second player flips all coins back to heads.

Feed the Pumpkin

Connecticut Rivers Council

Place a miniature pumpkin (artificial) on the floor in the corner of the room Give each player five nuts (walnuts, acorns) From a predetermined distance the players toss nuts underhand into the pumpkin. High scorer could be presented with a chocolate turkey.

Corncob Darts

Connecticut Rivers Council

Corncobs become colorful, harmless darts for games and contests. Take a 3" to 4" section of corncob and bore a hole through one end. Cut different colored crepe paper ribbons and put them through the bole in the side of the cob so they trail 12 to 15" on each side. The darts are ready to be thrown at a target.

Turkey Feather Relay

Connecticut Rivers Council

Divide the group into teams, relay style. First player in each team holds a turkey feather. On signal, he throws his feather, javelin style, towards the finish line. As soon as it comes to earth, he picks it up and throws it again, repeating until he crosses the finish line. He then picks up the feather and runs back to his team and passes the feather on to the next player, First team to finish, flaps their arms and gobbles like triumphant turkeys.

Whistling -Contest

Connecticut Rivers Council

Fairs were held each year at Williamsburg during colonial times. One of the attractions was a whistling contest Contestants were given tunes to Whistle, if they laughed or lost the tune. they were out of the contest Try it in your den or pack using a tune that most boys wilt be familiar with.


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