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Baloo's Bugle


March 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 8
April 2004 Theme

Theme: Cubservation
Webelos: Family Member & Sportsman
  Tiger Cub: Our Colorful World and Conservation




Circle Ten Council

Divide group into each of the characters. As the key word is said each group makes the corresponding sounds.

PAPER                  Crackle-Crackle,

TRASH                  Dump-Dump,

CANS                    Clatter-Clatter,

LITTERBUG         Toss and Throw

God put bugs in this world for many reasons. He made them to live in every kind of season.  But the pesky LITTERBUG with his PAPER and CAN was made through neglected TRASH by the foolish person. To keep America beautiful, get rid of the LITTERBUG, so beach goers can again lounge on a clean sandy rug. Because of this pest, we must woller around, In PAPER and CANS and TRASH all over the ground. Just who are these LITTERBUGS who mess up our land? Do you ever really see them toss that PAPER and CAN? Quite often the LITTERBUG is a sneaky guy, and at dumping his TRASH heís oh so sly. So most of the time it just appears everywhere, As if it had dropped right out of thin air. Could it be we are so used to throwing things here and there, that we dump that PAPER and CAN without being aware? Without even thinking when we toss TRASH and waste, we could be an unconscious LITTERBUG in all our haste. So when you unwrap that gum or small piece of candy, donít throw the PAPER on the ground just Ďcause itís handy. Next time stop and think when a pop CAN you toss, cause if youíre a LITTERBUG, itís also your loss. So if every single person would take note of his habit, that pesky LITTERBUG we could certainly nab it. Then that terrible bug we would surely stamp out, with no more PAPER or CANS or TRASH about. To keep America beautiful, we must all do our part, by taking care of our TRASH properly from the very start.

Noise Pollution

Longhorn Council

Divide group into each of the characters. As the key word is said each group makes the corresponding sounds.

THE FIRE SIREN                                        (Moan)
THE POLICEMAN                        (Loud Whistle)
THE LIBRARIAN                                     (SSSSh!)
THE DUCKS                                   (Quack-quack)
THE DOG                                                  (Arf, Arf)
THE CHICKENS                            (Bok-Bok-Bok)
THE PIGS                                            (Snort, Oink)
TWO BOYS             (Row, Row, Row your Boat)

(If there is room, add in appropriate motions to accompany the sounds, e.g. marching feet for the boys, flapping wings for chickens, etc.)

It was a beautiful spring afternoon in the sleepy little town of Blodgettville. In the balmy air the fragrance of early tulips mingled with the rich aroma of skunk cabbages in nearby marshes. The only sounds to be heard were the faint moan of a FIRE SIREN in a neighboring village, the distant barking of a DOG, and the occasional whistle of the POLICEMAN at the main intersection. Within the town library, someone turned a page too loudly, and the LIBRARIAN said, "SSSH!Ē On the main road, at the outskirts of the town, a farmer was lazily driving his animals to market. Each time he hit a bump, the PIGS grunted, the CHICKENS squawked, and the DUCKS quacked. Yes, all was peaceful in the sleepy little town of Blodgettville.

Suddenly, TWO BOYS appeared on the quiet street. They were singing "ROW YOUR BOAT" and marching in time to the rhythm. They reached the c enter of town where the POLICEMAN blew his whistle to let them cross. Still singing, they marched up the steps of the library. The LIBRARIAN looked up quickly and said, "SSSH". EACH BOY took a book, then sat down at one of the tables. One of the boys looked around the almost empty library and said, "They'd do a lot more business in here if they had comic books!" Guess what the LIBRARIAN said? That's right, "SSSh".

Outside, the DOG'S barking could be heard more strongly. The POLICEMAN blew his whistle as a car approached the intersection, followed by the farmer's truck. As they started up again, the woman driving the car signaled a right turn. Oddly enough, her car made a left turn. The farmer slammed on his brakes, and there was a LOUD CRASH (everyone clap their hands together). Down went the tailgate of the truck and out tumbled the PIGS, the crates burst and out flew the CHICKENS and the DUCKS. The DOG, who by now was quite close, began an excited chase, barking wildly.

Frightened, the PIGS ran up the library steps, grunting followed by squawking CHICKENS, quacking DUCKS, and yelping DOG. The LIBRARIAN was so startled she had time to let out only one "SSSH", before a CHICKEN flew into her face. The BOYS jumped up and delightedly burst into song. In rushed the POLICEMAN, frantically whistling. From across the street, old Miss Spindle saw the disturbance, and called the FIRE DEPARTMENT.

So then, at that moment in the quiet library of the quiet town of Blodgettville, these things were going on: The PIGS were grunting, the CHICKENS were clucking, the DUCKS were quacking, the BOYS were singing, the FIRE SIREN was screaming, the POLICEMAN was whistling, and the LIBRARIAN was hopelessly saying over and over again "SSSh, SSSh!Ē And for a while at least, all these things were going on at the same time (EVERYBODY). But an hour later, everything was peaceful again in the sleepy little town of Blodgettville.

The PIGS, DUCKS and CHICKENS had somehow been caught and put back in the truck; the BOYS and DOG had gone home for supper, the FIRE TRUCK was back in the station house, and the POLICEMAN again stood at his post by the intersection.

And the LIBRARIAN?? Well, the LIBRARIAN looked around the library at the floating feathers, the muddy floor, the mixed up books, the overturned tables and the broken chairs.

And then, all of a sudden, the LIBRARIAN SCREAMED (EVERYBODY)







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