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Baloo's Bugle

May 2007 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 10
June 2007 Theme

Theme: Wheel Into Summer
Webelos: Traveler & Handyman
Tiger Cub


Checkered Flag
Great Salt Lake Council

Prop: Checkered flag. I made one from a yard of Checkered Print bought for $2 at a material store. Attach to a pole or dowel.


  • Cubmaster explains that it is customary and traditional for the winner of a race to take a victory lap around the course with the flag waving then to come up to the winners’ circle with those who made it possible for the winner to win. There the winner would be awarded his trophy for the accomplishment.
  • Name the first boy to receive his rank advancement.
  • Give him the flag and have him run around the outside of the audience with everyone cheering and whistling.
  • After he completes the lap have him bring his parents up to the winners circle to receive his award.
  • Present the award.
  • Lead a cheer

Bicycle Safety Advancement
Utah National Parks Council

The Pow Wow book suggests that this be done outside, with boys actually moving along a real trail – great Summer idea! - Alice

Cubmaster: Bike riding is a staple of childhood, a rite of passage into the world of motion, and the freedom of being able to go where you want to.  As a bike rider, you must follow certain rules to truly enjoy your adventurous trail safely.  And the first basic rule is to have a helmet, and wear it properly!   (Show the helmet picture, or hold up a helmet) 

Picture of the Right Way to Wear a Bike Helmet

It’s like that in Scouting, too.  The Bobcat must learn the basics of Scouting, and show that he know how to salute, give the Cub Handshake and say the Promise and Law of the Pack. Tonight, we want to recognize (name of boy(s) for completing the requirements to earn the Bobcat.  Please come forward with your parents.  (Present award to parent to give to boy) Don’t ever forget to wear your helmet on the rest of the Scouting trail!

As you travel along on your bike, you need to follow the rules to keep out of trouble and be safe.  Bike riders are to follow the same rules as car drivers – when you see this sign (hold up One Way sign) you need to go the right way.  In Scouting, the Bobcat also has only one way to go – towards earning the Wolf Badge.  By completing 12 Achievements, (name the boy(s) who have earned the Wolf), has traveled farther along the Scouting trail.  Please come forward with your parents.  (Present award to parent to give to boy) Remember to keep heading in the right direction and follow the rules of the Scouting Trail!

Continue, using the following signs –

Stop    Do Not Enter (standard symbol)    Railroad Crossing

“Stop” – As  you continue, stop to develop your abilities and learn some new skills on the path to Webelos – or, as you travel along the Webelos trail, be careful

“Do Not Enter” into dangerous territory or get “derailed” by TV, video games, etc.

“Railroad Crossing” represents crossing over to BSA – and the need to be alert,

“Keep Right,” now that you have earned the Arrow of Light, be sure to “Keep Right by always following the 12 points of the Scout Law.  

You get the idea – use whatever signs fit, and adapt the text.  This could also be used to give out other awards, such as World Conservation or other patches – just use your imagination! -  Alice

Advancement Ceremony Ideas
Trapper Trails

The Cubmaster and the Assistant Cubmaster dresses up and a NASCAR pit crew.
Announce that they see a Cub Scout car in trouble.
They drive over and pick him up and then get him to the front to give him his award.
Announce that he is ready to reenter the Cub Scout race.

Remote Control
Have someone hide and drive the awards in with a remote control car.

Here it comes!
Attach awards to a Pinewood derby car and send it down the track to the recipient.

Wheely Proud
Clean out a wheelbarrow.
Announce that we are “Wheely proud of our Cub Scouts that have earned awards”.
Go out into the audience and put them in the wheelbarrow
Bring them up front to award them.

Special Certificates
Make up certificates like the following and attach to OREO cookies, hot wheel cars, or Gold Coin candies

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