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Baloo's Bugle


July 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 12
August 2004 Theme

Theme: Scouting the Miday
Webelos: Forester & Naturalist
  Tiger Cub:




The Wonderful Cellar Band

Longhorn Council

Divide audience into five groups.  Assign each a part and an action.  Have groups practice as you assign them parts.

DUSTY OLD CELLAR:             Creeeek Ah choo
EMPTY GLASS JUG:                           Boop boop
RUSTY SAW:                           Whaang Whaang
BEAT UP TRASH CAN:                     Crash Barn
FADED OLD HATBOX:                     Pat a tat tat

Once upon a time as many stories begin, in a DUSTY OLD CELLAR there lived a group of very good, very old and very outdated friends. There was an EMPTY GLASS JUG, a RUSTY SAW, and two BEAT UP TRASH CANS and a FADED OLD HAT BOX. Now these old friends had been in the DUSTY OLD CELLAR for a very long time. And except for being moved about from time to time they were left alone to rust or turn to dust. Needless to say, they were very lonely.

One day, the EMPTY GLASS JUG, in a deep low voice said: “It’s too quiet here. I wish something would happen.” “Now really,” JUG.” said the RUSTY SAW. “What could possibly happen here?”

“Why,” said the FADED OLD HAT BOX, “I’ve been sitting on this CELLAR shelf for 20 years and all I’ve seen is two mice and a Daddy Long Legs spider.” “The EMPTY GLASS JUG is just getting older and emptier.” said the BEAT UP TRASH CANS. “Don’t pay him any mind.”

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps on the CELLAR stairs. Four young boys, all dressed alike, came cautiously down the CELLAR steps. They were talking in hushed voices, “Are they twins asked?’ the FADED OLD HAT BOX. “I think they’re Pygmies.” Said the RUSTY SAW, in a lofty voice. “Nonsense,” said the EMPTY GLASS JUG. “They’re Cub

Scouts.” said the BEAT UP TRASH CANS. By now the old friends were very curious and excited. They listened as the boys talked.

“Boy, it’s spooky down here in the DUSTY OLD CELLAR.” said Jim Cub Scout. “Don’t be a fraidy cat.” said Mike Cub Scout. “Aw heck, let’s go.” said Jack Cub Scout. “No, wait.” Said Bill Cub Scout. ‘I’ve got an idea. We have to do a stunt for a Den Meeting, don’t we?’ “Yea, that’s’ right,” the other three chorused. “Well,” said Bill Cub Scout, “Let’s have a band, a CELLAR band.” “A Band!” they yelped. “Sure,” said Bill Cub Scout. “I’ll play that RUSTY SAW.

Jim, you take the EMPTY GLASS JUG. Mike, that FADED OLD HAT BOX will make a neat drum. And Jack, those BEAT UP TRASH CAN lids would be swell cymbals.

Well, of course you know the rest. Den Three made new friends with old Mends, right there in the DUSTY OLD CELLAR, with an EMPTY GLASS JUG, a RUSTY SAW, a FADED OLD HATBOX, and two BEAT UP TRASH CANS, and for all we know, they may be playing yet.


Utah National Parks Council

Divide audience into six groups and assign each a part.  Make sure they practice as you assign other parts.

DEN LEADER: Let's go boys!

CUB SCOUTS: Do your best!

HORSES: Neigh, neigh

CALLIOPE: Um-pah, um-pah, um-pah


MIDWAY: Step right up!

FAIR: All noises at once

One day, there was a DEN LEADER who was getting weary from working to keep her CUB SCOUTS quiet. She decided she needed a nice change and was looking for something different to do with her CUB SCOUTS. At last, she found an answer. The FAIR was coming to town. Here was a chance for the DEN LEADER to spend a nice, relaxing day at the FAIR with her den of CUB SCOUTS. She knew the boys would enjoy playing games at the MIDWAY, watching the trained HORSES perform and listening to the CALLIOPE music while eating COTTON CANDY. She was certain there would be no problem in keep­ing them quiet in all this fun.

So, after filing a tour permit, away they went for a relaxing day at the FAIR. Away from the noise of the energetic CUB SCOUTS in the den who were so full of vim and vigor. First stop was the MIDWAY. Each CUB SCOUT tried his hand at the MIDWAY games and won some cool prizes. Next, they watched the trained HORSES dance around the ring. Then the CUB SCOUTS munched on blue and gold COT­TON CANDY while listening to the CALLIOPE play its catchy tunes. Those CUB SCOUTS were having a grand old time at the FAIR.

The DEN LEADER, however, found that the FAIR was not as quiet and relaxing as a den meeting with eight energetic CUB SCOUTS. The noise of the HORSE and the clamor of the CALLIOPE music made the DEN LEADER feel like she was in a daze. It was then that she began to realize how much she really did appreciate her CUB SCOUTS. She knew she would rather listen to their shouts and laughter any day, instead of the FAIR noises with the MIDWAY barkers, the HORSES, and the CALLIOPE music.

At the end of the day, it was a happy and tired den of CUB SCOUTS who came home from the FAIR, car­rying their MIDWAY game prizes, full of COTTON CANDY The catchy tunes of the CALLIOPE music and the clomping of the HORSES' hooves rang in their ears. But the tired grins on their faces turned to smiles of utter delight when the DEN LEADER said "Wheeew! What a relief to hear the sounds of my den of CUB SCOUTS." So you see, the FAIR was just the change she needed.



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