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Space Adventure
Istrouma Area Council Pow-wow Book

(revised slightly)

SPACE: "Way Out There" (Point ahead moving finger from left to right)

ASTRONAUTS: "Onward and Upward" (Stand up and thrust arm toward the sky)

In the whole Universe there's an enormous place,
Which we all refer too as merely as SPACE.
ASTRONAUTS spend many hours untold.
Searching that SPACE where mysteries unfold
They bring back dust and rocks galore.
Each ASTRONAUT striving to always learn more.
They circle around for days in SPACE
Keeping up such a strenuous pace.
Our country explored SPACE and then very soon.
Our ASTRONAUTS landed upon the far away moon.
Oh what a thrill as we witnessed the sight,
As ASTRONAUTS landed upon the far away moon.
Oh what a thrill as we witnessed the sight,
As ASTRONAUTS raised our flag on that first moon flight.
Right out there through outer SPACE.
Upon the moon stand our flag in place.
Just where the ASTRONAUTS left it that day.
As a part in history they did play.
One fact discovered which story writers weren't pleased
Was that the moon is not really made of green cheese.
So way out in SPACE when you see the man in the moon.
Remember the ASTRONAUTS proved we couldn't eat him at noon!

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