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Baloo's Bugle


July 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 12
August 2004 Theme

Theme: Scouting the Miday
Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
  Tiger Cub:





Utah National Parks Council

Cast:      Four boys, Jojo, one small brother. Jojo should be dressed like a clown and the small brother dressed the same.

Props:    One large box (such as a refrigerator box) painted to resemble a machine, can of spray starch

Boy #1:      What have you got there, Jojo?

Jojo:           A homemade shrinking machine, that's what.

Boy #2:      Never heard of such a thing.

Boy #3:      Come on, Jojo, you're kidding.

Boy #4:      Shrinking machine - baloney!

Jojo:           (Annoyed) I'll show you. (Pulls a can of spray starch from his pocket and sprays himself.) That's to put some starch in me so that I can't come out all wrinkled. Well guys, this is it. Farewell. (Shakes hands all around and then gets in the box.)

Boy #1:      How's it inside there, Jojo?

Jojo:           Fine... fine . . . fine.... (His voice trails off, then a series of loud noises comes from inside the box.)

Boy #2:      I hope he's okay.

Boy #3:      Me too.

Boy #4:      Here he comes, out of the return slot. (Small brother climbs out of rear end of the carton, dressed just like Jojo.)

ALL        Wow! This really is a great shrinking machine!


By Arlene Wolfe

Utah National Parks Council

Read this poem while the boys pantomime.

Here's our rubberman, he's grand.

He stretches, he pulls, like a rubber band.

At dancing, he's a super wiz

Just look at how limber he is.

And here we have our two-headed man

He's a super singer from opry land.

He can sing harmony and melody in rhyme.

Why he can talk and sing at the same time.

No circus would be complete

Without our bearded lady on this seat

Now she'll be in the show today

If she can get outa that chair all the way

Magic, magic it can't be beat.

Come see our magician give you a treat.

He's super, colossal, the best in town.

If he can just keep those rabbits down.

A fortune teller is always great.

Come find out who'll be your date.

If you'll be rich or may be poor

If you'll ride in a limo and much, much more.

Watch our juggler, he's quite unique.

Check out this egg, it does leak.

Now you know they're not hard-boiled,

Just don't drop any and get soiled.


Utah National Parks Council

Characters: Narrator (a better reader in the den), two leaders in uniform, two leaders in ordinary clothing, one Cub Scout in uniform, one Cub Scout in white lab coat, additional boys in lab coats to assist in the surgery.

Setting: The uniformed Cub Scout lies on a large table, covered with a sheet. The props are taped to the back of the table, out of sight of the audience. The doctor holds a large cardboard knife and stands behind the table. His assistants stand at both ends and in back of the table.

Narrator:        We are about to show you how to make a new Cub Scout in one easy operation. To do this, we need a boy - (doctor points to patient on table)

                        A den leader - (uniformed leader enters and stands near table)

                        A Cubmaster - (other uniformed leader enters)

                        and a family. (two adults and one or more children enter.)

                        First, he needs to be covered with fun and good times.  (Doctor and assistants raise sheet, taking care not to reveal the boy on the table. In large letters on the sheet is written FUN AND GOOD TIMES.)

                        We use laughing gas for anesthetic. (One of the assistants uses tire pump or suction cup labeled LAUGHING GAS.)

                        We take out hate and put in love.  (Doctor removes a big rock from under the sheet and puts in a big red paper heart labeled "LOVE" which is handed to him by an assistant.)

                        We take out selfishness and put in cooperation. (Doctor takes out ME and puts in WE.)

                        We put in some good citizenship. (Doctor puts in a cutout of the U.S. flag.)

                        We add some reverence.  (Doctor adds a cutout of a church.)

                        Our operation has been a great success! Just look at the results. (The uniformed Cub Scout throws off the sheet, gets off the table, stands at attention and gives the Cub Scout salute. The Cubmaster holds up a sign reading "SUCCESS." Curtain.)

The Candy Contest 

Santa Cara County Council

Cast:                  Candy store owner, kids eating candy, leader.

Scene:                A candy store. Table with jars of candy.

Setup:                Kids come into the store and start buying candy. 

Cub # 1         Asks for a dozen licorice sticks, and eats them all at once. 

Cub # 2         Asks for twenty gumdrops and gobbles them up. 

Cub # 3         Buys fifteen candy canes and crunches them up.

(Add more characters, buying other types of candy until everyone in your den has a part)

Have the kids mime this massive candy-eating binge.  They stuff themselves with an assortment of candy until all begin to look ill and hold their stomachs.

Leader:              Enters the store “We’ve got to go now.”

Owner:              “Why is that?”

Leader:              “Oh, we’re on our way to a candy-eating contest. We just came for the practice.”

The Upside Down Singers

Santa Cara County Council

The singers are onstage. An announcer explains that they are going to sing upside down! The singers duck behind the curtain (a sheet held up by two accomplices).  Placing their hands in their shoes, they wobble the shoes above the curtain top.  It should look like they are having trouble standing on their heads and are about to topple over as they sing – choose a song that everyone knows.  Getting the movements right requires practice and you may need a director to help get the motions right.  To end the skit, let one of the curtain holders become distracted and ‘accidentally’ drop the curtain revealing the “upside-down” singers in action.

Midway Side Show Characters

Longhorn Council

Set Up - 6 boys in uniform on stage with props

Props – toy skunk, too small hat, bag of cookies, sweatshirt, colorful padding for muscles,  

ALL:          We excel in building (holding props as described below. All boys speak their lines.) muscles. We're champs in that you see. Just listen to our stories and we're sure that you'll agree!

Cub # 1:       I hold the title of strongest in my den. Do you suppose it's because of my friend? (Holds up toy skunk, other boys hold their noses.)

Cub # 2:       I'm known as the den‘s muscle man this year. Most of my muscle is between my ears. (Pulls out small hat from behind his back and tries desperately to fit it on his head)

Cub # 3:       I hold the title of fastest of all. I'm first in line for the chow basket call. (Pulls out bag of cookies and starts eating them)

Cub # 4:       I'm known as the champion of the high jump. One time I missed and got a big lump. (Rubs head with painful expression on his face)

Cub # 5:       To keep in shape, I exercise each day. I wonder why my muscles turned out this way. (Removes sweat shirt to show colorful padding on arms)

Cub # 6:       I'm the champ at making things disappear, you see. Watch us all disappear, as I count to three. (He counts slowly 1 - 2. - 3 as curtain closes)


Circle Ten Council

The skit starts out with a couple of scouts asking for some volunteers from the audience (parents will do JUST fine...evil grin) to play a game.  The volunteers are then removed from the room by one of the scouts in charge of the 'Game Show' (thank you Vanna...) to make sure they cannot see the preparations.

After the volunteers have been removed, the 'Game' is set up. Two tables (the folding type work VERY well) are covered with sleeping bags or blankets to keep anyone from looking underneath.  Balls of various descriptions are placed under buckets on these tables.  The catch is that in between the two tables a person (another scout perhaps) is kneeling with his head under a bucket to resemble the other buckets (of course this is well hidden with sleeping bags, or sheets or what ever you have handy) The tables are then moved close together to further hide the fact that there is anyone under the table.  Be sure to cover the front of the table so that the participant, or victim as it were, cannot see under the tables.

Bring in the first contestant...

It is then that the 'Game' is described to the contestant. He/she is to make his/her way down the line of buckets picking up each bucket and naming the type of ball found under the bucket. Give some time record to be beaten. Then as they make their way down the line they will eventually pick up the bucket under which the scout is hiding.  The Scout should yell/scream etc. to further the shock value.

Bring in the next contestant...etc

This skit is generally really effective and is good for a few laughs.




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