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It's A Short, Short Life
Miami Valley Council
(revised slightly)

(Have Cubs stand in a straight line looking very sad.)

Cub #1: It's a short, short life that we live here.

Cub #2: (With a big smile) So let's laugh while we may;

Cub #3: (smile) with a song for every moment

Cub #4: Of the whole bright day

Cub #5: What's the use of being gloomy?

Cub #6: Or what's the use of our tears?

Cub #7: Well we know a mummy's had no fun

Cub #8: For the last three thousand years!

Mir Formality
Denver Area Council Pow-wow Book

After intensive investigations on both Soviet and US parts, both space agencies have determined the cause for the accident which has placed the station and its resident personnel in jeopardy. In terse statements at a recent press conference, Soviet and US space agencies spokespersons said Thursday, "We have concluded joint investigations concerning this potentially tragic accident and each nation's team, separately, has arrived at identical conclusions for this incident. One thing and one thing only caused the accident only... OBJECTS IN MIR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR."

Rockets Away
Istrouma Area Council Pow-wow Book
(revised slightly)

1st Cub: I have some boards in my backyard. Let's make something.

2nd Cub: I can get some nails.

3rd Cub: My Dad said I could use his hammer and tools if I'm careful.

4th Cub: My brother has an old steering wheel in the garage. I'll get that.

5th Cub: How would you like a compass and some other good stuff?

6th Cub: I can get some tail pipes for the exhaust.

1st: Cub: What can we use for fuel?

2nd Cub: Gasoline, kerosene or sterno.

4th Cub: I'm not allowed to use any of that stuff.

3rd Cub: I have an inner tube.

6th Cub: O.K. guys, let's all meet in Jack's yard in half an hour.

5th Cub: I'll bring some food.

(background noise - hammering, etc.)

1st Mother: I wonder how the boys are doing. Imagine! A rocketship.

2nd Mother: Ha, ha. Well, it kept them busy for a long time.

(in background all boys yell "Bye Mom" or "Tell my Mom good-bye.")

Mothers: Oh, sure! Bye, boys, have a nice trip. Ha, Ha.

(loud noise in the background. Curtains begin to blow.)

1st Mother: Look! They're leaving!

2nd Mother: Oh, No! Come back boys, come back! (Mothers run offstage after Cubs.)

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