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Flag Ceremony

(revised slightly)

Tiger Group Leader (at front of the room): Will the Honor Guard please come forward?" Tigers march to front and several hold the flag completely unfurled. (Stools may be needed)

Tiger Cub Coach: Will the audience please join in singing, "God Bless America" and hum the second verse.

God bless America, Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her,
Through the night with the light from above.

From the mountains to the prairie,
To the oceans white with foam,
God bless America, my home, sweet home,
God bless America, my home, sweet home.

Big Idea #16 - Tell It Like It Is

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Motto.
Search: Plan a visit to a radio station.
Discover: Invite a ham radio operator to show the boys how to use a radio.
Share: Share what TV programs the family enjoys watching together.
Closing: Recite the Tiger Cub Promise.

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Promise.
Search: Discuss how to write a letter. Plan to visit a post office.
Discover: Write a postcard to another Tiger Cub and his adult partner. Play "Three-legged race"- Tie the adult's right leg to the Tiger Cub's left leg. On signal they make their way to the turning line and back again. The first team finished wins.
Share: Let the Tiger Cub tell who their favorite person is and why.
Closing: Recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Big Idea #17 - Cub Scouting, Here We Come

Opening: Recite the Tiger Cub Promise
Search: Invite the Cubmaster to attend the meeting. Discuss plans for graduation.
Discover: Have the Cubmaster talk about Cub Scouting and all the Pack activities. Learn the Bobcat requirements.
Share: Share what the Tiger Cub and adult partner has enjoyed most over the last year.
Closing: Recite the Cub Scout Promise.

Tiger Bridge Crossing

(revised slightly)

Props: Bridge, Tiger Cub Graduation Certificate, Graduation Patch, Year pin for each Tiger

CM: Tiger Cubs, you have been working together, learning about many interesting things during the months you have been a Tiger Cub. The entire family has had a chance to be a part of that fun. You have taken each part of the Tiger Cub Motto, "Search, Discover, Share: and used it in your home, school and neighborhood. Parents, on behalf of Pack ___, thank you for taking the time to "Search, Discover and Share" the Tiger Cub Program with your son. May you and your son experience the many wonders awaiting you as you climb the Scouting trail. Tiger Cubs, as you cross over the bridge and graduate from Tiger Cubs, I would like to present you and your adult partner the graduation certificate, graduation patch and one year service star with an orange backing. When I call your name, please cross over the bridge with your adult partner and begin your Cub Scouting adventures.

Tiger/Webelos Ceremony

Personnel: Cubmaster, Webelos, Tiger Cubs, Parents, Akela, Den Leader

Props: Table with candles for each boy with their names in front of candles.

CM: Tonight we have the pleasure of welcoming new Cub Scouts into the pack. Parents and graduating Tiger Cubs, would you please be escorted forward by our Webelos.

ASST. CM: The Webelos Scout provided a path for you to follow into the pack and now he relinquishes his place in the pack to you. (Webelos Scouts hand lighted candles to boys and return to their seats.)

DL: You and your parents both were asked to come forward. This symbolizes that the family is a necessary base for Cub Scouting and that Cub Scouting supports a strong family unit. The candles you received represent the promise of every Cub Scout to "Do Your Best." Do you Promise to Do Your Best?"

Tiger Cubs: We do.

(Den leader instructs Tigers to blow out candles and return them to table.) (At right of group Akela appears in costume.)

Akela: (To Cubmaster) My brother, have these new Cubs prepared to join our Pack?

CM: They have by completing the Tiger Cub program. As we call your name, please step forward to receive your graduation patch and certificate. You will also receive your one-year service star with an orange backing symbolizing your service as a Tiger Cub. (Calls out names and distributes graduation materials.)

CM: Akela, members of the Pack, please welcome our new Cub Scouts.

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Thank you for letting me share this fun ceremony .

We tried something the last few years for Tiger Graduation which went over very well. Basic idea came from others in this newsgroup, but with our own additions. It is called a TigoMatic. Get a refrigerator and a washer or dryer box from a local retail merchant. Remove the ends of the boxes. Lay the fridge box on its side. Set the dryer box on its end, behind and in the middle of the fridge box, so it supports the fridge box. Cut out panels in the boxes where they join. The idea is to give the adult volunteer sitting in the dryer box access to the fridge box passageway. As the Tiger Scout enters one end of the TigoMatic, the adult has access to the boy. This adult puts the Bobcat neckerchief on the Tiger scout all the while shaking the boxes slightly as the "machine" does its work. The Tiger Scout comes out the other end of the TigoMatic a Cub Scout. Here he is given his graduation certificate and whatever else the Pack decides to present to him and his parents.

New Bobcat Scout exit -->     fridge box      <--- Tiger Scout
                                              enters here
                                |      |
                                |      |     <-  dryer box
Our TigoMatic was orange with Tiger Paws on it near the Tiger entry and blue near the exit. The adult "helper" in the dryer box was very funny as he constantly was shaking the box, and managed to pick up each boy so parts of them appeared to pop out the top of the dryer box. Thus the audience saw pieces of each boy as the machine was "agitating"! Of course, the boys loved it and laughed through the entire process.

YIS, David Legler, Cubmaster Pack 6, Suwannee River Area Council

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