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Baloo's Bugle


May 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 10
June 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Rock
Webelos: Artist & Traveler
  Tiger Cub:




Sam Houston Area Council

SETTING:     8 boys are needed.

SCENE:         Have them enter on stage and gather around just talking.

Cub # 1:       Have you met the new leader?

Cub # 2:       No, but 1 hear he's real nice.

Cub # 3:       I heard he knows all about knots and lashings.

Cub # 4:       Yea, and camping, too.

Cub # 5:       I heard he cooks a mean stew over an open fire.

Cub # 6:       And makes cobbler for dessert.

Cub # 7:       He must be real old to know all that stuff. Maybe there wasn't any city when he was little.

Cub # 8:       (laughing) Yea, I bet he had a dinosaur for a pet!

ALL CUBS:          Man is that old!

Make sure your leader is all right with this last skit before doing it and doesnít take it personally.  CD


Sam Houston Area Council

SETTING:     8 boys are needed.

SCENE:          Have all but Cub #8 on stage talking. Cub #8 will walk in at the end.

CUB #l:     Hey, did you hear?

CUB #2:    No, what?

CUB #1:    (Cub #8's name) found a dinosaur bone in his back yard.

CUB #3:    How do you know it was from a dinosaur?

CUB #1:    He said it was from Rex, you know, like Tyrannosaurs Rex.

CUB #4:    How did he find it?

CUB #1:    He was digging around in the yard.

CUB #5:    Did they call the TV news people?

CUB #6:    How big of a bone was it?

CUB #7:    We better ask him what happened. (#8 walks in)

CUB #8:    Hi, guys, what's up?

CUB #2:    Tell us about your bone!

CUB #4:    Yea, is it from a Tyrannosaurs Rex dinosaur?

CUB #8:    (looking a little sheepish and at the floor) Oh that bone. No, it wasn't from a Tyrannosaur Rex, it was from Rex.

CUB #7:    What other dinosaur is a Rex?

CUB #8:    Not a dinosaur. It was my dog, Rex.


York Adams Council

Circle Ten suggests you have the Leaders present this skit to entertain the Scouts.  And to use plenty of sound and light effects

Props: A "skin" with a charcoal drawing of the Arrow of Light. (Use a crumpled paper bag for the skin and black marker to draw the AOL.) The actors need to be attired appropriately.

The interviewer should look the part of an old Scouter (the more like B-P the better).

The Scout (or Scouts) being interviewed should look as Neanderthal as possible (skins for clothing; a club; heavy, unkempt hair and beard, etc.).

Narrator: Good evening ladies, gentlemen, all Scouts and Scouters. Tonight we join our     investigative reporter, BP, in an exclusive interview with the first-ever Scout.     Let's join them now.

Curtains open to Scouter and Caveman standing together)

BP:     So, you are called the oldest Scout in the world. Just how old are you?

CM:    Well, counting all the time before there were calendars, I figure I'm somewhere around 5000 years old-give or take a century.

BP:     Wow! Five thousand years old! And to what do you contribute your longevity?

CM:    Why the skills and abilities I gained through Scouting, of course! It's what's kept me going all these years.

BP:     Scouting, eh? So what was Scouting like in your day?

CM:    Well, to begin with, I'd have to say it was a little primitive. Things like we had to use little round pebbles for dues, vines for knot tying. Those kinds of primitive limits.

BP:     I imagine so. What about badges?

CM:    Yeah, we had badgers, but the dinosaurs were more of a bother than badgers.

BP:     No, not badgers, badges! Did you earn badges?

CM:    Oh, I'm sorry. You know what they say, "Hearing is the second thing to go." Can't        remember what the first thing is. What did you ask me?

BP:     Badges! Did-you-have-to-earn-badges?

CM:    Oh yes! We earned all kinds of badges. Fire starting was one of them. Really needed to know how to start fires. Kept the cave warm, you know. And then there was stalking. We had to learn the skills of stalking. Why we had to be able to stalk just about any animal there was-any worth eating, at least.

BP:     What about other skills? Did you have to learn about Home Repairs or Gardening?

CM:    Well, sorta. Home Repairs was a must. Did you know I came up with one of the words we use to describe parts of a window? Happened one cold December day.  (Well, we would have called it December if we had a name for it or a calendar even.)  The wind and the wolves were howling and the snow was just pouring through the front hole in the cave wall. My mom told my dad that if something weren't done about it, he wouldn't be allowed to go camping the following weekend. So my dad told me it was my job. He said I could earn my Home Repairs badge if I could fix it.  So I just took the oil-skin sash from around my bear skin robe and draped it in front of the hole. It stopped the snow and we could still get light through it. And from that day on, they've called the covering over a hole in a home a "window sash."

BP:     Yes, I see. And did you have a Gardening badge?

CM:    Almost. We called it Gathering, but it evolved into Gardening when we got a little sloppy with it. We used to have to go out gathering seeds to eat. You know-grains and berries and such. Well one time there was a hole in my sack and some of the seeds dropped out just outside the cave. Next thing we knew, the seeds had turned into plants and those plants had seeds. We just kept the plants right outside and we had all the seeds we needed from then on.

BP:     In today's Scouting program, there are different ranks the boys earn, like Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear. Did you have anything like that.

CM:    Of course, we had all them. I earned my Bobcat when I was first in Scouts. Had to go out with the leader and find a Bobcat in the mountains. When I finally spotted one and got really close to it, I held up my hand like this (holds up Cub Scout sign) to let my leader know I'd spotted one. I figured it would draw his attention so he'd listen and not make a lot of noise. Then, after I'd caught it and we went back to the cave, I was telling them how I'd reached out with two fingers really straight and GRABBED the Bobcat around the leg with my other fingers. Everyone thought that was a really good way to grab something. Here, let me show you. (Shows BP how to do the Cub Scout handshake!)

BP:     Something really familiar sounding about those things. Did you earn any other badges?

CM:    Well there was the Wolf badge. We had to do all sorts of things to earn that one. Like learning how to use and properly care for a blunt rock and a sharp rock. We also had to clean up rocks around the cave. And learn the difference between our tribe's cave logo and others' logos. And for the Bear badge-another one we earned- we had to listen and learn about old, prehistoric tales about cavemen like Volcano Vort (who used to float down the lava rivers) and T-Rex Rex (a tale about some Neanderthal who used to ride dinosaurs). Also we almost had to learn how to ride a bike, except we didn't have a wheel so we didn't have tires so we didn't have a bike so we didn't have to do that.

BP:     Again, these things you did sound like things I've heard our Cub Scouts have had to do. Are there any other special badges that you earned or learned about?

CM:    Well, there were many other badges, but the one I remember most had to be the Arrow of Light. You probably don't know about that one, so let me show you how we would draw it on the cave walls. We got this when we had proven that we were ready to go onto bigger and more challenging things.

BP:     So there you have it. Seems not too much has changed since the first Scout. I guess that's what they mean when they say "The more things change, the more they stay the same!"


Author Unknown
Modified by Maria E. Torres & Terri Cody

Circle Ten Council

Narrator reads as the other boys act out the motions.
Dinosaurs of Long Ago
The dinosaurs lived long ago,and walked like this, and that. (Slow, heavy walk movement.)
Some were large (Stretch hands upwards.)
and some were small. (Crouch down.)
Some liked water (Swimming motions.)
and some just walked on land. (Stomp feet.)
Some had wings, that flapped and flapped. (Flap arms.)
Some had long necks, that stretched and stretched. (Hand on neck stretching upward.)
The meanest, rudest one of all was ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex.  (Feet apart, hands clawlike, scowl and growl.)
These were the dinosaurs of long ago.
Goodness gracious, where did they go?

(Boys run off stage)

Longhorn Council suggests the above for a closing

Prehistoric Play

Longhorn Council

Scene: Big city, outside a museumí

Characters: Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Scientist, Pterodactyl, Tyrannosaurus Rex

(Enter Triceratops arid Stegosaurus)

Triceratops: Did you see that? That honking thing almost hit me!

Stegosaurus: Yes, I saw it. But what was it?

Triceratops: Who knows? All I know is that this doesnít look like my home!

Stegosaurus: I know. What are those tall stone things? And what are those---

Triceratops: Shh, I hear thumping.

 (Enter Brontosaurus. . . slowly)

Brontosaurus: I thought I heard familiar voices. How are you.. andóówhere are we?

Triceratops: We donít know.

(Enter scientist)

Scientist: Oh, my! I donít believe my eyes! Are you d-d-dinosaurs?

Stegosaurus: Of course! But what are you?

Scientist: Thatís right. There were no people when you were alive.

Triceratops: When we were ALIVE? What do you mean?

Brontosaurus: Are we.. .d-d-dead?

Scientist: Well, we thought so. You see, you became extinct about 65 million years ago!

Stegosaurus: Ex...what?

Brontosaurus: Did you say STINK?

Scientist: No, no. Extinct means that you all died out.

Triceratops: Oh, really? What are WE?

(Enter Pterodactyl)

Pterodactyl: Ouch! I tried to soar and I bumped into something very hard I

Scientist: Thatís a building. Actually, a museum.

Pterodactyl: Do you know where I can find a space to soar?

Scientist: Yes, try the park. About four blocks that way.

(Exit Pterodactyl, enter Tyrannosaurus rex)

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Aha! Food.

Brontosaurus: Whereís the water? I need to get into the water! Help!

Scientist: You wouldnít really eat these wonderful animals, would you?

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Who. . or what. . are you? You look good to eat too! GRRR!

Stegosaurus: Knock it off or Iíll hit you with my tail. Weíve got a problem here!

Triceratops: Yeah, and Iíll stick you with my horns!

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Well, you donít have to gang up on me! Isnít anyone afraid of me anymore?

Brontosaurus: I am!

Scientist: Well, no one should be afraid of you now. Thereís plenty of food for everyone to eat. So you can leave these dinosaurs alone!

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Food. . for everyone! Great.

Stegosaurus: Iím starved.

Scientist: Why donít you all come inside the museum with me?

Brontosaurus: I donít think Iíd fit.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Nor would I.

Scientist: Of course you will. We have some of you skeletons in here. Oh, Iím sorry.

Triceratops: Skeletons? You mean of our families?

Scientist: Well, I mean, we found their bones.

Brontosaurus: I want to see!

Stegosaurus: Me too.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Weíll all go inside with you.

(All go into the museum, look at the displays)

Brontosaurus: Iíll bet thatís my Aunt Sara!

Stegosaurus: Wow! It looks like my Uncle Max!

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Something is wrong here. Where are all the other living dinosaurs? Where are the mountains and the swamps? Why are there so many things I donít understand?

Brontosaurus: He said we were extinct. .dead!

Stegosaurus: He said there were no dinosaurs.

Triceratops: Tell us, what happened to the rest of them?

Scientist: We donít really know. But if you stay here with me, maybe we can find out!

Brontosaurus: I have nowhere else to go.

Tyrannosaurus Rex: If youíve got food, Iíll stay.

Triceratops: Iíll stay for sure.

Stegosaurus: If itís good enough for Uncle Max, itís good enough for me!






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