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Baloo's Bugle

April 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 9
May Theme

Webelos Outdoorsman and Handyman


FOCUS: Magic! What a cool concept! Now for those of you who are new to the Cub Scouting adventure, there’s something you should know—very month has a theme. (Great time to tell us—in the last section of the Pow Wow Book!) But I bring this up because there are two kinds of themes—new ones and repeats. Now all themes hopefully meet three criteria: they’re appropriate, they support the aims and purposes of Scouting, and, most importantly, they’re FUN! Okay; makes sense; so what? Well, I’ve looked back over years and years of themes and resources and I’m here to tell you that this wonderful theme, Magic, is one of the most repeated themes going. That tells us a lot! First, it is appropriate—it can be done at the boys’ level and is a good thing for them to experience. Second, it is a medium by which we can nurture the aims and meet the purposes of Cub Scouting. And finally, most importantly, the best part of all—the BOYS LIKE IT! Have a great time with this one.

The Above is from York Adams Council.

Central New Jersey Council

Ah, the Magic of Scouting.!

Let’s make pack night a magic show!!! The cubmaster comes in a tux! Set up a table of magic potions. If you can get a hold of dry ice, the potion table will be quite impressive. Come dress as a Lord of The Rings Wizard!!!

Have magic acts from cubs through out the pack night. See Cub Magic, Den Chief book, How To Book and program helps for more tricks.

Invite a magician to pack night (do this early as every pack in the council will be doing this also!!!)

 Internet Scout Patch

Don’t forget that we have brought back the Internet Patch for Scouts, yes Cubs can earn this patch, as a temporary one.   http://usscouts.org/internetscoutpatch-earnit.asp

THANK YOU!!!  My search for Earl is over.  A Canadian Scouter contacted Earl recently, and he called me at work.  I am grateful for the help on this one.  THANK YOU!, and Hi Earl.



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