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Baloo's Bugle


March 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 8
April 2005 Theme

Theme: Waterways of the U.S.A.
Family Member and Sportsman
  Tiger Cub:



Transportation of Smiles

Baltimore Area Council

Set Up: 6 Cubs carrying posters of barges each with one of the following letters S-M-I-L-E-S and 2 Cubs carrying cartoon tug boats with smiles on both ends of the line.

Cub # 1:   Something that should be transported every day, is a smile from one another as we hurry on our way,

Cub # 2:   While carrying SMILES we’re transporting a valuable treasure

Cub # 3:   For the value of transporting a smile to others we can’t even measure.

Cub # 4:   That smile we give from the heart can lighten someone’s load,

Cub # 5:   Making brighter his day as he travels down life’s road.

Cub # 6:   So carry a smile with you wherever you go

Cub # 7:   And transport to others a friendly glow.

Cub # 8:   It only takes a mile with curves at beginning and end to give others smiles and win for us a friend.


Longhorn Council

Cubmaster (holding picture of large local waterway (or a small one or a famous one (e.g. Mississippi, Hudson, or Delaware River or one of the Great Lakes)): The Waterways of the USA are great and beautiful.  The Waterways and the rest of America is ours to enjoy. Surely we want to preserve it for the thousands of boys who will come after us. Let us close our meeting by standing and repeating in unison a pledge that will remind us to conserve our Waterways and other wonderful parts of our country for those who follow us. (Repeat the Outdoor Code.)


As an American, I will do my best to:

Be clean in my outdoor manners,

Be careful with fire,

Be considerate in the outdoors,

And be conservation minded.

Nature And The Good Visitor

Longhorn Council

Committee Chairman: Our pack meeting tonight brought us all together to think about the waterways near our town and the outdoor opportunities they provide. We can enjoy the waterways and the great outdoors but we must think of others who will follow us. Wherever you go in the great wide world of nature, try to be a "good" visitor who will leave the plants and the creatures for others to enjoy after you leave.

Cub # 1:   The only shots I took were snapshots.

Cub # 2:   I tried to walk on pathways to keep off plants.

Cub # 3:   When I see animals or birds, I try to remember that I am a guest in their living place and I don't do anything to them but look at them.

Cub # 4:   The one big thing I always do when I am ready to go home is to look and see that all fires are out in nature's backyard.

Cubmaster: With Cubs and Webelos like you to help keep our friends on the ball, I'm sure that the beauties of nature will be around for years to come. Thanks Cubs, Good night.

 “A Guiding Star”

Baltimore Area Council

Personnel:  Cubmaster, eight Cub Scouts

Equipment:  Small campfire; blue paper or cardboard three feet square, with cutouts for stars in the Big Dipper and the North Star; eight small or pen-type flashlights, one for each Cub Scout.

Arrangement:  Cubmaster and eight Cub Scouts stand near campfire with the figure of the Big Dipper and the North Star at one side of the fire. Cub Scouts stand behind the figure with lights, which they flash behind their star in the Dipper as they speak.

Cubmaster:    For thousands of years people have grouped the stars together as figures in Constellations. The constellation we know best is the Big Dipper.

               Taking the stars that form the outer edge of the Dipper, sight upward and the bright star you see is the North Star, which for centuries has been the guiding star for sailors on our waterways. (One Cub Scout flashes his light in cutout for North Star.)

               It remains in the same place all the time. Let the North Star be our guiding star representing our God. Keep your eyes on the North Star. Each star in the Big Dipper can help you keep your eyes on the North Star -- to become your guide for living. Then let your light so shine that you can help others find the way. (As each boy speaks he shines his light behind his star.)

Cub # 1:   The Holy Bible

Cub # 2:   My minister (pastor, priest, or rabbi)

Cub # 3:   My mother and father

Cub # 4:   The Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack

Cub # 5:   My Den Leader

Cub # 6:   My Cubmaster

Cub # 7:   My Den Chief

Cubmaster:    All of these are excellent guides for us to follow on our Cub Scouting trail. Let each one help you as you travel onward.

Beach Party

Voyageur Council

This can be done two ways –

ü     First - Cubmaster carries a water squirter and a beach towel. Now he lays them down after wringing out some imaginary drops of water from the towel and proceeds to talk.

ü     Second - Have Five cub Scouts dressed in beachwear and have each one say a part with appropriate pictures and actions.

Cubmaster - Well we've come to the end of another fun, fishy, delightful pack meeting. In planning a successful activity for Cub Scouts age boys, there are five essential ingredients to include:

First is ACTION. Boys find it impossible to sit and do nothing. Action makes everything much easier. Today we had ACTION!

Second is SOMETHING TO WATCH. Watching and helping celebrate another's accomplishments and hard work is one of the best ways to have fun watching

Third is having SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT. It's fun for Scouts to hear adults telling stories and fun for them to do things that are worth talking about later. I think we accomplished that today.

Fourth is SOMETHING TO LAUGH AT. We all need to enjoy laughter, and sharing fun experiences is one of the best ways to do that. Did we succeed with laughter?

Fifth is SOMETHING TO HELP WITH. Parents, leaders and family members are involved in helping Cub Scouts move along on their trail toward Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light. But just in case you missed out on helping this week, we have one more chance -- after the retiring of the colors, you can all HELP with the cleanup!

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