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Baloo's Bugle

April 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 9
May Theme

Webelos Outdoorsman and Handyman



Heart of American


Suggested Den Activities

• Wash a car

Show how to check oil level

Check tire air pressure

Show where and how to add oil

Demonstrate how to change a tail light bulb

• Show safety measures for lawn mowing.

• Build sawhorses, show their use.

• Build a small step

Lubricate chain and crank on a bicycle

• Show proper way to check & inflate bicycle tires.

• Show how to adjust bicycle saddle, handlebars &




Handyman Scavenger Hut
Heart of America Council

The Handyman badge requires the boys to begin learning about simple home repairs. 

Remember that though these activities may seem simple to you, it may be the first time on of your Webelos has been exposed to changing a tire or learning about tools and how to use them.  Be careful not to criticize and lose patience if the boys seem clumsy with a screw driver or wrench.  They will learn greatly from your patience and will be so proud of what they’ve accomplished in earning this badge.


Den Activities

1. Arrange for a local mechanic to visit your den or visit his garage, perhaps he can show your den the safe way to change a tire, light bulb and to check the oil and transmission fluid.

2. Check the garage or storage shed in your house to ascertain if the tools or implements are properly and safely stored.

3. Check with the local police department to see if they have a program called “Operation Identification”, or a program similar to this and find out how to mark bicycles and valuables in your home for identification.


Pack Meeting

Bring tools to display.  Have the boys name them, and tell how they are used.

In a boy’s home or meeting place, hunt for the following items or create your own list.  Boys should be accompanied by a leader or parent.  They should not gather the items but instead, have the boys write down the location of each.


Here is a sample:

Pruning shears

Lawn mower

Oil can



Air pump

Window cleaning solution

Old newspapers

Tire pressure gauge

Tire changing tool

Edge trimmer

Gasoline can




Tire tube

Old rags

Aluminum cans

Crescent wrench

Auto jack and stand

After the locations for these tools are recorded, go over the list and see if any of the items are not stored in the proper locations.  For example, are the old rags stored on top or next to the gas can in a closed cabinet?  Are the pruning shears laying on the floor where young children may be able to “play” with them?  Also check the tools for cleanliness and sharpness.  These factors influence their serviceability.








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