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Baloo's Bugle

March Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 8

Save It For Us
Webelos Sportsman & Family Member
Tiger Big Ideas 14 & 15


Declaration Of Dependence On Nature


Personnel:  Seven Cubs

Props:  Lit candles from opening.

Scene:  Lower or turn out room lights.  Each Cub says his line then blows out a candle.


Cub #1: I am part of nature.

Cub #2: I have an affect on everything that lives.

Cub #3: I am bound together with all living things in the air, in the land, and in the water.

Cub #4: My life depends upon nature, upon its balance, upon its resources and upon the continuity of both.

Cub #5: To destroy nature is to destroy myself.

Cub #6: As a member of the human race, I am responsible for its survival.

Cub #7: I am a part of nature, and I will not destroy it, for if I do, my world will be a darker place. 



Conserving Our Natural Resources
Sandy from various resources


Personnel:  Seven Cubs

Props:  Seven candles in a candleholder, (a half log with 7 holes drilled in it would fit the theme) a lighter or                     matches and a candle for the Cubs to use to light the candles in the candleholder.

Scene:  The CM or DL lights the “lighter candle”.  The Cubs each light a candle in the holder and read their part.


CUB #1: We have been observing and studying Nature’s treasures.

CUB #2: We will help to maintain nature’s balance.

CUB #3: We will help and learn from nature’s animals.

CUB #4: We will help and learn from nature’s resources.

CUB #5: We will protect them from harm.

CUB #6: We will follow the conservation pledge.

CUB #7: Will you all please rise and join me in the conservation pledge.

“I give my pledge as an American, to save and faithfully defend from waste, the natural resources of my country, its soil and minerals, its forests, water, and wildlife.”

Thank you.  Please be seated.



God's Handiwork
Baden Powell Council


Cub Scout 1: We've learned a lot about taking care of this wondrous planet of ours.

Cub Scout 2: We will protect and clean up the air, so all can enjoy the stars.

Cub Scout 3: We won't litter our fields and streams or throw our trash on the roads.

Cub Scout 4: We will enjoy all the sun's beams and protect the homes of the toads.

Cub Scout 5: Nature is truly a wondrous thing.  God's handiwork is everywhere.

Cub Scout 6: In flowers and trees and butterfly wings, in clean water, clean fields and clean air.



Heart of America Council

Personnel: 4 Cubs

Equipment: Prepare posters that reflect the messages presented with the letters C U B S on them.

Setting: The boys stand in front of the Pack and recite their lines:

C stands for “Cut Back”.  Reduce the amount of trash and waste you make.

U stands for "Use".  Use things again instead of throwing them away.

B stands for "Be Sure".  Be sure to recycle whatever you can instead of throwing it in the trash.

S stands for "Save" together we can save our planet from  too much pollution.

Heart of America Council

Personnel: 7 Cubs

Settings: With Scouts holding the letters spelling out “Nature” have each of the Scouts read the following:

N: is for Nothing so beautiful as a forest in summer

A: is for Animals that are free to run and play

T: is for Tall Pine Trees that try to touch the sky

U: is for life Under the rocks and logs in the woods

R: is for Rivers that flow freely all year through

E: is for Everything God made for you and me

Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance.


Building A Better World
Heart of America Council


Personnel: Narrator and 11 Cub Scouts, each holding a card with a letter on the front and his line on the back.  Each speaker holds up his letter as he says his line.  Last line delivered by all.

B for Brotherhood,
boosting for each other’s good

E for Every Land
to share in earth’s riches everywhere

T for Trustfulness,

trusting more and fearing less

T for Teamwork
for joining hands to put things through

E for Equal Chance
for each nation to advance

R for Real Respect
in spite of race, creed, or sect.

W for Will to Work
for peace with faith and skill

O for Opportunity
to keep our speech and action free

R for Reverence
for a guiding providence

L for Love to Spread
around when need and bitterness are found

D for Dignity
of man devoted to a better plan.

(All hold up letters)

Narrator: There you have it, that is how you build a Better World.



Twig Ceremony
National Capital Area Council

Equipment: A single twig and a bundle of twigs; American Flag

Begin by posting the colors at the head of the group and follow with this statement: "Scouters, I hold in my hand several twigs.  You can see that one twig alone is easy to break (demonstrate by breaking a single twig in two), but when I put several twigs together, they are almost impossible to break (make an unsuccessful effort to break the bundle of twigs).  There is strength in numbers.  As a nation of people working together to preserve our freedom and heritage, we can keep our country strong.


Will you join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag?


Mother Nature

National Capital Area Council


CAST: Leader (Mother Nature), 5 Cubs

Mother Nature: Everything living and properly cared for grows.  It needs warmth, water, and care and protection.  Cub Scouts grow.  What do they need?

Cub #l: He needs food to grow.

Cub #2: He needs a home for shelter.

Cub #3: He needs a man to be his friend.

Cub #4: He needs to go to school to grow mentally.

Cub #5: He needs to go to church or synagogue to grow spiritually.

Mother Nature: It is our job to see that we do not take away any of nature's needs, in this world of ours.
(Add other needs for more parts, depending on the number of boys you wish to use in the ceremony). This can also be a closing.


A Campfire Opening


(Audience is seated and all lights are turned off. Campfire is ready to light from each corner.)

First Person: (Enters campfire area with candle in hand and stands in front of campfire facing audience.  Lights candle with lighter and says...) "This is the light Scouting.  It radiates enthusiasm.  As light brings out the sparkle in diamonds, enthusiasm brings out the sparkle in Scouting."

Second Person: (Walks into campfire area and stands on right side of person with lit candle. Lights candle from first candle then faces audience and says...) "This is the light of Scouting.  It's energy gives us the strength to do our best!"

Third Person: (Walks into campfire area and stands on left side of person with lit candle.  Lights candle from first candle then faces audience and says..) "This is the light of Scouting.  It touches everyone.  Remember the brotherhood we share together in this place."

Fourth Person: (Walks into campfire area and stands on right side of person with lit candle.  Lights candle from first candle then faces audience and says...) "This is the light of Scouting.  It brightens the way of the path we will follow."

All four people turn around and walk back to the campfire.  One person stands by each corner of the campfire and together they light the campfire.  Together they stand behind the campfire and the first person says:  "Feel the warmth from the glow of the light.  May it warm your heart."  All blow out candles and walk away.


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