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Baloo's Bugle

April 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 9
May Theme

Webelos Outdoorsman and Handyman




X-Ray Eyes
Heart of America Council

Say, ďAnd now for the greatest trick of all. Iíll show you that I have X-ray eyes. I can see whatís on a paper even if the paper is covered.

Who wants to write something?Ē  Have the volunteer write something on the paper and fold it in half.  Tell him to put it on the floor and stand on it.  Tell the audience you can see whatís on the paper if you concentrate.  Concentrate by putting hand to brow and making a few faces.  Then suddenly you know! Say, ďI can see what is on the paper! Itís his big feet!Ē


Magic Kite
Heart of American Council

Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts

Equipment: Ball of string with a kite tail

1st Cub: Whatís that?

2nd Cub: Donít you know what a kite looks like?

1st Cub: Sure I do, but if thatís a kite then it sure wonít fly.

2nd Cub: Itíll fly, itís magic!

3rd Cub: Kites canít be magic!

2nd Cub: This one is. All I have to do is say, ďDad, look at the kite Iíve made.Ē

4th Cub: Then what?

2nd Cub: He shows me how to make one.

5th Cub: That kite still wonít be magic!

2nd Cub: Un huh! Then he shows me how to fly it.

6th Cub: Wow! Itís magic if it can do all that. Come on, letís make one.

All: (exiting) Yeah, Wow! Itís Magic!  Letís go make one.


A Balloon That Wonít Burst
York Adams Area Council


Blow up several balloons and have someone hand out all but one to people in the audience.  With each balloon, hand out a pin.  Take the remaining balloon and explain that some magic can make it indestructible.  The magician passes his hand over the balloon as he says some magic words.  Tell one person in the audience to burst his balloon with the pin.  The balloon pops. The magic takes the pin from the person and sticks it into his balloon and nothing happens.  The magician repeats this with several of the balloons that were handed out and his balloon still doesnít pop.  The audience will be convinced of the magic powers of the magician.

The Secret: While the magic trick is being set up (in the confusion of handing out the balloons), tape small patches of cellophane tape to different spots around the magicianís balloon.  The magician sticks the pins through the taped spots.  A pin can be stuck through the tape without bursting the balloon. But be sure to hit the tape or the balloon will burst!


Mixed Up Magic
York Adams Area Council


Characters: Cub #1, Cub #2, another boy, Mother

Props: Toys and clothes for messy room, sign ďHOURS LATER,Ē large garbage can

Scene: Cubs #1 and #2 sitting, talking in a slightly messy room. Mother enters.

Mother: Son, this room is a mess! You need to clean it up!

Cub #1: OK, Mom. Iíll clean it up as soon as weíre done playing.

Mother: Iím going shopping now and I want it clean by the time I get back.  When youíre finished cleaning, you may go outside to play; but not before! (Mother leaves.)

Cub #2: Donít you hate cleaning your room?

Cub #1 (gets up and starts looking around) I always have before, but today I have a solutionÖ Now where is that book of magic spells?

Cub #2: Magic spells? You canít be serious!

Cub #1: Oh, yes I am! Just watch me. Iím going to use magic to clean up this mess. Only, I canít find my book. (Looks around the room.) Oh, there it is!  (Picks up book and leafs through it.) I know itís in here somewhere.  I just canít find it. I guess Iíll have to play it by earÖ

Cub #2: Do you think you can do it?

Cub #1: No problem. This is one of the easiest spell in the book. Iíve read it lots of times. I practically have it memorized. Letís seeówhat were those magic words? Hmm.  Abra-cadabra! CleAn my room! That oughta do it! (He raises his arms and waves them around. A pile of clothes and toys flies in from offstage.) Oops, I guess I goofed a little.

Cub #2: That was amazing! How did you do that?

Cub #1 Well, it wasnít exactly the result I was after.  Iíll just have to try again. Letís see. Hocus Pocus! Clean my room! (He raises his arms and waves them again. In flies another pile of clothes and toys.)

Cub #2: Are you sure you know what youíre doing?

Cub #1: Oh no! I got it wrong again! This is getting to be a real mess. Maybe I should give up. But I was sure I knew that spell.  Iíll just give it one more try and then, if it doesnít work, Iíll have to give up.

Cub #2: I sure hope you know what youíre doing.  Iím beginning to have a very bad feeling about this whole mess!

Cub #1: Trust me! (Concentrates hard with his eyes closed.) Ala-kazam! Clean my room! (In flies more mess.)

Cub #2: Aaaagh! I donít believe this! (Looking around.) This is the worst mess Iíve ever seen! What a disaster.

Cub #1: Well, I guess weíll just have to clean it by hand. Itíll probably takes us hours! Yuck!

Cub #2: Us???? What do you mean, us? (Looks at Cub #1 who is moping.) Okay, Iíll help you cleanup. Letís get going.

(They begin picking up the toys and clothes. A boy walks across the stage carrying a sign that reads ďHOURS LATER.Ē)

Cub #1: Weíre just about done. Thank Goodness! Iím so tired.  I never what to see another mess like that, as long as I live. (Picks up the magic book and dumps it into the garbage can.)  Iíve had enough of this hocus-pocus! Good-bye and good riddance!  (In flies another pile of stuff.)

Cubs #1 & #2: Oh no! Not again! (They both faint.)


Climb That
York Adams Area Council


Two Scouts meet, and the first scout begins to brag he can climb anything.

Scout 1: "Can you climb that tree?"

Scout 2 "Sure I've done it lots of times."

Scout 1 "Can you climb the steep hill over there?"

Scout 2 "No sweat, no problem for me."

Scout 1 "How about the Empire State Building?"

Scout 2 "Done it, Did it."

Scout 1 "How about Mount Everest?"

Scout 2 "Boy that was I cold day, I've done that too.  I told you I am the world's greatest climber, I can climb anything!"

Scout 1 "I'll bet you ten bucks I can show you something that you can't climb."

Scout 2 "Your on!"

Scout 1 pulls out a flashlight and shine the beam up into the sky "all right climb that!"

Scout 2 "Are you crazy? No Way!"

Scout 1 "I knew you would back out, now pay up!"

Scout 2 "I won't pay because its not fair. I know you, I'd start climbing and I'd get half way and you'd turn the flashlight off!"


The Growing Machine
York Adams Area Council

The cardboard box needs to be large enough to hold one of the players and various props.  "Load" it and push it on stage, where a narrator explains that this marvelous machine has been invented by tonight's guest, Professor  ___, who will demonstrate its tremendous powers. He introduces the professor, who enters carrying a bag of his props.  The professor explains he has invented a wonderful machine that makes things grow. He proceeds to demonstrate. He pulls a small piece of paper from his sack, pushes buttons, etc., and throws in the piece of paper (sound effects, flashing lights).  The player inside throws out a paperback book. The demonstration continues with small ball in, large ball out; piece of string in, hunk of rope out; etc. Finally, the professor throws in a baby doll. The player inside jumps out in baby clothes, cries "Daddy!", and chases him off stage.


The Invisible Bench
York Adams Area Council

Need: 4 (or more) scouts .

First boy is squatting as though sitting on an invisible bench.  The second boy comes in and asks what the first is doing.

"I'm sitting on the invisible bench."

"Can I join you?"

"Sure, there's plenty of room."

Second boy pretends to sit.

A third boy comes along, and the scene repeats.

Go on for as many boys as you want.

When the last boy comes along, asks and is answered, he says "But I moved it over there this morning!"

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! All seated boys fall down.




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