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Baloo's Bugle

February 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 7
March 2007 Theme

Theme: Baloo Skies
Webelos: Athlete & Engiineer
Tiger Cub


Snowball Fight

Designate an area and determine the turf for each of the teams.  This can be halves of a room or even quarters of a room.  Provide old newspapers or scrap 8½ x11” copy paper to each team with instructions that they are to crumple them up, piece by piece (you may want to pre-tear the pages in half) to make snowballs and then throw them at another team.  After a set time, the team with the least number of snowballs on their turf is the winner.  Everyone helps clean up and make sure they all wash the newsprint off their hands!

Cloud Collecting


-        30 cotton balls

-        1 spoon

-        1 blindfold

-        1 shallow bowl

Sit the boys in a circle on the floor around the bowl.  Blindfold one Cub and hand him the spoon.  Scatter the cotton balls on the floor all around the bowl.  Time him for 30 seconds to see how many cotton balls he can spoon into the bowl.  He cannot feel around with his free hand or the back of his spoon hand.  Because the cotton balls are so light, he won’t have any idea how many have been scooped up until the blindfold comes off.

Dress for the Weather Relay


(need 2 sets of same/similar items making sure the size will accommodate all participants - especially if adults are included.  Below is a suggested list – use your imagination):

-        2 pairs of boots, mittens and caps

-        2 umbrellas

-        2 scarves

-        2 rain coats or ponchos or swim trunks

-        2 sunglasses

-        2 sand pails

Divide the participants into 2  teams.  This is a relay with half of each team at either end.  On signal, the first team members begin attiring themselves as quickly as possible and hurry across to the other side.  Once across the relay items are removed and the next team member dresses and hurries across to the other side.  The first team to get everyone dressed and undressed as described above is the winner.

Pass the Weather Report

Divide into teams of 6-8 members.  Give one member of each team a written weather report.  Allow him to read the report, and then put it away.  The first ream member comes forward and listens to the member whisper what was on the paper.  This person tells the next team member and so on until the last member on each team has heard the weather report.  The last team member then tells the weather report out loud.  The first team member then takes the report out and reads it out loud.  The team that gets the closest to the original wins.  It is more fun if each team has a different report.

Where’s the Storm?

Spread the players around the room and have them orient themselves to “north”.  North could be the real north or a convenient wall or corner in the room.

Everyone except for the caller and referees close their eyes (use blindfold if you don’t think the honor system will work).

The caller then calls out a direction of an approaching storm i.e. “The storm is coming from the East”.  Each participant should turn (with eyes still closed) and point in the direction of east.  Referees should go around and tap the shoulders of anyone not pointing in the right direction.  They are now out.  The game continues until one player is left.  This game only discriminates by sense of direction, which improves as you play.

Static Electricity Balloon Race

This one will need a fairly dry room to work best.  Blow up enough balloons so that there is one per boy and some extras.  Have boys work in teams or pairs.  Each boy rubs his balloon against something (his hair, a furry piece of material, etc.) to build up enough of a charge that the balloon sticks to his teammate’s back.  Once each team member has a balloon on his back they move from the “start line” to the “finish line.”  If the balloon falls off, they must stop and “reattach” it before moving further.  The first team across the finish line is the winner.


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