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Baloo's Bugle


March 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 8
April 2005 Theme

Theme: Waterways of the U.S.A.
Family Member and Sportsman
  Tiger Cub:



Fisherman’s Luck

Circle Ten Council

In this audience participation, the audience will be divided into the necessary number of groups and each group will say the following lines when their name is called:

         Fisherman                  Great day for fishing

         Fish                                 Bubble, Bubble

         Worm                              Wiggle, Wiggle

         Reel        Everyone pretends to reel in a fish

Once there was a FISHERMAN who went FISHing on a sunny April day.  He was hoping to catch a big FISH.  He found a nice spot and stopped along the river.

The FISHERMAN put the REEL on his rod, and a worm on his hook and started to FISH.  He patiently waited and waited, but no FISH came to eat the WORM on the hook.  The FISHERMAN decided to leave his hook and WORM in the water and take a little nap.  He was awakened by the screeching sound of his REEL; sure enough he had hooked into a great big FISH.

The FISHERMAN wounded in the REEL and to his surprise he found a stick on the end of his hook.  The WORM was gone.  So the FISHERMAN put another WORM on his hook and tossed his line into the water.  Again he was awakened by the sound of the REEL, this time he found a tin can on his hook.  “This is getting frustrating” he said, “I really want to catch a FISH before I run out of WORMs”.

One last time the FISHERMAN threw this line into the water and set his rod and REEL beside him.  The sound of the REEL woke him once again.  This time however he could not REEL in his FISH he knew for sure that his WORM was ling gone.  He REELed and REELed until finally a large black fin rose out of the water.  The FISHERMAN has caught a submarine.  Riiinnnng . . . . went the alarm clock the FISHERMAN rolled over and said “six thirty in the morning”.  The whole trip had only been a dream. 

Travel Audience Participation Stunt

Baltimore Area Council

Divide the audience into 4 parts and as the narrator reads the following poem, the different groups say the key words when their assigned word is read.

CAR -- “Honk-honk”       PLANE --  “Glide-glide”

BUS --   “Beep-beep”       BOAT --   “Splash-Splash”

TRAVEL -- All sounds at once

When you want to TRAVEL from place to place.
There are many vehicles that could join the race.

There’s the CAR that comes in many assorted sizes,
With gadgets galore and full of surprises.

Or you could settle for a ride in a modern BUS
And save yourself worry and a whole lot of fuss.

If a CAR or a BUS does not meet your needs
You can TRAVEL in a PLANE at astonishing speeds

But before you choose to TRAVEL over a route that’s wet,
The finest of BOATS are yours to get.

When you want to TRAVEL whether near or far,
You can do it comfortably in a nice new CAR

If you listen when they say; leave the driving to us,
Then you certainly should TRAVEL around the place by BUS.

But if you are one that’s always in a hurry,
Then take a PLANE in your rush and your scurry.

But if over the water you may choose to ride,
Then pick a BOAT and through water you’ll slide.

Whatever the transportation you may chance to use,
When you TRAVEL, my friend, ‘tis yours to choose.

The Big Wheel

Baltimore Area Council

Divide audience into four groups to respond to the following words in the story:

BIG WHEEL: Spin, spin.       CARS: Rattle, rattle, bang

CANOE: Paddle, paddle             AIRPLANE: Zooooom

Man has invented many different things that go and have provided him with transportation down through the years. The Indian made his CANOE that took him from place to place and served his purpose well. Men like Henry Ford invented CARS which today Is the most popular type of transportation. There were men like the Wright Brothers who pioneered the invention of the AIRPLANE. And then there is a group of people called the BIG WHEELS who really don’t go anyplace nor do anything, but they like to feel important.

This story Is about one of those BIG WHEELS who just sat and spun his wheels and felt so important while he was doing nothing at all. Everyone around him was working on new and better types of CANOES, designing new and more efficient CARS and designing and testing new and faster AIRPLANES. But our BIG WHEEL Just sat around feeling important, not doing anything to help anybody, while everyone else was doing the work.

Somehow he always seemed to get by and fool people into thinking that he was important because everyone around him was making progress. The BIG WHEEL depended on their brains and energy to make him look good. Finally, one day something happened that changed things overnight for the BIG WHEEL.

Everyone who had been working on the CANOES, the CARS, and the AIRPLANES decided it was time to teach the BIG WHEEL a lesson. They were tired of him doing nothing except acting important. So they all became very busy and didn’t pay any attention to him. When something came up, the BIG WHEEL found he couldn’t rely on the others to answer questions and make him look important. Finally the BIG WHEEL realized that he could not accomplish anything without help from others. He realized he was making no contribution to the world at all. He was just sitting there spinning his wheels, while the others accomplished a lot on CANOES, CARS, and AIRPLANES. BIG WHEEL felt very bad.

It was a terrible feeling when BIG WHEEL finally realized something he should have known all along. If you’re going to get anyplace in this world, you can’t expect other people to do all the work. You must learn to do your part and paddle your own CANOE.


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