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Baloo's Bugle

May 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 10
June 2007 Theme

Theme: Wheel Into Summer
Webelos: Traveler & Handyman
Tiger Cub


Trapper Trails


EQUIPMENT: A picture of a bicycle, skateboard, roller blades/roller skates

SETTING: Boys holding pictures as they recite or read lines.

  • I have fun riding my bicycle.
  • It is exciting to learn new tricks on my skateboard.
  • Roller blades and roller skates are my things.
  • As you can see, there are many ways to have fun on wheels, just as there are many ways to enjoy Cub Scouting.

Day’s End Bike Closing
Alice, CS RT Commissioner
Pioneer District, Golden Empire Council

Set up:  Seven Cubs, either with real bikes, one real bike, or just pretending to do the motions they talk about.  You will also need a chart showing the parts of a Bike – there’s a good one in the Webelos Resource Book on page 241 (and in this issue of Baloo) that shows what parts need oiling or greasing)

Narrator   (Cubmaster?)  We’re watching some Cub Scouts who have just had a wonderful day out on the bike trail.  Let’s see if they remember some important things….

  • What a FUN ride!  Now that we’ve finished our bike ride, we better make sure our bikes will be ready to go the next time we go out.
  • That was a muddy trail – so I’m going to wash off and rinse my bike and wipe it dry. 
  • I noticed my tire is a little low.  I’m going to put some air in now, so I’ll be ready to roll!
  • It’s been a month since I oiled my bike – I’ll use this chart to remember where I need to put the oil. I have to be careful not to get oil on the rubber parts – oil will destroy those!
  • (Pointing to the chart) What about these circled parts?  What does that mean?
  • Oh, I know what those are – once a year, those parts need to be greased – my Dad marks the calendar on my birthday, since I got my bike then.
  • Well, my bike is in great shape – but I better remember to put my lock on – my Friend had his bike stolen when he left in the driveway for just a few minutes.
  • Don’t forget to put your helmet and gear away – we might go riding Saturday!

ALL:       It’s the perfect end of a day of biking!

Narrator:  Well, it looks like these boys have learned all about their bikes – let’s all remember to follow the rules and take care of our equipment, so we can always follow the Cub Scout Motto:

ALL:       Do Your Best!

Double Circle
Santa Clara County Council

PERSONNEL: Entire pack - Cub Scouts, parents, and visitors.

EQUIPMENT: United States flag, four spotlights or four large flashlights

Have all present stand in a double circle, with Cub Scouts and other boys on the inside, and parents and visitors on outside. Focus spotlights or flashlights on the flag held in center of circle. Sing "God Bless America."

Closing Ceremony For Parents
Santa Clara County Council

Personnel: 7 Cubs

Equipment: Game, Jackknife, book or pet, fishing pole

  • "What shall you give to one small boy? A glamorous game (holds up game), a tinseled toy,"
  • "A knife (holds up jackknife), a puzzle pack, a train that runs on curving tracks?"
  • "A picture book (holds up book), a real live pet… No, there's plenty of time for such things yet."
  • "Give him a day of his very own - Just one small boy and his parent alone."
  • "A walk in the woods, a romp in the park, a fishing trip (holds up fishing pole) from dawn to dark."
  • "Give the gift that only you can - Your companionship, your wisdom and your love"
  • (Points to audience as he says his line) "Games are outgrown, and toys decay - But he'll never forget if you give him a day."

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