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Baloo's Bugle

March Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 8

Save It For Us
Webelos Sportsman & Family Member
Tiger Big Ideas 14 & 15




Keep America Beautiful Contest
Sandy from various resources


Personnel:  Six Cubs in uniform.

Props:  Comb and mirror for sixth Cub and a large box marked “TRASH!”
Scene:  Five Cubs are sitting around a table tying knots or playing a simple game when the sixth Cub rushes in.


Cub #1:  (Runs in, very excited)  Hey, you guys!  Did you hear about the big contest?

Cub #2:  What contest?  What’s it about?

Cub #1:  The “Keep America Beautiful Contest,” that’s what!

Cub #3:  Are there prizes?  A contest is no good without prizes.

Cub #1:  Sure, lots of prizes.  Neat ones like bicycles and CD players, and lots of other good stuff!

Cub #4:  (Gloomily) I bet it’s hard.  Contests with neat prizes are always hard.

Cub #1:  Nope!  It’s easy.  Even the rules say it’s SIMPLE – in big letters.  The winner is the person who picks the easiest way.

Cub #5:  The easiest way to do what?

Cub #1:  The easiest way to keep America beautiful.  That’s what I’ve been talking about!

Cub #6:  (With a swagger) Ha!  Then I’m a cinch to win!

Cub #1: Why’s it so cinchy for you?  What’s your great way to keep America beautiful?

Cub #6:  (Takes out comb and mirror and combs his hair)  See!  That’s the easiest way I know to keep America beautiful!

(The other Cubs look at him, then at each other.  Quickly they surround him and carry or drag him to a large box marked “TRASH” and dump him in.)

Cub #1: Like he said, guys, we’re a cinch to win!  That’s the easiest way I know to keep America beautiful!

(They exit, laughing while Cub #6 stands up in the trash box with a disgusted look on his face.)


Keep America Beautiful
Heart of America


Personnel: Flower, Grass, Beer Can, Bottle, Cigarette Butt, Litterbug, Candy Wrapper, Trash Can, Cub Scout.

Setting: Flower and grass wave gently in breeze.  Litterbug stands at left, laughing and throwing beer can at flower, bottle at flower, candy wrapper at grass, cigarette butt at grass.

Flower: Oh, what hit me? My petals are crushed.  My upsweep is downswept.

Grass: You should complain. They buried me.

Beer Can: You think I like being thrown around?  I could be used for tin craft by some Den Leader.

Bottle: Does the Pack Staff realize my potentiality?  I could be used as a puppet or trick.

Cigarette Butt: To be lit up is one thing but to be tossed aside and not stripped is just too much.

Litterbug: (Laughs) I dirty America everyday, Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.

Candy Wrapper: Just look at me.  I was meant to be so sweet and bring such happiness.

Cub Scout: Sees litter trashcan sleeping) Wake up trash can, Litterbug was here.

Trash Can: Help, help, you’d think I was a SlimFast girl. No more than they are feeding me.  All I ever do is wait.  I’ve tried everything.  I’ve even flipped my lid.

Cub Scout: People have got to realize this is one bug RAID won’t kill.  Only consideration by others will get rid of this pest.  I’ll start helping right now to eliminate that old Litterbug!

Litterbug: FOILED AGAIN!  (Cub picks up trash.)

Flower: (Sigh) What a relief! I thought you’d never come.

Cub Scout: Every Cub is honor bound to help Keep America Beautiful!

Grass: Adults help the Litterbug so much. . Are they too old to be Cubs?

Cub Scout: No one is either too old or too young to do their share in keeping America beautiful.  This is the duty and privilege of every American.


The Recycle Machine
Heart of America Council


Personnel: 4 Cubs.  In addition, another is hidden inside the machine.

Equipment: Large box made to look like, a recycle machine: other items mentioned.

Jack: Hey look, guys, a recycle machine!

Jim: Let’s try it out!  (Turns switch on)

Bob: Let’s see what it does with this rusty, old pocketknife.  (Drops it into machine.  Machine makes noise and shakes, then out comes a new, shiny pocketknife.)

All Boys: Wow, it works Fantastic!

Tom: Maybe it can recycle this old, torn handkerchief.  (Drops it in and the machine shakes and rattles and turns out a new hanky.)

Jim: That’s really great! Here, machine, here’s an old, broken pencil for you.  Drops it in and the machine performs giving out a new one.)

Bob: It’s your turn. Jack.

Jack: I wonder how this things works.  (Steps up, peers inside, and the machine pulls him in.)

Jack: Help!

Other Boys: Oh no! What should we do?  (All look worried)

The machine finally makes a very loud noise and out pops Jack.  A sign on him reads REJECT.)

Tom: Look! He has a sign around his neck. It says ‘REJECT’. A Cub Scout’s spirit is too strong and durable to ever be worn out.

Jack: Remember, to help save our American resources, follow this motto

All Boys: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!


Been Fishin’
Heart of America Council


Personnel: 6 Cubs

Setting: Street corner, U.S .A., Cub 1 is just standing around as other boys approach him, one at a time.

Cub 1: Where you been?

Cub 2: Been fishin’ at the pond.

Cub 1: Can’t catch nothin’ there, it’s polluted.

This sequence repeated with each boy.)

Cub 2: Caught this sole.  (hold up his shoe on line and exits)

Cub 3: Caught this Snapper.  (rubber band, sling shot, or girdle)

Cub 4: Caught these ShellFish.  (Shell oil cans in net)

Cub 5: Caught this  Skate.  (Roller or ice-skate)

Cub 6: Enters running, hands pole to Cub Scout 1)

Cub 1: Wait a minute. What did you catch?

Cub 6: An old Crab.  (Runs off)

Enter Cubmaster or Den Leader with large foil hook attached to seat of pants.)

Note: More boys can be used for: Swordfish, a rusty knife), Herring  (wig or wiglet)


Listen at the Wall:
Circle 10 Council

One person goes along a wall listening and listening. Others come along and ask him what he is doing.  He says dramatically, “Listen,” and the others do.  One of them says, “I don’t hear anything”, in a disgusted voice. “Listen”, he says more dramatically and they listen some more.  Again someone says, “I don’t hear anything.” The original listener says, “You know,” with a faraway look, “it’s been like that all day.”


Lost Item Around The Campfire
Circle 10 Council

First boy searches the ground around the campfire. Second boy: “What are you looking for, maybe I can help you find it.

First boy: “I dropped my neckerchief slide.”

Second boy: “Where were you standing when you dropped it.”

First boy: “Over there.” (He points into the darkness.)”

Second boy: “Then why aren’t you looking over there.”

First boy: “Are you kidding? It’s too dark over there.  You can’t see a thing.”


Potted Plant
Circle 10 Council

A scout pretending to be a delivery boy comes wandering through the meeting with a potted plant that he says is for Mrs. Baden-Powell.  He comes back through the meeting several times – each time saying, “Potted plant for Mrs. Baden Powell.”  Each time the potted plant gets bigger. The last time he comes in carrying a small tree.  Finally the leader says there isn’t any adults here, just kids. Delivery boy looks at the card and says, “Oh for heaven’s sake.  I’ve been reading it wrong, the plant is from Mrs. Baden-Powell for Ms. Den Leader.” (Name a leader in your unit.)



Trained Caterpiller
National Capital Area Council


Cast: 4-5 Cubs bending over, holding the waist of the one in front.  All are covered with a blanket, Den Chief or Leader

Props: Blanket, bucket with water (or small bits of paper)

DC: Hey everyone, this is my trained caterpillar, Hermy. Hermy can do tricks.  Want to see some? (to audience)

DC: Hermy raise you right leg. (All Cubs under the blanket raise their right leg)  Clap, Clap!  (Next do left leg, all hop, etc.)

DC: For Hermy's best trick we need a volunteer. (Get the audience to get someone who can take a joke or suggest one. Place the "volunteer" on the floor).  Now Hermy will step over (the person) and never step on them even once. (The caterpillar steps over carefully, but the last boy dumps water (or paper) on the volunteer and the Den Chief/Leader says) I'm sooo sorry, but Hermy isn't potty trained!


Smokey Bear
National Capital Area Council

CAST: 10 Cub Scouts with letters spelling S-M-O-K-E-Y-B-E-A-R


S: Smokey Bear needs your help to prevent forest fires.

M: Matches are as dangerous as poison.

O: Our forests are important.

K: Keep fire where it belongs.

E: Even little fires kill little trees.

Y: You can run from a fire, but a tree can't.


B: Be sure fires are out cold.

E: Every fire hurts.

A: Always break matches in two.

R: Remember, only you can prevent forest fires!


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