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Baloo's Bugle

May 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 10
June 2007 Theme

Theme: Wheel Into Summer
Webelos: Traveler & Handyman
Tiger Cub


Going the Distance
Santa Clara County Council

Personnel:Any number of boys, each with a bike (real or prop Or maybe a prop multi-seater with a seat for each Cub)

Opening:   All start out walking, pushing bikes, looking tired:

  • (stops) I'm thirsty. (All get a drink.) (Continue Walking.)
  • (stops) I'm hot (All wipe off face.) (Continue Walking.)
  • (stops) I'm hungry (All get something to eat) (Continue Walking)
  • (stops) My shoestring is undone (All tie shoestrings) (Continue Walking)

Make up as many more things as you need so that every boy in your den has a part

Last Cub          (as boys approach the end of the stage): This sure has been a long walk how far have we gone?

Cub #1:   (Looking back) Across the stage!

Santa Clara County Council

Boys enter with magnifying glasses as if following a trail.

  • Look at those tracks!
  • Wow! They look like wolf tracks!
  • No, they look like bobcat tracks!
  • I think you're both wrong. I think they're bear tracks!
  • No, wolf tracks!
  • Bobcat tracks!
  • I told you, bear tracks!
  • They continue arguing until they are suddenly run over by a train - several boys linked together making "Chug, chug, chug, choo, choo choo" sounds.

Keep America Beautiful Contest
Santa Clara County Council

Cast: Six Cubs in uniform.

Props: Comb and mirror for sixth Cub and a large box marked "TRASH!"

Scene: Five Cubs are sitting around a table tying knots or playing a simple game when the sixth Cub rushes in.

Cub # 1:(Runs in, very excited) Hey, you guys! Did you hear about the big contest?

Cub # 2:What contest? What's it about?

Cub # 1 :         The "Keep America Beautiful Contest," that's what!

Cub # 3:Are there prizes? A contest is no good without prizes.

Cub # 1:Sure, lots of prizes. Neat ones like bicycles and CD players, and lots of other good stuff!

Cub # 4:(Gloomily) I bet it's hard. Contests with neat prizes are always hard.

Cub # 1:Nope! It's easy. Even the rules say it's SIMPLE - in big letters. The winner is the person who picks the easiest way.

Cub # 5:The easiest way to do what?

Cub # 1:The easiest way to keep America beautiful. That's what I've been talking about!

Cub # 6:(With a swagger) Ha! "Then I'm a cinch to win!

Cub # 1:Why's it so cinchy for you? What's your great way to keep America beautiful?

Cub # 6:(Takes out comb and mirror and combs his hair) See! That's the easiest way I know to keep America beautiful!

The other Cubs look at him, then at each other.

Quickly they surround him and carry or drag him to a large box marked "TRASH" and dump him in

Cub # 1:Like he said, guys, we're a cinch to win! That's the easiest way I know to keep America beautiful!

(They exit. laughing while Cub #6 stands up in the trash box with a disgusted look on his face.)

Den Chief: (Raising his head and looking at the audience.) I think we were all wrong - they were TRAIN TRACKS! (He falls back down.)

The Bicycle Shop
Trapper Trails


If you do this one – make sure your “volunteer” is in on the gag and knows what is up.  Also, make it obvious that the “volunteer” is a plant.  (Just like they do at Disney for the “Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular”)

The scene begins with three players on their hands and knees, in a row, as bicycles.

Shop Owner :Well, there we are, three brand new bicycles all set up for sale.

Customer :     (Entering) Hi. I’d like to buy a bicycle.

Shop Owner :Sure thing. Why don’t you try them on for size ? (Customer sits on the first bike and it falls down. The second is too big, while the third is too small.)

Customer :     I sure like the first one, let me try it again.

Shop Owner :Why not ? (Setting up bike again) There you are, it’s all set up again. (Customer sits on it, and again it falls down.)

Customer :     I don’t know. I really like this one but it keeps falling down. I’m afraid it’s not made well enough.

Shop Owner :Our bicycles are all very well made. It was just assembled this morning, and it may need a little adjustment. Let me get some help.

(A volunteer is chosen from the audience, who is instructed to hold one ‘wheel’ of the now upright bicycle.)

Customer :     (Sitting on the bike) That’s perfect now. What was the problem ?

Shop Owner :    It just needed a bigger nut to hold things together.

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