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Baloo's Bugle

March Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 8

Save It For Us
Webelos Sportsman & Family Member
Tiger Big Ideas 14 & 15


Big Idea #14--Family Games, Tricks & Puzzles

Make A Difference 97 Pow Wow

Ripped Puzzles

Materials: piece of paper and crayons

Process: Give each person a piece of paper and have them make a drawing, keeping it hidden from the other players.  Make the picture as complicated as possible, with lots of details covering the entire surface.  When all are finished drawing, have them tear their picture into an agreed upon number of pieces.  The number depends on the size of paper, but don't make pieces unreasonably small.  Everyone passes his puzzle to another player who tries to reassemble it.

Calendar Toss

Materials: a page from a large wall calendar, checkers or poker chips

Process: Place the calendar page on the floor.   Have the boys stand at least 6 feet away and take turns tossing 3 checkers onto the calendar

page.  When everyone has tossed their checkers, have them total up their score.  The date they have landed on determines their number of points.


Tug of War

Materials: long rectangle piece of heavy paper, red marker, black marker, blue marker, die, 2 game markers

Process: Make a game board on a piece of paper.  Draw a straight line lengthwise through the middle of the board.  Place one white dot in the middle of the board.  On one side of the white dot place 6 red dots.  On the other side place 6 blue dots.  Two players sit at each end of the "rope".  One game piece is placed on the white circle to begin the game.  The players take turns rolling a die and moving the marker toward their end of the "rope".  Example: If the player on the red end rolls a 4, he moves the marker four dots toward his end.  The player with the blue circles then rolls a 5.  He moves the same piece back his way five dots. The winner is the first player to move the marker to the end of his rope.


Big Idea #15--Fitness and Sports

Marble Golf

This 9 hole golf course is laid out around the yard.  Small tin cans are sunk into the ground.  One to four players start off and shoot marbles.  They count the shots taken to get the marbles into the cans.  Hazards may be small brushes, lengths of drain spouts, tubes through which the golfer must shoot, an upright 2 foot long board

with a 4 inch hole.  For a water hazard, sink a tin pie plate or other suitable container and fill with water.  Use flags made from paper triangles glued to popsicle sticks.  Golf rules should be observed in playing this game.  (The rules can be found in the Cub Scout Sports Book for Marbles.


Tail Feathers

The tail feathers are neckerchiefs tucked under the belt in back, with at least 2/3 left hanging.  The idea is to snatch the tail from someone else's belt.   Play in a large area with designated boundaries.  The winner can either be the one who keeps his tail feather the longest, or the one who collects the most tail feathers.


Balloon Volleyball Game

Boys divide into two teams.  Each team sits on the floor facing each other with their feet out in front of them.  The leader tosses a balloon between the two teams.   Boys try to bat the balloon over the heads of the other team.  If

they succeed, they get one point.  The first team to reach ten points wins.  For variety, have the boys use only one hand, or toss two balloons.


Tiger Tail

This game is played like Duck, Duck, Goose.  Everyone sits in a circle, except for the one Tiger who is "It".  "It" walks around the outside of the circle tapping each boy and saying: "Tiger, "Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Tail!"  The boy tapped as the Tiger Tail must get up and race "It" around the circle back to the empty spot.  The person who doesn't get a seat is the next 'It".


Huff, Puff Tiger

Have Tigers stand or kneel around a table so that they are all chin level with the table.  Place a ping pong ball in the center of the table.  All Tigers try to keep the ball from rolling off the edge of tghe table by blowing hard to keep it in the middle of the table.  The person closest to the spot where the ball leaves the table is out.  In the end there will only be two Tigers blowing the ball back and forth.  One will eventually prove to be the bigger "Blow Hard."

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