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Baloo's Bugle


March 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 8
April 2004 Theme

Theme: Cubservation
Webelos: Family Member & Sportsman
  Tiger Cub: Our Colorful World and Conservation




Circle Ten Council

Decorate 8 large shopping bags; label 4 "Dirty Bugs", and the other 4 are "Tidy Bugs."  Each boy carries one with his lines written on it near the top.  If desired, they can also decorate a smaller paper sack like a bug to wear over their head.

Cub # 1.              My name is Litter Bug Lou.  And oh, what us litterbugs do!

Cub # 2.              We clutter the country with papers and trash.  At making a mess, we're really a smash!

Cub # 3.              The roadsides and parks are scenes of our folly.  We really enjoy it and think it quite jolly.

Cub # 4.              To leave behind garbage, bottles and paper, as little memories of our daily labor.

Cub # 5.              I'm Tidy Bug Ted of the Tidy Bug clan.  We work to keep things spick and span!

Cub # 6.              We pick up the litter wherever we are and always carry litterbags in our car.

Cub # 7.              We'll wipe out Lou and all of his band and make America a beautiful land.

Cub # 8.              Free of litter, trash and clutter.  Won't you help us, dear Father and Mother?

Energy Savers

Longhorn Council

Characters: Six Cub Scouts in uniform; one den leader in uniform.

Setting: Den meeting place, decorated as desired.  Den leader sits at a table.  As skit opens, all ďCub Scouts arrive together and sit down.  Johnny falls asleep.

Den Leader: Today, letís take turns and tell how we can help to conserve energy in our homes.

Cub # 1:       I know a good way.  My mom doesnít use her clothes dryer as much as she used to.  She uses a new solar energy device called a clothesline and hangs her laundry outside to dry in the sunshine.

Cub # 2:       My dad said that if we filled a plastic bottle with water and put it in the tank in the bathroom, it would cut down on the amount of water used for flushing.

Cub # 3:       Did you know that if you take showers you use a lot less water than if you take baths?  Mom even uses a timer, and we have learned to take 3-minute showers at our house.

Cub # 4:       We keep the drapes closed on summer days and keep them open for light and warmth in the winter.

Cub # 5:       We keep the damper in our fireplace closed whenever we arenít using it.  If itís left open in the winter, the warm air in the house escapes up the chimney and thatís a waste.

Den Leader: (to last Cub Scout):  Johnny, do you have anything to add about saving energy?  (He turns to see that he is fast asleep.)  I guess Johnny is the best energy saver of us all.  (Curtain)

Keep America Beautiful Contest

Baltimore Area Council

Cast: Six Cubs in uniform.

Props: Comb and mirror for sixth Cub and a large box marked "TRASH!"

Scene: Five Cubs are sitting around a table tying knots or playing a simple game when the sixth Cub rushes in.

Cub # 1:     (Runs in, very excited) Hey, you guys! Did you hear about the big contest?

Cub # 2:     What contest? What's it about?

Cub # 1 :    The "Keep America Beautiful Contest," that's what!

Cub # 3:     Are there prizes? A contest is no good without prizes.

Cub # 1:     Sure, lots of prizes. Neat ones like bicycles and CD players, and lots of other good stuff!

Cub # 4:     (Gloomily) I bet it's hard. Contests with neat prizes are always hard.

Cub # 1:     Nope! It's easy. Even the rules say it's SIMPLE - in big letters. The winner is the person who picks the easiest way.

Cub # 5:     The easiest way to do what?

Cub # 1:     The easiest way to keep America beautiful. That's what I've been talking about!

Cub # 6:     (With a swagger) Ha! "Then I'm a cinch to win!

Cub # 1:     Why's it so cinchy for you? What's your great way to keep America beautiful?

Cub # 6:     (Takes out comb and mirror and combs his hair) See! That's the easiest way I know to keep America beautiful!

The other Cubs look at him, then at each other.

Quickly they surround him and carry or drag him to a large box marked "TRASH" and dump him in

Cub # 1:     Like he said, guys, we're a cinch to win! That's the easiest way I know to keep America beautiful! (They exit. laughing while Cub #6 stands up in the trash box with a disgusted look on his face.)

Keep America Beautiful

Baltimore Area Council

Cast: Flower, Grass, Soda Can, Bottle, Cigarette Butt, Litterbug, Candy Wrapper, Trash Can, Cub Scout.

Setting: Flower and grass wave gently in breeze. Litterbug stands at left, laughing and throwing soda can at flower, bottle at flower, candy wrapper at grass, cigarette butt at grass.

Flower:          Oh, what hit me? My petals are crushed. My upsweep is downswept.

Grass:            You should complain. They buried me.

Soda Can:      You think I like being thrown around? I could be used for tin craft by some Den Leader.

Bottle:            Does the Pack Staff realize my potentiality? I could be used as a puppet or trick.

Cigarette Butt:    To be lit up is one thing but to be tossed aside and not stripped is just too much.

Litterbug:     (Laughs) I dirty America everyday, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.

Candy Wrapper: Just look at me. 1 was meant to be so sweet and bring such happiness.

Cub Scout:    (Sees litter trashcan sleeping) Wake up trash can, Litterbug was here.

Trash Can:   Help, help, you'd think I was a SIimFast girl. No more than they are feeding me. All I ever do is wait. I've tried everything. I've even flipped my lid.

Cub Scout:    People have got to realize this is one bug RAID won't kill. Only consideration by others will get rid of this pest. I'll start helping right now to eliminate that old Litterbug!

Litterbug:     FOILED AGAIN! (Cub picks up trash.) Flower: (Sigh) What a relief! t thought you'd never come.

Cub Scout:    Every Cub is honor bound to help Keep America Beautiful!

Grass:            Adults help the Litterbug so much. Are they too old to be Cubs? Cub Scout: No one is either too old or too young to do their share in keeping America beautiful. This is the duty and privilege of every American.

Litter Hurts

Baltimore Area Council

A Scout comes out and begins talking about low impact camping and the importance of preserving nature.

As he walks around, he sees a piece of litter and picks it up.

He complains about the thoughtlessness of those who litter.

Next a Scout enters and drops lots of litter in his path.

Other Scouts rush the littering Scout and beat him up.

Finally they pick up the littering Scout and ask him if he has learned anything from this experience?

He answers painfully: "I learned that every litter bit hurts!" (Exit holding injured parts of body.)


Adapted from a poem by Hillol Ray.

Circle Ten Council

You may, also, want to consider this for an opening or closing ceremony CD

Set Up Ė

Divide into parts.

Have each boy hang a poster around his neck with a recyclable item.

E.g. -Bottles, can, newspaper, etc.

Each scout reads a pair of lines

Fresh air and clean water nourish our souls,
Without them, we suffer, and pay a heavy toll!

Banning pesticides and lead in gasoline -
Made the giant move to make the nature clean!

Recycling became a daily household chore -
To reduce costs and protect the seashore!

Reduction of emissions created the flow -
Of cleaner air, and polluters took a blow!

The situation has changed over twenty-five years,
And laws are in place to remove our fears!

Now, always think "Earth Is In Your Hands",
Here at home or in foreign lands!

So let us follow these few simple roles,
Conserve the water as much as you can,

While you are bathing or washing the van!
Recycle and prevent pollution at the source,

Plant the trees in open private space,
To create the shade and cool your face!

Well, now you know what you have to do -
And celebrate "Earth Day" without further ado!

The Highest Tree Climber In The World

Longhorn Council

Cast:  2 Friends (or add in different boys to ask the different questions) and a tree climber (who is not seen)

Setting:  Campfire;  (Tree climber is hidden in the woods and is able to ruffle a bush or tree.)

Cub 1:         You know, they say there's this really good tree climber trying out for the Olympics. I wonder if he's practicing around here?

Cub 2:         Call out and see!

Cub 1:         Hey! Tree Climber! You around here?

Climber:      Yep!

Cub 1:         You practicing?

Climber:      Yep!

Cub 1:         How high are you?

Climber:      Oh, not high.  About 100 feet.

Cub 1:         Wow!  Can you go higher?

Climber:      Yep!  (Ruffles tree.)  Now I'm at about 200 feet.

Cub 1:         Fantastic!  Can you go higher?

Climber:      Yep!  (Ruffles tree.)  Now I'm at about 275 feet.

Cub 1:         Neato!  Can you go higher?

Climber:      Yep!  (Ruffles tree.)  Now I'm at about 325 feet.

Cub 1:         Great!  Can you go higher?

Climber:      Yep!  (Ruffles tree.)  Now I'm at about 400 feet.

Cub 1:         Gee! I'm amazed!

Cub 2:         Excuse me, Sir, but I have a book here that says that the highest tree in the world is only 360 feet high!

Climber:      Ahhhhhh!!!!!!  (Thump!)

Been Fishing

Great Salt Lake Council

DL              Where have you been?

Cub # 1:       We've been fishing down at the Jordan River.

DL              Really? What kind of fish does it have in it?

Cub # 1:       I caught this Sole [sole of shoe]

Cub # 2:       I caught this Snapper [rubber band, old girdle, or slingshot]

Cub # 3:       I caught this Shell fish [Shell oil can]

Cub # 4:       I caught this Skate [roller skate]

Cub # 5:       [Enters with a long line out the door and tugging on it.]

DL              Wow, what have you got there?

Cub # 5:       Just an old Crab. [Pulls Cubmaster or other leader in with hook in seat of pants Ė To avoid gray area concerns - make certain this is prearranged with the leader and they ham up their part].

Skit on Nature

Longhorn Council

Den Leader (labeled Mother Nature): Everything living, and properly cared for, grows.  There are things that a tree needs to grow. It needs warmth, water, care, and protection. Cub Scouts grow. What does a Cub Scout need to help him grow?

Cub # 1:       He needs food to grow. (Perhaps this is the largest cub)

Cub # 2:       He needs a home for shelter.

Cub # 3:       He needs a man to be his friend.

Cub # 4:       He needs to go to school to grow mentally.

Cub # 5:       He needs to go to church to synagogue to help him grow spiritually.

Den Leader: Whereís Johnny? Isnít he in this skit?

Cub # 6:        (Hurrying on stage) Here I am. A Cub Scout needs to be needed.

Den Leader: Itís not nice to fool Mother Nature!





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