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Baloo's Bugle


March 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 8
April 2004 Theme

Theme: Cubservation
Webelos: Family Member & Sportsman
  Tiger Cub: Our Colorful World and Conservation



April 25th is National Zucchini Bread Day

This message courtesy of Great Salt Lake Council


Incredible Edible Landfill


Our Special Thanks to:

Maurita Hudson, Educator

Dearborn County Solid Waste Management District

Aurora, IN


You should copy this picture and enlarge to full page.




Base layer

Plastic cup or container"

1 tsp. Oreo cookie crumbs

2 tsp. vanilla pudding

Two 4" Twizzlers®

One shortbread cookie

Municipal waste (middle layer)

1 tsp. Trix® cereal

2 tsp. Rice Krispies® cereal

1 tsp. white chocolate chips

l tsp. butterscotch chips

Six mini marshmallows

Four chocolate rings

1 tsp. mini M&M's®

Chocolate syrup

Final Cap (top layer)

2 tsp. vanilla pudding

1 tsp. Oreo cookie crumbs

1 tsp. green sprinkles

Two 4" chocolate licorice pieces

 *Designer used clear Solo® cups.


Add each ingredient in order listed to plastic cup.

The layers of a landfill are described below.

Base layer

Layer 1 (cell): Landfills range in size from four to six acres of land. The area, or cell, must be free of debris and able to hold the weight of the landfill mass. This is represented by the plastic cup.

Layer 2: This layer is three feet of clay which prevent fluids from seeping out of the landfill. This is represented by pressing 1 tsp. of Oreo cookie crumbs firmly into bottom of cup.

Layer 3: This layer is a thin liner of plastic which is designed to prevent leaks in the ground beneath the landfill. This is represented by adding 2 tsp. of pudding.

Layer 4: These are pipes that make the leachate collection system. They collect leachate which is a liquid that is squeezed out of the garbage leachate then travels to a treatment pond. This is represented by laying two Twizzlers across pudding.

Layer 5: This is a drainage layer that protects the pipes from being damaged. This is represented by laying the shortbread cookie on top of the Twizzlers. (Note: No trash has been added yet. Layers 1-5 are designed to protect the environment by disposing of garbage safely.)

Municipal waste (middle layer)

Municipal solid waste is all of the garbage from peoples' homes and businesses.

Layer 6: This layer is composed of the following:

·                     Organic waste (Trix) is yard waste and food scraps.

·                     Paper (Rice Krispies) consists of cardboard, newspaper, and, packaging products.

·                     Plastics (white chocolate chips) include milk and soda bottles and food containers.

·                     Glass (butterscotch chips) range from bottles to old building windows.

·                     Metals (mini marshmallows) include tin and aluminum cans and appliances or sheet metal.

·                     Tires (chocolate rings) include those from cars and trucks.

·                     Other garbage (mini M&M's) contains old toys, shoes, and clothing.

This is represented by adding 1 tsp. Trix, 2 tsp. Rice Krispies, 1 tsp. white chocolate chips, l tsp. butterscotch chips, six mini marshmallows, four chocolate rings, and 1 tsp. mini M&M's. Spread evenly.

Layer 7: This layer is the leachate that forms. It seeps through all of the layers to the pipes which filter the liquid out of the landfill. This is represented by squirting chocolate syrup around the edge of the cup.

Final Cap (top layer)

This outermost layer prevents rainwater from entering the landfill and keeps gases from leaving and polluting our air.

Layer 8: This layer is the top plastic barrier that seals the landfill. This is represented by adding 2 tsp. of pudding.

Layer 9: This layer is five to seven feet of soil. This is represented by sprinkling 1 tsp. of Oreo cookie crumbs onto pudding.

Layer 10: This layer is grass which prevents soil erosion. This is represented by adding 1 tsp. of green sprinkles.

Gas collectors. These pipes are placed in the closed cell and act as methane gas collectors. They prevent fires by collecting the gas produced from decaying trash.  This is represented by inserting two chocolate licorice pieces vertically into the cup.


Maurita was kind enough to share some secrets:


The Solo cups she uses are 9 or 10 oz ones with hard plastic side.  Very wide at the top.


She, also, told me to keep talking during the assembly.  Ask boys what impermeable, leachate, organic, perforated mean Start a discussion about what can become leachate.  She says these usually get to be fun Ask them what some of the items represent before you tell them (e.g. ask what the chocolate cereal rings look like (tires))



Circle Ten Council


1.25# package Oreo's

1/2 stick margarine

8 oz cream cheese

1 cup powdered sugar

3.5 cups milk

2 sm. boxes instant vanilla pudding 

12 oz Cool Whip


Crush Oreo's until fine. 

Cream margarine, cream cheese and powdered sugar together. 

Mix milk and pudding and combine with margarine mixture. 

Mix well, and then add Cool Whip. 

Thoroughly clean out a new plastic flowerpot with soap and hot water. 

Alternate layers of Oreo crumbs and pudding mixture in the containers

Have Oreo's on both the bottom and top layers. 

This cake looks especially good if you add gummy worms for special effect.


Circle Ten Council


Hot dogs,

Hamburger rolls



Cut the hot dogs into thin slices

Score the edges (about three cuts per slice).

Boil or microwave until the slices curl like wiggly worms.

Serve three or four worms to a bun

For an extra-icky touch, add a few squiggles of colored ketchup.


Circle Ten Council


1 qt Chocolate chocolate chip Ice Cream

3/4 c Chocolate syrup

1 liter Club soda

Large Spoon

4 Tall glasses & spoons



Let ice cream sit at room temperature until lit is easy to scoop. 

Spoon ice cream into glasses until it is about halfway full. 

Pour or squeeze about 3 tablespoons chocolate syrup into each glass. 

Slowly fill almost to the top with club soda and stir well with a spoon. 

Serve with a straw and tall spoon for excavating those luscious brown lumps.

Serves 4 sewage slurpers.

 Gross serving suggestion! To make this slop especially disgusting, plop an unwrapped tootsie roll into each glass, the boys just love it!

Portable Hot Dogs

Great Salt Lake Council

With high fire danger, small children and serious hunger NOW, These dogs are ready when you are.

Before leaving home, place fully cooked hot dogs in one or more wide mouthed 1-2 gallon sized thermal jugs (24 dogs will fit in 1 gallon).

Pour enough boiling water to fill the jugs.

By the time you need them, the dogs will be steaming hot.

Bring tongs to lift out the hot dogs, as well as all the usual hot dog condiments.






Ladybugs On A Stick

Great Salt Lake Council


Red grapes cut in half                       Hulled strawberries

Mini chocolate chips                    Toothpicks cut in half

For each one,

Push 1/2 a red grape onto tooth pick half for the head.

Next push on a strawberry for the body

Score down the back to create wings.

For spots, push mini chocolate chips, point side in,

on the back of the ladybug.




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