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Baloo's Bugle


May 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 10
June 2004 Theme

Theme: Cub Rock
Webelos: Artist & Traveler
  Tiger Cub:



Dinosaur Hunt Ceremony

Longhorn Council

Equipment: Badges to be awarded.

Personnel: Two leaders, who may be carrying paleontologistsí hammers, chisels, and magnifiers: boys receiving awards and their parents.

The leaders walk through the pack while conversing.

CA -         Iím going on a dinosaur hunt.

CM -       For big dinosaurs?

CA -        No, not in size, but big in ideals.

CM -       Can I go along?

CA -        Yes, but you may have to help with their parents.

CM -       O.K., but are they dangerous?

CA -        No, but they are smart. They have taught their Cub Scouts many things.

CM -       Thereís one now. And thereís another.

Continue until all boys receiving awards and their parents are identified. The leaders escort the Cub Scouts and their parents to the front. They speak briefly about the boysí accomplishments in earning advancement, giving credit to the parents for helping. The badges are given to the parents to present to their sons.

THE CAVEMANS FIRE (outdoor ceremony)

Circle Ten Council

The cave men settled down at night and usually had a fire for cooking and for warmth. It takes several ingredients to make a campfire.

To start, you have to find some small sticks or twigs.

(Have bobcat candidates bring in some twigs or sticks and place on the ground) Discuss their accomplishments and present badges. (Set sticks on fire)

The next ingredient is to add kindling to get the fire going. (Have Wolf candidates put kindling on the fire).  Discuss their accomplishments.

The next step is to add the fuel to the fire. We do this by adding wood. (Have bear candidates bring in wood and place on fire).  Discuss their accomplishments.

The Webelos scout adds to his knowledge and Scouting experience by completing activities. The fire will not burn unless more wood is added. (Have Webelos place more wood on the fire).  Discuss their accomplishments.

With fire now burning take an arrow and discuss the elements to earn the Arrow of Light. (Call candidates forward) This arrow and the light from the fire represents the highest honor a Cub Scout can achieve. The Arrow (hold up arrows) of Light. (Point to fire).  Discuss accomplishments.



Sam Houston Area Council


Table topped with a 3 or 4 inch tall box about 18 inches square.

The box is filled with sand or sawdust.

"L 'eggs " eggs or similar plastic eggs filled with the awards and buried in the .sand

Archeologist costumes for 2 people (pith helmets, hammers, etc)

1 plastic dinosaur.


DR.. DINA:       (finds dinosaur nest) Doctor Bones come look! I think I have found a rare CUBosaurus nest.

DR. BONES:     By jo! I do believe you have found it!

DR. DINA:        (Digs in the .sand and pulls out an egg). Look a rare TIGERosaurus egg! There is something inside! (They open it and present the awards)

DR. BONES:    (Find another egg). I have found a rare WOLFosaurus egg! (They open it and present the awards)

DR. DINA:        (Finds another egg). Wow, I have found a rare BEARosaurus egg. (They open it and present the awards)

DR. BONES:    (Finds another egg) Fantastic, the rare WEBELOSaurus egg! (They open it and present the awards)

DR. BONES:    Could it be! After all these years! This one is alive! (He puts his finger in the mouth of a plastic dinosaur. He waves it around for all to .see. Then screams and runs off  stage)


Circle Ten Council

EQUIPMENT: Trophy skin, badges and arrow points. Pin badges and arrow points on trophy skin in ascending order. Wolf badges and arrow points on bottom. Arrow of Light awards on top.

To make Trophy skin: Cut piece of leather, cardboard or suede clothe in the shape of bearskin. Use sticks for the frame.

CUBMASTER: This month our Cub Scouts have been working hard to advance in rank. Tonight, we will honor those who have achieved a new rank or earned arrow points. We're proud of them and their parents, too. Because, you know, a Cub Scout can't advance without the help of his parents. Our Webelos Scouts don't pass their badges to their parents, but they need their encouragement. So we're going to ask them to take part in our ceremony too. (Cubmaster then calls forward boys who have earned Wolf rank, with their parents) Each boy takes his Wolf badge from the trophy shin and parent pins it on his uniform while Cubmaster briefly explains how it was earned by completing 12 achievements. Follow the same procedure for the Bear and arrow points.)

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Use the same ceremony for Activity badges. Webelos badge, and the Arrow of Light.

CUBMASTER: Advancement is just a part of the fun of Cub Scouting. But it's an important part, because through advancement our boys learn new skills that will help them when they join a Scout troop and throughout their whole lives. Let's give a grand howl for our den mates who advanced tonight.



Bobcat Advancement

Longhorn Council

CUBMASTER: Like scientist of today who try their best discover the dinosaurs of yesterday, the Bobcats of today are trying their best to discover the past and future. They are setting out on a journey into a strange surrounding.

Their journey will take them to manhood. They will discover America.

(Call the Bobcats and parents forward.)

CUBMASTER:  You have completed the first leg of your journey by completing the requirements for the Bobcat Badge. You have learned and said the Cub Scout promise~ You have learned and explained the Law of the Pack. You know and have explained the meaning of Webelos. You have shown that you know how to use the Cub Scout Sign and handshake.

(Cub Scoutís Name) will you give and explain the Cub Scout Motto?

Present parents with Bobcat Badges to present to their sons.

CUBMASTER: Congratulations, you are now ready to start on the second part of your journey, I send you to discover the Land of Wolf.

Repeat for each rank substituting specific activities the boys have completed with each rank in addition to the promise, etc. This makes sure the boys do not forget the beginning of their journey.







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