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July 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 12
August 2004 Theme

Theme: Scouting the Miday
Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
  Tiger Cub:



Ideas for a GREAT Pack Meeting

and Getting a Little Help While Youre at it

Pac Sky Council

I found this great bit of advice on the Pacific Skyline council Website, http://www.pacsky.org, and thought I would share it with you.  It fits real good as you should be preparing for your Annual Program Planning Meeting and looking for ideas to spice up each months Pack Meeting Show. Commissioner Dave

Pack Meeting Essentials

Family oriented must be fun for the whole family

Good meeting site and logistics (however, dont be afraid to use alternative meeting sites during the year)

Invest in a small sound system

Establish a strong theme for each meeting and have fun with the theme

If you have more than 10 kids, set up a rotation of activities/games whenever possible

Always give out awards; make every kid receiving an award feel like its their special moment

Always recognize new Scouts and any kids just there checking the pack out along with their parents and any other family members

Keep meetings to between one and one-and-one-half hours

Involve the dens in the program (parents are there to see their kids in action)

       Have dens help with set-up and clean-up

       Rotate responsibility for opening and closing ceremonies

       Ask dens to put-on a skit or lead a song at least 2 or 3 times during the year

Have meeting program done well in advance of the meeting; review draft program with pack committee and solicit their input

Have handouts covering upcoming pack activities (a hike, Scouting for Food, etc.)

Have a good gathering activity

        Find someone who scavenger hunt game

       Have Displays (Pinewood Derby cars before the Pinewood Derby races)

       Feather games

       Find someone with a coin in their pocket game

       Have an area set aside where kids can learn and practice knot tying

       Nature scavenger hunt outdoors during warm weather months

       Put out stamps on a table which kids can go through (and ultimately keep) as they arrive

Dont be afraid to bring in outside talent

       Someone with interesting stories about your communitys history

       A local community figure or athlete

Recognize adult leaders as often as you can

       Mention a successful den activity that a den leader led during the month

       Tie recognition to event (recognize popcorn chair when popcorn awards are presented to Scouts)

       Have den leaders help with awards presentations

       Have activity/program chairs make announcements and help with recognizing Scout participants

       Special recognition at first pack meeting of the year and at the Blue and Gold dinner

       Develop some type of Spirit award that is presented to a den each month

Offer one or more games for Scouts and siblings to play

Cubmasters minute

Optional program items for a Pack meeting:


       Craft project


Uniform inspection in January

Dim the lights whenever you can to add a special effect to opening and closing ceremonies

Visual presentation its really a Pack show not a Pack Meeting

       Ask one or more parents to take pictures or videos at your pack meetings.

       Power Point presentation of various pack pictures taken during the year, set to music

       Show a compilation of some of the videos taken at pack activities.

Pack meeting theme/location ideas:

       Conduct a campfire program at a local park; roast marshmallows afterwards

       Raingutter regatta pack meeting with a fun pirate theme

Walk the plank (kids walk forward blindfolded on a 2x4) pin the tail on the pirate game

Raingutter regatta boat racing area

Area where kids can make paper pirate hats and hooks

Magnetic fishing game area

       Pinewood derby pack meeting (if you dont have a track, partner with another unit which does)

       Hold a pack meeting in the dining/activities room of a local senior community (works best around Christmas) and invite all of the seniors to attend.

You can hand out door prizes in a raffle fashion (seniors love raffles)

You can donate a Christmas tree and help the seniors decorate it that evening

Scout families can bring holiday treats to share with seniors

Scouts can adopt a senior and send that senior a Christmas card (you should see the Scouts face when the senior sends a return card addressed to that Scout)

You can also sing Christmas carols with the seniors and offer various holiday crafts activities

       Hold a pack meeting in a local park during a warm weather month and tailor the program accordingly.  You can also work with the city/county to have them suggest a service project which could be performed just prior to the start of your pack meeting (i.e. Service project from 6:30-7:30; pack meeting from 7:30-8:15)

Ideas for your in the Park Meeting -

Knot tying

First aid

       Capture the flag game

       Conduct a pack Olympics

       Conduct a pack bike rally

       Native American theme with a local Native American dance team and/or storyteller.

       Teamwork theme with a rotation of games designed to cultivate teamwork within each den:

Treasure hunt outdoors (den works together to solve clues)

Kims game

Team shuffleboard

Cub Scout knowledge relay race

       Model rocketry theme (make the rockets at your pack meeting and then shoot them off the next Saturday morning)


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