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Baloo's Bugle


May 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 10
June 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Rock
Webelos: Artist & Traveler
  Tiger Cub:




Sam Houston Area Council

Divide audience into four groups.  Assign each group a part and explain the responses.  Be sure to practice before starting the story.

TYRANNOSAURUS:                                            ROAR!

PTERANODONS:                                        Swish, Zoom!

TRICERATOPS:                       Rumble, Rumble, Rumble

GIGANTOSAURUS:                       Boom, Boom, Boom!

Once upon a time, there was a young TYRANNOSAURUS. He thought that he was the biggest, toughest. fastest dinosaur in the world. One day, he decided to see the world.  He saw a great big herd of TRICERATOPS. The TYRANNOSAURUS lumbered up to the herd, but the TRICERATOPS all aimed their sharp pointed horn at him. He said, '`Excuse me very much," and he wandered off.  The TYRANNOSAURUS lumbered on until he came to a cliff with a flock of PTERANODONS flying above it. He ran after the PTERANODONS but the PTERANDONS were too fast and they easily flew away.  The TYRANNOSAURUS lumbered on a little further until he came to a great gray wall and bumped up against it. A voice said, "Who bumped into me?" A head on the end of a HUGE snake-like neck poked over the big gray wall and said, "Oh, hello there, little Tyrannosaurus, 1'm GIGANTOSAURUS, the biggest dinosaur of them all."  After seeing the TRICERATOPS and the PTERANDODONS and the CIGANTOSAURUS, he no longer thought that HE was the biggest, toughest, fastest dinosaur of them all. But he DID think that he was the biggest, toughest, fastest TYRANNOSAURUS of them all!

Bird Watching

Longhorn Council

Divide audience into four groups. 

Assign each group a part and related action.

Pterodactyl: Wave arms and squawk
Jerry: Atta Boy!
Bird: Tweet, tweet
Teacher: Look there!

“BIRD watching’s a great sport” said JERRY’s TEACHER, Mr. BIRD.  “Sport, my foot,” thought JERRY, “boring and dull most likely.” That night JERRY had a dream.

JERRY was sitting in his classroom, listening to his TEACHER, Mr. BIRD, but wait.. . something isn’t like it should be! Why am I sitting on a rock? Why is my classroom cold like a cave? Mr. BIRD said “Class dismissed, watch out f or the PTERODACTYLS, they are flying over the mountains for the summer.”

JERRY moved away from the rock desk, toward the mouth of the cave. Stepping out into the sunlight, he stopped, trying to get his bearing, everything was so strange. No school busses, no playground, no streets. “What’s going on here?” said JERRY.

Then a shadow passed over JERRY’s face. Looking up he saw a humongous flying creature. High above him was a dark-winged thing. Mr. BIRD had run up behind JERRY and his classmates. “Hurry! Back into the classroom!” Mr. BIRD yelled. But JERRY, like most of the boys, was running the other way. Out in the glade he ran. There he stopped and looked up at the sky. Many dark shapes were high overhead; huge creatures, flying and squawking to each other.

“My word,” said JERRY. “Those are PTERODACTYLS!” No sooner had the words left his mouth than one bird spotted him. Down it swooped, grabbing JERRY in its claws and flew away with him over the mountain.

JERRY started yelling and the PTERODACTYL dropped him. He fell down, down, down...to land with a thump. As he hit, he woke up to find himself on the floor wrapped up in his bedclothes so tightly he couldn’t move.

The next morning JERRY was sitting in his “regular” classroom listening to Mr. BIRD discuss BIRD watching. “Whew” said JERRY, “BIRD watching sure can be dangerous, especially when you’re watching PTERODACTYLS!”

Dinosaur Hunt

Santa Clara County Council

Have the audience repeat the words and motions

Going on a dinosaur hunt.                                  (Slap thighs)

And I'm not afraid.                                              (Point to self)

There's a tall mountain.             (Look with hand over eyes)

Can't go under it.                                       (Move hand down)

Can't go around it.                                 (Move hand around)

Guess I'll go over it.                 (Reach hands as if climbing)

There's a river.                                             (Hands over eyes)

Can't go over it. Can't go under it

Guess I'll swim across it.           (Move arms as if swimming)

There's some tall grass.

Can't go over it   Can't go around it

Guess I'll go through it (Slap hands up and down in front)

There's a cave!

Can't go over it   Can't go under it.

Guess I'll go in it

It's dark and spooky in here                                        (Shake)

It's cold in here!            (Wrap arms around self and shiver)

I feel some scales                        (Pretend to rub something)

I feel some big teeth!              (Pretend to touch something)

OH! It's a Dinosaur!                                                    (Scream)

Run out of the cave                                             (Slap thighs)

Go through the grass

Swim across the river                (Move arms as if swimming)

Climb the mountain

Run home                                                              (Slap thighs)

Open the door

Jump into bed

         (Cover head with arms as if hiding  under a blanket)

I went on a dinosaur hunt  And I wasn't afraid!







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