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Baloo's Bugle


May 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 10
June 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Rock
Webelos: Artist & Traveler
  Tiger Cub:




Circle Ten Council

Have each boy hold up a picture of the dinosaur as they say their parts. Parts can be written on the back of their picture.  For bigger dens, add more dinosaurs.  For smaller dens, recruit other cubs to help.

Cub # 1:       An ANKYLOSAURUS could swing it's massive club tail with great force if attacked.

Cub # 2:       Scientist believe that IGUANODON used it's spiked thumbs as weapons.

Cub # 3:       OVIRAPTOR may have been small, but it's powerful jaw and parrot like beak could crush bones!

Cub # 4:       STEGOSAURUS used it's heavy tail, armed with pairs of spikes to depend itself.

Cub # 5:       STENONYCHOSAURUS may have run at speeds of 50 miles per hour!

Cub # 6:       TYRANNOSAURUS used its razor sharp teeth to both depend itself and eat.

ALL:          Tonight as CUBS ROCK and dinosaurs roar join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.



Dinosaurs Opening

Longhorn Council

Personnel:  4 Cubs Scouts with pictures of dinosaurs

Cub # 1:       I’m a Brontosaurus with four feet,
I eat plants, but don’t eat meat.
Known as Thunder Lizard, that is true,
‘Cause when I walked, the Earth just shook.

Cub # 2:       Tyrannosaurus Rex’s that my name,
King of the Dinosaurs, that I am,
I make many run and hide,
‘Cause I’m mean and like to fight.

Cub # 3:       I’m Triceratops, with three horns,
A big, big head, and frilly bones.
I’m a fierce fighter, on four feet
But I eat plants, ‘cause they are neat.

Cub # 4:       Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, that we know
Some were large, some were small,
Fossils tell us this is so.
‘Cause I’ve not see one after all.

ALL            Please stand and join us in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.


Circle Ten Council

Have each boy hold up a letter as they say their part.  Maybe have Cubs draw dinosaurs on audience side of cards.

C         Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

U         The word dinosaur comes from two Greek words that mean "terrible lizard."

B         Dinosaurs vary in size, appearance and habits in many ways

R         Scientist believe that the continents once formed a single land mass surrounded by an enormous sea.

O         Dinosaurs were both meat and plant eaters.

C         Dinosaurs used different forms of defense against their enemies

K         About 63 million years ago, dinosaurs died out suddenly.

ALL:   Welcome to our Pack meeting tonight as we "Rock and Roar."


Sam Houston Area Council

The dinosaurs were quite brave. They strutted over the light dusting of snow on the sidewalk and approached the food. They cast darting glances from side to side, sometimes observing the black, four-legged mammals that lay on the grass and other times eyeing suspiciously the two-legged mammal that stood, partially concealed, behind a shadowy screen. With quick motion, the dinosaurs captured morsels of dog food in their beaks and flew away.

The particular dinosaurs I speak of are commonly referred to as starlings. Their more impressive cousins, such as Apatosaurus and Tyrannosaurus-Rex died out 65 million years ago in a cataclysm that was so pervasive and nearly complete that dinosaurs have become a metaphor for failure. Actually, they were highly successful group that persisted for 225 million years, scouting today's birds.

Tonight, as we think about the future of Scouting, let's take the time to reflect on our own past, as we explore the exciting world of Dinosaurs. Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Flag Opening Ceremony

Longhorn Council

Not theme related but a good classic flag ceremony CD

Equipment: Small U.S. flag, electric fan, spotlight, tape cassette or record of ‘The Star Spangled Banner” and player.

Personnel: Cubmaster and one Cub Scout.

Set Up: The flag is centered on the head table. Place a spotlight in position to pick up only the flag, the Cubmaster, and the boy. Conceal the electric fan nearby in position to make the flag ripple in the breeze. Extinguish room lights. Start the fan and turn on the spotlight.

Cubmaster: “Cub Scouts and parents following the playing of our National Anthem, we will have a moment of silent prayer.” (After the anthem, pause for 15 seconds.)

Cubmaster: “Cub Scout of Den will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Cub Scout: call ‘Hand salute!” and lead pledge






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