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Baloo's Bugle

April 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 9
May Theme

Webelos Outdoorsman and Handyman



Tongue Twisters
Heart of America Council

Twenty treasure trackers tried to trick trusting tourists.

Five furry flies fly fast and furious.

Sally saw seven ships sail the sea.

Heart of America Council

Surfer’s Cheer
“Surf’s Up!”

Life Guard’s Cheer
Put your whistle in your mouth, blow it (whistle) and say, “Walk!”

Non-Swimmer’s Cheer
Hold your nose with one hand and hold three fingers over your head.  As you sink below the surface say, “Glub, glub, glub!”

Cannon Ball Cheer
Wrap your arms around your knees, jump up and yell, “Kersplash!”

Babbling Brook Cheer
“Babble, babble, babble”


Run Ons
Heart of America Council


Why does an elephant wear dark glasses?
If you had all those stupid jokes told about you, you’d wear dark glasses, too.

What’s the proper way to raise an elephant?
With a hydraulic lift.

Why did the Cub Scout take bread and butter with him in the street?
He was looking for the traffic jam.

I have a tree right here in my hand!
Really? That’s a very small tree. Show me.

It’s right here (holds up outstretched hand). It’s a palm!

Why did the Scout live in a house with no bathtub or shower?

‘Cause he wanted to be filthy rich. Lucky dog.


Heart of America Council

Farmer Higgs owns 3 pink pigs, 4 brown pigs and 2 black pigs.  How many of Higgs’ pigs can say that they are the same color as another pig on Higgs’ pig farm?
None. Pigs can’t talk.




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