Venturing Leadership Award Medal

Venturing Leadership Award

Venturing Leadership Award Square Knot Patch

Background and Purpose

The Venturing Leadership Award is presented by councils, areas, regions, and the BSA National Council to Venturers who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code and Venturing Oath.


  • Be registered and involved as a Venturer for at least one year.
  •  Be a youth member when nominated for the award.
  • Hold a leadership position or an office at the unit, district, council, area, region, or national level (as appropriate for the level of the award presented).
  • Show exceptional dedication and give outstanding leadership and service to Venturing and to Venturers (on the level appropriate for the award).

Quota Restrictions

  • Councils may present two awards for youth members per year for up to 50 crews/ships, and one additional youth recognition per year for each fraction of 25 crews/ships above 50.


  • For fifty-one registered crews/ships, a total of three youth awards may be presented
  • For seventy-eight crews/ships, four youth awards could be presented.
  • Areas may present eight awards per year.
  • Regions may present eight awards per year.
  • National may present eight awards per year.


  • This nomination form must be used.
    • Council Leadership Award recommendations are only to be sent to the local council office.
    • Area Leadership Award recommendations are to be sent only to area Venturing Advisors.
    • Regional and National Leadership Award recommendations can either be mailed to the address below or emailed to . Please do not both mail and email the form.  If mailed, the recommendations are only to be sent to:
      • Boy Scouts of America
      • Youth Development, S209
      • P.O. Box 152079
      • Irving, TX 75015-2079.
  • Attach letters of recommendation from Venturers, Scouters, acquaintances, teachers, place of worship, etc.
  • Attach additional sheets, if necessary.
  • Due to the respective recipients April 1.


  • Medallion suspended from ribbon,(shown at the top of this page)
    • Blue and white for Council Level
    • Silver and white for Area Level
    • Green and white for Regional Level
    • Red and white for National Level
  • Certificate, No. 33662
  • Square Knot: The Square knot patch shown at the top of this page may be worn by a recipient of the Venturing Leadership Award at any level.

Note: The National and Area/Regional versions of the award  medallion (with red and white or green and white ribbons) had been discontinued, but have now been reinstated. The Adult versions of the award have been discontinued, but recipients who earned them in the past may, of course, still wear them.


Page updated on: May 23, 2014

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