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Baloo's Bugle

May 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 10
June 2007 Theme

Theme: Wheel Into Summer
Webelos: Traveler & Handyman
Tiger Cub


“Wheels” Opening Ceremony
Alice, CS RT Commissioner
Pioneer District, Golden Empire Council

Boys line up in front of the audience, then in turn hold up letters mounted on colored paper with the words in LARGE print on the back. They will be spelling out “Wheels”  If you have young boys, a narrator could read the text while the boys simply hold up their letter in turn.  For extra effect, have the Cubs draw appropriate pictures on the side with the letter

  • “W” is for “Wheeling” – Into Summer” - as  you know.  And using wheels in safety is what we want to show
  • “H” will stand for Helmet – which everyone must wear. It keeps your brain protected – You need not have a care
  • “E” reminds us you are Eager –But don’t forget to see.  You have on all the right gear –  whatever it might be, to give the right protection to your shin, your hands, your knee.
  • The second “E” reminds you that Everyone must know.  How to ride upon their wheels – so practice ‘fore you go!
  • “L” must stand for Learning – be sure to learn the rules - Before you go out riding, you need to have the tools!
  • “S” stands for Safety, and a happy Summer, too –To play and ride in Safety is the best thing you can do!

CM          (To lead into a Flag Ceremony) “Looks like these boys are ready for a Safe Summer – we hope this will be a safe Summer for this country as well.  Please join us in saluting the symbol of our country, our Flag.”

Wheels Opening
Baltimore Area Council

Welcome to our Pack meeting. Our theme is “Wheel into Summer.” In fact, probably just about all of you arrived on some sort of wheels. Wheels have given us a great freedom to move about our neighborhood, our town, our state, and this great country of ours. However, with that freedom comes an equal responsibility. We have to use our wheels safely. Car wheels, bicycle wheels, scooter wheels, skateboard wheels: all come with different responsibilities and safety rules. Car drivers should obey the speed limit. Bike riders need to obey road regulations when riding, and pedestrian regulations when walking their bikes.

In the same manner, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution give all citizens certain rights, but with those rights, come responsibilities. Let’s all stand and say the pledge to the flag of our great nation.

Trapper Trails

Set Up: 8 Cub Scouts and Den Leader, each Cub holds up a poster board sign with a letter from O-U-T-D-O-O-R-S and appropriate picture on the front.  The words on the back in LARGE print.

  • O- Observing animals!
  • U - Underwater games!
  • T - Tracks and trails!
  • D - Dinner on the ground!
  • O- Owls in oak trees!
  • O- Outings and campouts!
  • R - Riding bikes!
  • S - Stargazing!

LDR:       Boy, you guys really have opened my eyes to all the fun we can have OUTDOORS!!!

True Champions Opening
Utah National Parks Council

  •  (holding a bat)  “Have you ever thought about why we sing the Star Spangled Banner before sporting events?:
  •  (with ball and glove) We’re Americans BEFORE we’re Dodgers or Cubs.  And we don’t want to forget in the heat of competition that the ideals of Sportsmanship and the ideals of Democracy are pretty much the same.
  •  (With Golf Club)  Ideals like honesty.  Roberto de Vicenzo may have lost the Masters Tournament when he told an official that he had touched the ball accidentally, but today he symbolizes the honesty of Sportsmanship.
  • (With Basketball)  Ideals like fair play.  Ever wonder why they’re called “fouls?”  If you get too many of them, you’re out of the game.   Fair play means giving the other guy an equal chance.
  • (With tennis racket)  Ideals like respect for others.  Winning isn’t really everything.  And it definitely isn’t the ONLY thing!  Did we like her just because she won?  Or did we like her because of  her unfailing courtesy for others?
  • It isn’t whether you win or lose – it’s how you play the game – whether on the field or off!

All lay down their equipment.   Call for the presentation of colors.  Say the Pledge to Allegiance or sing the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Hints from Alice –

If needed, have an adult narrator and have the boys wear the gear or hold up an image.

This idea could also be adapted to the Wheels theme by either using boys wearing gear for various “wheel” sports and adapting the narration, or by using images of various “wheel” sports.   For example, Scouter #2 could wear bicycle gear and a “competition” number, or hold up an image of two cyclists racing.

Summer Opening
Trapper Trails

Have 6 Cubs hold cards with the letters SUMMER on the front. On the backs, print the following in LARGE print:

  • S: School is over, summer has come.
  • U: Untold days of adventure and fun.
  • M: Many of us will stay home,
  • M: Many more will be out in the summer sun,
  • E: Everyone wishes for something to do,
  • R: Relax, the pack will find something for us to do!

Other ideas for Ceremonies:
Alice, CS RT Commissioner
Pioneer District, Golden Empire Council

  • Use the parts of a bike, scooter, skates or skateboard and relate them to various awards or to the parts of the Flag.
  • Use a drawing of a bicycle with the parts labeled – relate the parts to the steps in earning various awards and advancements.
  • Use a bike tool kit with its very special tools to the special steps on the Scout trail and have each piece relate to advancements, awards, or to being prepared to continue on the Scouting Trail.
  • Use a bike that is the wrong height for a Cub Scout – As you adjust the seat and handlebars, you can relate that to the way the Scouting program is age and skill based, step-by-step according to ability.  Just as the seat height needs to be right, the Tiger Cub program is based on a boy and his adult partner.  (If using for Advancement, call up Tiger Cubs or Bobcats at this time)  At the same time, you would be reinforcing the need for each boy to have a bike that is adjusted to be safe for him.  Other parts that could be “tested” and adjusted would be the brakes, a low tire, and lubricating the bike.  (Make sure that the person doing the adjusting knows how to do it, and has rehearsed the various steps)

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