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Volume 4 Issue 9
9 May 1998

I would like to thank Earl for asking to host Baloo's Bugle at his site since October. Earl and his family moved awhile back, I have known for quite awhile that he would no longer be Page Manager there. Earl made me realize what the Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouting really means in offering to"Baloo's Bugle. Thanks Earl, you're the best : ) But I also panicked a lot thinking Baloo's Bugle would not have a new home to go to. In stepped Mike Bowman with an offer I couldn't refuse. This month Baloo's Bugle has a new home. Baloo's Bugle now has a home at USSSP. You will find it at the following: http://usscouts.org/bbugle/ United States Scouting Service Project is an area for scouting volunteers by scouting volunteers. I am happy to say that I am now a member of the team and I will maintain the page you find Baloo's Bugle. Another good thing is that I don't have to write my history twice a year in the Bugle. If you explore USSSP you will find the team member page with a history of all of the members there. Also please check out Mike Bowman/Professor Beaver's area. There is a lot of great information there for Cub and Boy Scout Leaders and Commissioners. I really like his game area too. Please note the graphics this month in Baloo's Bugle. These graphics are from a CD from USSSP. A friend in St. Louis (my former home), sent me the CD for Christmas. I really love this CD as it has fonts, graphics of all sorts for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and even Girl Scouts. Since the Bugle does have a new home I will no longer be loading the Bugle to AOL. I would also like to thank Dave who volunteers at the Scouting Forum as their librarian. He has been a tremendous help to me and truly believes in helping other people at all times. If anyone reading this from AOL has difficulty finding Baloo's Bugle after this issue, please email me CMR1954@aol.com. Check out the Webelos section on outdoor cooking. Last month and this month, Gary and Drucie Yerkes have shared with us some great cooking ideas geared towards Cubs. Thank you both for sharing this.
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The following is a copy of an email I received.

We've recently joined the ranks of cyber-scouters, even though we are a rural based Cub Pack. Click on the link to visit, prowl around our site, and feel free to leave us a note in our guestbook. We are in the process of getting new photos to add to our gallery from recent outings so keep in touch!

Cub Scout Pack 101 - Martic Twp., PA
Thanks for checking us out!
Having fun in Scouting,
Pack 101

Thank you for asking me to sign your guestbook, but in lieu of "signing" books, I instead included your site in "Baloo's Bugle".

Scouters, if you send me your site I will check it out for possible inclusion under my Web Scouting Sites. I REALLY appreciate when scouters send me information. And I am always looking for Leader Ideas from you to share with others. I know the Bugle goes out to over 31 states, all 10 provinces in Canada and to a U.S. military base in Geneva, Switzerland.

Denver Area Council Pow-wow Book

More than 70 people flew across the Atlantic before Charles Lindbergh. His achievement was that he was the fist person to cross it non-stop solo.

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