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Baloo's Bugle


March 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 8
April 2004 Theme

Theme: Cubservation
Webelos: Family Member & Sportsman
  Tiger Cub: Our Colorful World and Conservation




Circle Ten Council

Sports are high on the list of favorites of Webelos age boys. You can be certain of instant interest by most members of your den. Chances are that they spend much of their leisure time in organized sports and loosely organized neighborhood games. Some of them probably know enough already about rules, scoring, and techniques for several sports so that they could pass the badge requirements easily.

But that’s not really enough. One of the prime purposes of Cub Scouting is encouraging good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body. If your boys learn all the skills and rules involved in every sport this month, and don’t get an inkling of what good sportsmanship means…then the den, and you, have wasted your time.

Agree on the importance of learning sportsmanship. What does that mean in practice? It means that the least skilled gets just as much instruction and encouragement as the best athlete. It means that the better athletes learn not just to tolerate the awkward boy, but learn to help him. It means that all boys can win and loss with grace and good sportsmanship.

Your own example will help to achieve these goals. Put stress on the fun of the game, not on the winning. When you have den competitions, make up the teams so that the strength is about even. If you let boys choose teammates, there is a good chance that most of the best players will wind up on the same team. Encourage the less skillful players. Discourage others from belittling them. Sports in a Webelos den should be fun for all the boys.


Circle Ten Council


Sheet of cardboard (can be any size, must be square)

Marking pens

Paper brad

Let each of the boys make his own to take home.

Cut a large square from the cardboard. Using marking pens draw a baseball diamond on it like the one shown.

Mark home plate and three bases.

Outside of the baselines write as shown: Home Run, Strike, Single, Out, Double, Ball, and Triple.

Draw pitcher’s mound in the center.

Cut a bat shape spinner from cardboard.

Punch small hole in bat and center of pitcher’s mound.

Attach bat with paper brad to pitchers mound. Be sure that the hole is not too large or too small, needs to be large enough for the bat to spin freely.

Follow regular baseball rules when playing. Keep score. Each player keeps his turn until he has three outs.











Circle Ten Council



ANSWER :Boxing match, figure 8 skating

Den Meeting Ideas

Circle Ten Council

Demonstrate the signals of baseball and have the boys do them

Hold parent/son bowling contest

Discuss the rules and regulations of various sports

Attend a high school, college or professional sporting event

Have a Sports Sunday and watch a pro game on TV (combine with a backyard tailgate cookout)

Have a fishing derby

Play miniature golf

Have a referee talk to the boys about the rules of his sport

Walk a golf course and observe play (get permission first!)

Have archery practice using targets against bales of hay

Visit a tennis court or racquet club

Have a high school coach come and talk about what it takes to become a good athlete



Circle Ten Council

For a pair of shorty skis, remove top and bottom of two gallon plastic bottles. Cut down seams and flatten into strips, curved at the ends. Stand on center of the plastic and mark width of shoe at the widest point. Mark small tabs on each side of foot and a second pair of tabs near ankles. Cut plastic to the width of foot with tabs attached. Trim skis to a point at the front. To fasten skis to shoes, punch holes in tabs. Bend tabs up and lace with ribbon or cord, lacing over tops of shoes and around ankles.


Circle Ten Council


Ping Pong ball


Pop top ring or small ½” PVC pipe ring

Black acrylic paint


Cut a ping-pong ball in half.

Fill the half of ball with plaster and

Insert pop-top or PVC ring for slide.

Decorate with black paint.

The same idea can be used to make a Basketball, etc.




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