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Baloo's Bugle

April 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 9
May Theme

Webelos Outdoorsman and Handyman




Tiger Cub Award & Graduation And Bobcat Award Ceremony
Pack 33 Oklahoma City
May, 2002


The following is a graduation skit I wrote for our Tigers who are also earning their Bobcat badge. We had 6 boys in our den, but the appropriate number for another den can be easily substituted. This skit is intended for a ceremony separate from Pack Meeting. We are inviting the Kindergarteners and first-graders from our feeder schools to attend and will provide registration forms for Cubs and for Day Camp. -- Diane Robertson


Stage lights are dim. Backdrop is a jungle forest scene, and large potted plants may be placed around the stage. As the narrator speaks, the cubs, wearing plain white shirts, enter. As Akelas are introduced, parents and Pack Leaders enter the stage. Pack Leaders may take seats around the edge of the stage as Parent-Akelas each take his/her boy. Together, the parents and boys all begin to "walk through the jungle."
Narrator: Many moons ago, six young cubs wandered into the jungle forest. There were many fierce animals surrounding them, (Various boys from the Pack hidden behind the backdrop make animals noises here. Boys look around, frightened. Akelas enter.) but there were also many Akelas to look after the young cubs as they made their way through the forest. Six kind and wise Akelas adopted the six young cubs. (Akelas put Tiger shirts on the boys.) The Akelas wrapped them in the robes of the mighty Tiger so that the other animals would fear to harm them. The Akelas taught the young Tiger cubs the ways of the jungle. The cubs learned to SEARCH their surroundings for knowledge to help them grow strong and wise. (Cubs "search" and find various things around the stage, which will lead into their talents. For instance, one finds a block of wood, which becomes a pinewood derby car or rain gutter regatta boat; another may find strings and sticks, which become a homemade banjo; another may find a branch that becomeey would need the robes of the Wolf, brave and cunning, and so the Akelas removed the Tiger robes and presented the cubs with the robes of the Wolf. (Akelas help remove the boys' Tiger shirts then retrieve blue Cub Scout shirts from behind potted plants and present them to the boys.) Now they were ready to learn the ways of the Wolf, but despite all their Tiger knowledge, the cubs still needed a guide to help them cross the plains. But who would lead them? (The new Wolf Leader steps forward.) One Akela bravely stepped forward to show them the way. The cubs and Akelas said their sad good-byes. As the Akela and the new Wolf Cubs started out onto the plains, they were eager to find new adventures on the Wolf Trail. (The Wolf Cubs and Akela walk off-stage. The remaining Akelas wave good-bye and watch as they depart.)
The lights go down on stage and up in the audience. The Cubmaster steps over to the podium (or front of stage).
Cubmaster: Would our Tiger Cubs and their Akelas please assemble here by the podium? To commemorate your journey along the Tiger Trail and to show that you have successfully met the challenges along the way, Cub Scout Pack 33 would like to present you with your Tiger Rank. Akela, would you please pin the Tiger Rank on your cub? (Cubmaster calls each Tiger and Akela by name and badge is presented to each in turn. While parents are pinning on the rank): The Tiger Rank is the newest rank in Cub Scouts, and these boys are among the first in the world to earn the Tiger Rank and wear it on their Cub Scout uniforms. (Optional parent pin: When parents are done) In appreciation for all that the Akelas have done to help the Tiger on his Trail, we present this Tiger Parent Pin. Tigers, please pin the Parent Pin on your Akela.
Cubmaster: Tigers, would you please give the Cub Scout Sign and repeat the Tiger Motto?
Together: Search, Discover, Share
Cubmaster: Audience, would you please recognize the Tigers and their Akelas by giving a Tiger roar? (After roar) Not only have these boys completed their Tiger Rank requirements, they have earned several disks for completing Tiger Elective activities. Each disk represents 10 completed Electives. (Cubmaster announces number of disks earned by each boy.) Let's give them a round of applause.
Cubmaster: It's not over yet! These young Cubs have achieved another milestone in their Cub Scouting experience. They also have completed their Bobcat Trail and earned their Bobcat Rank. Again, parents, please pin the rank on your cub. (While parents are pinning): (Optional parent pin:) There is also a Bobcat Parent Pin for each of the parents. Every boy in Cub Scouts earns the Bobcat Rank, no matter what age he is when he starts. (When pinning is complete) As proud Bobcats, please give the Cub Scout Sign and repeat the Cub Scout Promise.
Together: I, __________, promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people and to obey the Law of the Pack.
Cubmaster: Cub Scouts, Leaders, parents and friends of Pack 33, I now present to you our new Wolf Cub Scouts. Please welcome them to the Wolf Den by giving the Wolf Howl. Thank you, boys and Akelas, and congratulations. You may now be seated.


Tiger Cub Graduation
York Adams Area Council

Personnel: Tiger Cubs and Parents, Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster

Equipment: Tiger Cub Graduation props, Tiger Cub Graduation certificates and patches and gift for coordinator.

Arrangement: Graduation prop, certificates and patches are on table at center stage. Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster stand behind the prop.  A single candle in a holder is lit from which the other candles will be lit.

Cubmaster: Tonight, we have some Cubs who are graduating from the Tiger Cub program and will continue along the Scouting trail into the Cub Scout program.  Will the graduating Tigers and their parents please come forward. (Tigers and parents come forward and line up behind the table with the parents standing directly behind their son.)

For the past few months you and your family have explored all sorts of new and exciting things and places. In Tiger Cubs you had your own motto: "Search, Discover, Share". (Lights first candle -orange).

You and your adult partner have searched out new activities in your home and community. You have learned how people work together and have fun together. 

(Lights second candle -black.)

You both have discovered that by doing things together with friends and family you feel a sense of being part of a great family, community and country.

(Lights third candle - orange.)

The things you have searched out and discovered have been shared with your family, friends, and fellow Tiger Cubs. Now it is time to move along the Scouting trail to the next part of the program.

In Cub Scouting, you will have a new motto: "Do Your Best" and your colors will be blue

(Lights blue candle) and gold (Lights gold or yellow candle).

Your family is still important as it is throughout your whole Scouting experience.  Support in earning each badge comes from your family as well as your Den Leader.

Assistant. Cubmaster: We would like to present each of you with a Tiger Cub Graduation Certificate and a Tiger Cub Graduation patch.  (Presents both while calling the boys name.)  We would also like to present your Tiger Cub Coordinator with this special gift. (Presents gift.)

Cubmaster:  Welcome to Pack _____. We hope you enjoy our Pack meeting tonight.


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