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Baloo's Bugle

April 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 9
May Theme

Webelos Outdoorsman and Handyman





Hare Hop Game
York Adams Area Council

Active: outdoors/indoors.

Equipment: Per team: 1 pair of rabbit ears (made from cardboard, cotton and wire attached to a hat); 1 small balloon and 1 large balloon for each member; lots of string; 1 chair for each team.

Formation: Relay.

Divide the group into teams of six.  Line up each team in straight lines at one end of the playing area.  Place the chairs, one for each team, at the opposite end of the playing area.

On 'Go', the first player of each team dons the rabbit ears, while his teammates blow up one small and one large balloon.  One long piece of string is tied to the small balloon.  The first player then ties the string around his waist, with the balloon hanging from behind, to represent his tail. He hugs the large balloon to his tummy, to represent the fluffy underside of a bunny.  Then, with his ears and his two balloons, he hops down to the chair, hugs the large balloon until it breaks, and sits on his 'tail' until the small balloon breaks.

When both balloons have burst, he hops back to the team where he gives the ears to the second player.  The fun is helping each rabbit get 'dressed' and in cheering each bunny on. The relay ends when all bunnies have lost their tummies and tails.


The Mystifying

Equipment: Pencil and paper for each Cub

Formation: Circle

Give all the Cubs a slip of paper - each the same size and shape as the others. Then ask everyone to write a short sentence of four or five words. The words should be written plainly and should not be shown to any other person. Then instruct them to fold their papers and bring them to someone previously selected to act as the 'guardian'. No one, not even the guardian, should attempt to read the papers, still folded. As you gravely close your eyes, place the folded paper against your forehead and remain a moment in deep thought. Then call out any sentence that has occurred to you and as who wrote it.  One of the Cubs, who is an accomplice, and who did not write a sentence, admits authorship of the sentence. Then unfold the paper, apparently to verify his announcement (and read the sentence to yourself). Then place the paper in your left hand and ask the guardian for another. Repeat the same preliminaries and then call out the words written on the previous paper, which you have had the opportunity to read. This will be a bona fide answer and one of the Cubs will have to admit to writing the sentence.  Keep the performance up in this manner until all the player's slips of paper have been read.

In order for the trick to be successful, the accomplice must be careful to conceal from the audience the fact that he has no include a sentence in the collection given to the guardian.


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