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Baloo's Bugle


March 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 8
April 2005 Theme

Theme: Waterways of the U.S.A.
Family Member and Sportsman
  Tiger Cub:




Baltimore Area Council

Buccaneer Applause: “Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of Coke”,

Deep Sea Diver Applause: “ Blubb, Blubb, Blubb”.

Water Cheer: “How, How, How, Water, Water, Water, Glug, Glug, Glug, Ah-hhh”

Clam Clap: Ask everyone to roll up his sleeves in preparation for this strenuous applause. Double up your fists with your left arm in front of your face and right arm over-head. Then silently open and close your right fist.

Motorboat Applause: Flutter tongue on roof of mouth.

Seal Applause: Extend your arm straight out in front of you and clap with stiff arms while saying, “‘Arf, arf, arf, arf

Beach Cheer: Divide your audience into 3 groups. When you point to group 1, they yell “Sand.” When you point to group 2, they yell “Surf” And when you point to group 3, they yell “Sun.”

Longhorn Council

Clean Air:  Take a big sniff of air, exhale and say “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Give A Hoot: Divide the audience into two sections.  Have one section yell, “Give A Hoot!” and the other section yell, ‘Don’t Pollute!”  Alternate pointing at each section, pointing faster and faster.

Good Turn: Stand up and turn around

Noise Pollution: Raise hands and have everyone yell as loudly as they can.  Lower hands and volume of yells go down.  When hands are on floor, everyone must be extremely quiet.  Do several times – raise and lower volume.  Then, with hands on floor ask the Pack to listen to absolute quiet.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Divide the audience into three sections.  Have the first section yell, “Reduce!”, the second section yell, “Reuse!”, and the third section yell, “Recycle!”  Alternate pointing at each section, pointing faster and faster. 

Southern NJ Council

Water Sprinkler Applause  Make fist with the right hand with thumb sticking out. Place end of thumb on end of nose. Rapidly open and close fist while saying "Choo, choo,  choo, choo," etc. sounding like a water sprinkler and turning around as you go. After a complete turn spin back around the opposite direction, again like a water sprinkler, saying "Wheeee."



Here are some classic run-ons from Bill Smith’s Unofficial Roundtable site – Be sure to visit his site to find a lot more.

Mother:    Son, there were two pieces of pie on the shelf this morning, and now there is only one. How did this happen to be?

Son:        I don't know. It must have been so dark, I did not see the other piece.

Cub # 1:   Pardon me do you have a watermelon patch?

Cub # 2:   Why is your watermelon leaking?

Cub # 1:   Why did you eat that dollar bill? .

Cub # 2:   It was my lunch money.

A man goes to see a psychiatrist.

Cub # 1:   "Doc, one minute I feel like I'm a wigwam, then I feel like I’m a Teepee. Then I feel like a wigwam again, and a moment later I'm sure I'm a Teepee. What am I going to do?"

Cub # 2:   The doctor said, "Just relax son, Your two tents!"

Cub 1:     Enters with pine branch and pokes Cubmaster.

CM:         What are you doing?

Cub 1: I'm needling you.

CUB #1:   Yesterday a girl rolled her eyes at me.

CUB #2:   Really? What’d you do?

CUB #1:   Well, I picked them up and rolled them right back!


Baltimore Area Council

Why did the boy throw water out of the window?   
                                      He wanted to see a waterfall.

What does not get any wetter no matter how much it rains? 
                                                                    A lake.

Why didn’t the man swim on an empty stomach? 
                           Because it is easier to swim in water.

Where do ships go when they are ill?      To the “docks!”

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